In quest for the ultimate pump with MST (sponsored)

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  1. In quest for the ultimate pump with MST (sponsored)

    Sup, sup, sup!!! I'm back in logging mode, and more than excited to try this one & see how pumped I can get! Got home from work last night & the wife had this laid out in the kitchen for me:

    First off, I need to thank MySTeek and the rest of the crew over @ Millennium Sport Technologies for giving me this sweet opportunity to run this complete stack!! It's going to be a fun run, that's for sure!!

    During this run, I'll be floating around a recomp and cut. I don't compete, but I like to look good when I take my shirt off, so I try to eat clean and keep my body in shape. I'm just your basic 42 year old dude that loves life and lifting.. lol.. I work rotating shifts, (days & nights), so I'll be updating as often as possible - sometimes days, sometimes, in the middle of the night.

    My workout routine is basically every other day in the gym. On my off days, I'm hitting the roads getting in a 3 mile run. I tried to get away from the distance running & into the sprints, but every time I try to sprint, my left hamstring locks up & puts me on the sidelines for a week or so. In the gym, I'm usually hitting one body part per day so I can get in & out of the gym quickly. I work out at the hardcore SNAP Fitness because of my shift schedule. None of the good gyms around me open up before 5am and definitely not on holidays & weekends.. The morning crew that I workout around makes me look huge!! Lol.. I'm already fairly vascular, so this should get some looks when I start filling up!

    We're going to call today day 1 because I hit chest this morning. The first thing I noticed was the dosing schedule.. When I work days, I usually get up @ 3 & hit the gym by 4. Some of these pills are telling me to take them 90-120 min before exercise.... Wow, I'm not sure I'll be able to get up @ 2:30 to hit the gym. Lol.. I'm already tired @ work getting up @ 3.. Is this really that bad?? On my off days & when I work nights, I'll be able to get the pills in at the prescribed time, but working days, that's gonna be tough.. I took them about 70 min before hitting my first weight this morning.

    What a pump!!! Lol.. I'm concentrating more on my upper pecs, so I start w/ the inclines. I worked my way up to the 70's & felt like my chest was going to burst open w/ blood gushing all over the walls!! Lol.. Seriously, it really was a sick pump!! I finished my chest off w/ cable flies to get that full pump-tential.. Yeah, it worked... I don't think I've ever had a painful pump, but sure as hell did this morning!! Talk about hurt so good!! Here I am, 7 hours later & my pecs are still full of that sweet nectar that you guys packed into these pills!!

    Tomorrow is the ever loving arm day!! I'm off tomorrow, so I'll get in there a little later in the morning & be working out around a bunch of skinny kids that really have no idea what they're doing in there. I've tried to talk nicely to them & offer them a little advice, but they still persist on doing some funky workouts.. Oh well... Definitely looking forward to seeing these arms engorged with blood!!

    Here's my "before" pic from after this morning's workout. There'll be more as this log progresses.

    Thanks to all those that take to the time to read my blabbering in this log. Feel free to offer any advice!!


    Well, I finally made it through the bottles. I'm still battling a sore throat, but no fever or body aches. These sinus infections really bring the suck!

    Once again, I need to thank MySTeek and the rest of the crew over @ Millennium Sport Technologies for letting me do this! I won't lie, I really wasn't expecting much. We've all done our fair share of pump products. This one blows them all out of the water!!!

    The combination of all 3 pills was a synergistic phenomena. Not only did I have an all day pump, but the strength and endurance were also elevated. Unfortunately, the Nitroceps was a little on the inconvenient side for me. I'm an early morning workout person, so I had to either wake up even earlier than I already do (3am), or just take them upon waking and just let the pump eventually kick in around the 90-120 minute mark. I opted for the latter.. The pump definitely kicked in too! The pump seemed to last all day, and was enhanced later in the day after consuming more food. I kept the water intake to 1+ gallons a day, so that also helped keep the pump there. One thing I noticed shortly after taking all three doses was about 35-45 minutes after dosing it, I had a weird taste/sensation in my mouth. Nothing bad, just something I had going on.

    I usually dosed this combo with regular caffeine pills. Any other preworkout already has one or a couple of the ingredients.

    I'm probably going to be buying the agmatine and the carnage again. I mentioned before that I was never a fan of the beta alanine, but this stuff was subtle enough where it didn't give me the tingles. Some like them, I definitely don't, so this was a welcome change. I might consider the Nitroceps for my days off from work where I can get to the gym a little later in the morning. Having that bottle definitely makes a difference!!

    MST, hats off to you guys for this stack! It's definitely in a class all on it's own! If anybody out there is looking to try something new for an incredible pump, then this should be on your list!!

    Here's the "after" pics. I hit shouders hard this morning! Felt swole all through church this morning! lol..

