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  1. Quote Originally Posted by hulkish1 View Post
    Can't wait to see your final thoughts and write up on it. so far this log is great do you have any before and after pics ready to go?
    No I don't really take pics much

  2. Arm day with CARDIO.
    Started with Preacher curls 40x15x2 sets 50x10-40x12
    Close grip decline bench press with Ez bar curls :
    155x15-repeat curls
    175x15-repeat curls
    185x8 finish with 1 set of curls x12 reps
    Tricep Rope extensions 50x20-60x20-70x15
    Lowered the pully to the low end and did rope curls 60x15-70x15-80x12
    Rope extentions standing overhead-50x20-60x2 sets of 15
    then did over head forward extensions 50x20-60x2 sets of 15
    straight bar cable push downs 60x20-70x15-80x12-100x10
    Dumbbell curls 30x20-35x20-40x12-hammer curls 35x15-40x12-50x10
    Felt pumped so did dumbbell press with slight incline 65x15-70x12-75x10-80x10
    Cardio 20 min stair master and man After i was finishe i had to wipe the machine it looked like some one took a bath lol....Had a great arm day and i def notice a feel stronger and see my chest and shoulders more sculpted and love being on this stuff...

  3. Chest and Tricep ACTION!!!!

    Staterd with Bench press 135x20-155x15-185x12-205x8-175x10-135x15
    Incline press 135x15-155x12-175x10-135x12
    Bumbbell press 65x15-75x12-80x12-70x10-60x10
    Incline press 65x12-60x12-55x12
    Bumbbell flys 45x15-50x12-55x10
    Cable rope extensions 50x20-60x15-70x12
    Over head cable extensions 40x15-50x12-repeat for last set.
    Reverse pull downs 50x15-60x12-70x12-80x10
    Overhead dumbbell tricep extensions 50x20-60x12-65x10
    Hammer strength front press 225x10-205x10-185x12-135x15
    Cable chest crossover flys 20x20-25x15-27x12-30x10
    Machine Flys 50x15-60x12-90x10-100x10

    That was that Felt like i have gained strength My bench has improved a bit ...I feel stronger and harder....Had to leave after weigth training and skip cardio Had to do some work for my father in law.....but here you have it

  4. Shoulder day

  5. Started with reverse shoulder press machine 70x 2sets of 15 reps 80x12-90x10
    To warm up ....then ......dumbbell side raises 20x20reps 25x15-30x10-
    Sitting front raises 20x20-25x12-30x10
    Dumbbell shoulder press 50x15-55x12-60x10-
    Cable machine up right rope row 50x20-60x15-70x12
    Ez bar standing behind the neck press 60x12-70x 80x10
    Ez bar upright rows 60x12-70x12-80x12
    Straight arm front delts upward 40x12-50x10
    Barbell shrugs 135x3sets of 20.
    Cable machine shoulder press 50x15-60x12-70x12-80x10
    30 min cardio 580 cal ...
    Man I'm noticing that my mid section is sliming down and I am much more toned and hard ....making all kinds of gains...

  6. Killed legs and back and biceps for tomorrow... Will post both will be in the middle of moving this weekend and the gym is actually closer I could bike peddle to the gym and get that cardio out of the way and be ready to go BEAST mode

  7. Great log man! Any updates on weight?
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Myokemist View Post
    Great log man! Any updates on weight?
    Haven't weighed myself in a few days I was 205 last time I checked ...I will weigh myself when I'm finished with this log will be moving on Monday so no gym Mon ...

  9. Sorry for no updates yet I have been in the process of moving all week and weekend just moved to new place haven't hit the gym buy sure did sweat like I was at the gym moving heavy stuff for 7 he's fast to return uhal truck I took my 2caps and went BEAST mode with moving man it was insane my wife had left to get the keys to the new place and came back and was in shock that I moved so much in like 3 hrs

  10. I have yet to post my back and bicep and triceps and leg workout

  11. Bam finally back ...
    Started with leg extensions 3 sets . 70x20-80x15-100x15then back down in weight all three sets so total of 6.
    Squats : 135x15-155x12-185x10-205x6-175x10-135x12
    Hack squats 135x15-185x12-225x10-245x10
    Then back down in weight.
    Leg press 270x20-360x15 450x10-then back down in wright finished with 225x 3 sets calve raises on leg press till failure.
    hammer strength calve raises 90x3 sets of 15
    Reverse leg curls 60x15-70x12-90x10