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  3. I promise not to be so long winded on the updates! Lol.

  4. FYI: pecs are still pumped!!

  5. Pumped you're still pumped, bro!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative
    www . millenniumsport . net

  6. In it! Chest is looking awesome man; top is packed tighter than a water balloon!

  7. LOL!! Thanks for joining, fellas!!

    MST Stack - Day 2

    weight - 174 (not going to be too concerned w/ the weight for the purposes of this log)

    Well, I woke up about an hour late this morning (needed my sleep anyway), but still managed to get in a great morning of exercise! As soon as I woke up, I took all my pills w/ a powdered fat burner in 32oz of water. Wanting to give the pills their 120 minute period, I decided while I was waiting, I'd go out & hit the road. I did a 3 mile run in 25 minutes. Felt great!!

    After I got home, I cooled off for a bit & drank another 32oz of water. I sat & cooled off for another 35 min.

    When I was hitting the 90 minute mark, I left the house for the gym. WTF!!?? The gym was packed @ 0730 this morning!! I knew I should've gotten up sooner! I hate crowded gyms. Anyway, today was arm day & I wasn't gonna let anybody slow me down.

    I started by doing curls in the squat rack!! LMAO! For real! Not like any of these people were actually going to be needing that. Anyway, I worked my way up to a PR! 95lbs on the straight bar! NEVER BEFORE have I done that!! After my 1st warmup set of bi's/tri's, my arms were already full & the veins were swole!!

    I worked my way through a lot of volume not wanting to take a break between each set! The pump was, as expected, REDICULOUS!!! I friggin loved it!! I noticed some of the cats in there checkin out the guns. lol.. During that workout, I drank another 64oz of water. By 0830, I'm already up to a gallon of water!! Gotta love it! lol..

    I didn't get any pics from today, but my twin brother keeps asking about the size of my arms. I measured them about an hour after the workout. I stretched the tape to 16 1/4!! I was surprised! Gonna see if I can get another 1/4" on em for this run..

    So far, so pumped!!

  8. No workout today. Got in late from concert last night & working tonight. Hoping to hit gym in morning, or later in day.

  9. Sorry for the lack of updates. Parents are in town but the wife is out of town. Trying to spend quality time with them before they leave on Monday.

    Still working out though. I'll get a better update later today.

  10. MST Stack - Day 7

    weight - 173

    Hey, again, sorry for the lack of updates. Been a crazy house w/out the wife here helping. Might have to give her a raise when she gets home!! lol..

    So, this stack is freaking sick!!! The weight sessions have been ridiculous!! I'm a huge lover of the pump in the gym, even if it "gets in the way".. I just love the feeling. I went in yesterday for an arm workout, & here's what I saw after my first warmup set!!

    I continued on w/ the workout and if felt like my arms were seriously swelling up more & more with each set and rep.. This stack has also helped my strength go up a little as well. All of my lifts are going up on all body parts. Here's the finished product after yesterdays arm workout:

    This morning, I tried to go out for a run. I was hoping to get a quick 3 miler in, but felt horrible and only managed 2 miles. I still got a decent pace in @ 8:25 per mile, but it hurt! My right ham, up through my butt, into my lower back all felt like a rubber band. Very strange. Now, about 6 hours later, I'm still limping.. I ain't got time fo that!! Gonna continue stretching and using the ice pack. I just can't stand these little chicken **** aches & pains.. Especially when I'm making gains..

    Hoping to get up early enough (before church) tomorrow morning to get in the gym & blast out some shoulders.

    Sickest pump eva!!

  11. Pretty veiny for a middle aged white dude. Haha. In for progress and motivation.

  12. Thanks dude!! I think.... lol..

    Hey, MST fellas - can I take Dermacrine & a couple fat burers whilst on this? Trying to stay lean..

  13. Excuse me, sir, do you have a permit for those??

  14. Quote Originally Posted by wicked442 View Post
    Pretty veiny for a middle aged white dude. Haha. In for progress and motivation.

    lol...i would have to agree!!!

  15. lol, thanks fellas! Welp, no gym this morning. Slept w/ the 2 kids next to me last night & didn't wanna get out of bed this morning. Church w/ my parents & now we're heading down to New Orleans to spend the rest of the day.

    Parents are leaving tomorrow & I have to work, so I'll be @ the gym 1st thing in the morning.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by enhanced View Post
    lol, thanks fellas! Welp, no gym this morning. Slept w/ the 2 kids next to me last night & didn't wanna get out of bed this morning. Church w/ my parents & now we're heading down to New Orleans to spend the rest of the day.

    Parents are leaving tomorrow & I have to work, so I'll be @ the gym 1st thing in the morning.
    family 1st!!!

  17. Enjoy your time w/ them & relax!

  18. Back at it! Heading to the gym in a few minutes! Update following later today.

  19. MST Stack - Day 10

    Weight - N/A

    This stuff continues to impress!!! I did cardio yesterday, but dosed the Carnage for help w/ the bike sprints. I won't lie, the workout was horrible.. Went to bed too late Sun night & woke up @ 2am for some reason.. I managed to get about 25 min of HIIT on the bike & still got a good sweat out of it.

    Later in the day, here @ work, about 6-7 hours after my dose, I had to turn a bunch of big valves. When I was finished, My entire upper body was freaking swole!! I'm talking literally full, all over! It was an awesome feeling.

    This morning was shoulders. Can I get a hellz yeah?? 2 pr's set! Db military presses, I worked up to the 65's!! Never done that before! My shoulders are paying for it now though.. I've just got that numb feeling from my front delt down my arms.. The same numbness I get when I bench. Sure did feel good to get those up over my head though! When I finally got to the shrugs, I was just feeling it! I worked my way up to the 95's! Strict form, all the way up w/ a 2 second squeeze @ the top for each & every rep! My traps right now are feeling it!

    So, I'm only 10 days into this stack and I'm definitely hooked!! These all day pumps are incredible! I think the synergy of the 3 pills is perfect and definitely helping me more more weight in the gym!! It's getting harder & harder to skip the weights every other day, hitting the cardio. I'm supposed to run tomorrow, but I'd rather lift & get that pump!! I'm addicted!! Lol..

  20. If your gym has one, the rowing machine + this stack would equal some sick cardio pumps!

  21. Haha, nope. No rowing maching.

    I know my thighs felt swolled up yesterday after riding the bike!

  22. Had another great workout today. Gotta go knock out some work assignments & then I'll come post a better update.

  23. MST Stack - Day 12


    Weight - 172


    Work can weight.. *LOL, see what I did there..* Haha.*


    Yesterday was my cardio day.* I rode my bike for about a 3.5 mile sprint.* I attempted to jog, but got about 10 yards down the road & the hamstring locked up on me again.. *WTF!!??* Going to start a major stretching routine.* Might throw a little ice in the mix too.* I have an older mountain bike I used to race that is still a decent bike.* No road tires, so the resistance helps a little for the purpose of a workout.* I need to get some lights on the thing though, if I want to continue these*4am*rides!* Get's pretty dark back where I live & I really don't feel like getting run into a ditch by some car.


    This morning's arm workout was, as expected, EPIC!! *Veins all over the place & a pump that was just crazy!* I literally lol'd when I got in my truck & couldn't reach over my shoulder for my seatbelt.* These pumps are really insane!* No pr's*today, but the volume was high and I was soaked when I got done working arms.* My bi's are very tight right now & the workout was @*6:30this morning.* I love the way this stuff kind of stays w/ you all day.

  24. This mornings pump after the pec thrashing.


  25. Nice! I love upper body days where you can't reach up proper like that. I usually laugh too - they don't happen often, so when it does you're just surprised you can't lift your phone to your ear or whatever.

  26. I've got a few guys here at work asking me about this stack. I showed one guy the above pic & he couldn't believe I had a build like that. Lol, these long sleeved work shirts cover it all up!

  27. Quote Originally Posted by enhanced View Post
    I've got a few guys here at work asking me about this stack. I showed one guy the above pic & he couldn't believe I had a build like that. Lol, these long sleeved work shirts cover it all up!
    Yeah work clothes have a way of hiding everything. When people see you in street clothes, they're like oh crap, didn't realize you looked like that!

  28. MST Stack Ė Day 15


    Weight Ė N/A


    Workouts have been killer!* Iíve really been impressed w/ the Carnage.* Iíve never really been a huge fan of the beta alanine, but this is nice & subtle.* No bad tingles or anything.* The combination of these three bottles has me working out harder than ever and not wanting to leave the gym! *The fullness Iíve been feeling every day is definitely noticeable and worth bragging about to friends & family.* I hit shoulders this morning & felt great all the way through. *Hoping to get a little rest*tonight*here @ work so I can go out & attempt to runtomorrow.* This tight hamstring bs is getting old.* Iíve been stretching it daily, so maybe*tomorrow*is the day I can start jogging again.*



  29. Roll into it slow, homie - if anything, the extra bloodflow from the pump agents can make things tighter I've found, so just ease into it. You know your body better than anyone after all.

  30. Will do. Might be going slower than expected. Took a nap here at work last night. Woke up with a very sore throat! I knew my body was fighting something yesterday. Should have skipped the gym & rested.

    I doubt it's strep. At least I hope not! My daughter just got over it about a week ago.


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