  12. Back workout : workout
    [X] 3 sets of pull ups 6-8 reps
    [X] Hammer strength pull downs 135x20-185x20-225x20 -245x15
    [X] T bar rows combined with close grip
    [X] 45x20-55x20-60x15
    [X] Sitting rows hammer strength 90x20-140x20-225x12 combined with close grip
    [X] Cable machine lat pull downs 90x20-110x20-130x15-140x12
    [X] Reverse grip same weight and reps
    [X] Close grip same weight and reps
    [X] Free weight close grip rows- 55x20-65x20-75x15-85x12
    [X] Dumbbell rows 55x15-60x12-70x12
    [X] Cable straight arm wing downs lol
    [X] 50x20-60x20-70x15
    [X] 30 min cardio 580 cal
    [X] Abs ... Crazy workout was sweating bullets this stuff

  13. Chest shoulders and triceps
    Started with decline bench 135x15
    Incline bench : 135x2sets of 12-155x2sets of 10
    Dumbbell press with slight elevation for those striations lol....65x12-70x12-75x12-80x10
    Dumbbell flys 35x15-40x15-45x15-50x10-55x10-
    Dumbbell side lateral raises 20x2sets 20-25x12-30x10
    Sitting front raises 20x20-x2sets 25x12for 2sets
    Dumbbell shoulder press 45x12-50x12-55x10-60x10
    Cable machine upright rope rows 50x20-60x15-70x12- shoulders were pumped
    Cable single are lat raises 20x3sets each arm x15 reps
    Butterfly mavhine 70x20-80x15-100x10-120x10
    Standing cable fly's 20x20-25x15-30x10
    30min cardio I really am noticing my shoulders and back are more sculpted and looking more lean and bigger ...this stuff feels amazing and I have about enough for 2more days ....

  14. So my weight after demolishing legs is 205 legs had some gooooood pump did like 6-7 sets of squats ...I was so exhausted from this I took a nap

  15. What was your start weight again? and has your composition changed much?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by hulkish1 View Post
    What was your start weight again? and has your composition changed much?
    Like 210

  17. Quote Originally Posted by yosefmax88 View Post

    Like 210
    So didn't drop much weight bit I feel more solid and stronger and my traps and back and shoulders basically look and feel more sculpted the energy and the hunger control ...especially working my job at the hospital I don't get to eat on time but I def feel the burn

  18. Will be posting final review soon.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by yosefmax88 View Post
    Will be posting final review soon.
    Looking forward to it
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  20. All right fellerz....This is my final review on this product.
    Leg workout: Leg extensions 3 sets 70x20-90x15-100x15then Reverse back down the ladder
    Squats 2 sets with just the bar to get Legs in Ready for the weight .
    135x20-155x15-185x2sets of 12-205x2sets of 10
    Leg press 270x20-360x15-450x12-
    360x10-switched to calve rises while on this exercise: 3 sets till failure
    Hack Squats -135x20-185x12-225x10-135x8
    Legs were Tired from so many previous squats...But felt good.
    Calve raises hammer strength-3 sets 90xfailure
    single leg reverse curls standing machine 25x20-50x2 sets of 12
    Sitting leg curl 80x20-90x15-100x12-110x12
    That was that workout ....

    Final workout on this was BACK AND BICEPS with tricep ACTION!!!
    T Bar rows 45x20 with a good squeeze ...70x20-90x15-110x15 durring each set also did close grip and then back down the ladder and switched to under hand ..
    Hammer strength Lat pulldowns 185x15-205x12-225x12 then back down the ladder
    Hammer strength sitting row with over hand grip and close grip 90x20
    Cable machine Lat pulldowns wide grip 90x20-110x20-120x15-130x12-140x10 then reverse down in weight
    Close grip lat pull downs - 100x20-120x15-130x12-130x12
    Sitting close grip cable row- 90x20-100x15-120x12-130x12
    ez bar curl 60x15-70x12-80x10
    Dumbbell cuirls 30x12-35x12-40x10
    Hammer curls 30x12-35x12-40x10-45x10
    Cable Machine Rope dows 60x20-70x15-80x10
    Then switched pully to low rainge and did over head at 50x15-60x12x2 sets then straightbar reverse curls 70x15-80x12-90x10
    bent over tricep rope kick backs 3 sets of 20x15
    That was that for the workout...
    Honestly this product is a great product 2 caps and clean energy focus and hinger control def goes well with pre workout ..I didnt lose so much in pounds but def felt more solid and sculpted and see more definition ...Great product and i Believe the boys are working on making it even better ....When you guys use this product be sure to have a towel during cardio you will SWEAT like crazy ....Thanks to MR MYOCHEMIST...for this great opp.


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