Going for a ride on the purple wraath

  1. Going for a ride on the purple wraath

    Logging purple wraath - cotton candy flavor thanks to @Sean1332 and controlled labs for letting me try this product. I'm going to be using it as an intra workout to help me get through my 5/3/1 work and hopefully allow me to increase my volume. today I weighed in at 199 fasted. I'm looking to get to about 205 or so this summer. I'm on my 11th cycle of 5/3/1.

    today i took c4 preworkout at 1.5 scoops, and 2 tabs of natadrol.
    used 1 scoop of purple wraath in about 15 oz of water. mixed up great. i think 15 oz is a pretty good amount of water for intra workout, helps thin out the flavor a little bit. tastes pretty good.

    cycle 11 week 2 day A

    hip mobility
    general stretching
    ankle mobility

    warm-ups - barx10 135x6 185x5 225x4
    work sets - 275x3 295x3 310x5 (PR)
    Cycle 11 week 2 day A 5/3/1 squats 275x3 310x5 - YouTube 275,310

    135x10 185x2x10 205x10

    leg press
    3 pps x 2x10 4 ppsx2x10

    super set with
    decline sit ups

    Felt real good this morning besides sleeping for maybe 5 hours.. lol. purple wraath deff helped keep me going in the gym, i was sweating my a$s off but i remained focused and in the zone the whole duration of this workout. 310x5 is my heaviest set of 5 on 5/3/1 so far. didn't go so heavy on RDLs, but the weight will increase there next week, focused on firing my glutes hard.

  2. bigger stronger faster with the help of 5/3/1

    thats my workout log there! follow if you'd like!

  3. In.
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  4. Pre today was 1.25 scoop of C4 and 2 tabs natadrol

    Intra was purple wraath 1 scoop 15 oz water

    Bench press today up to 225x5 for a PR

    Hit pendlays at 185x4x6
    Super setted
    With inclines at 155x3x8, 155x10

    Hit some more rows and upper back work after that

    Another pretty hot day in the gym. The work out felt great. PR on 225 up from 225x4 I think. Purple wraath kept me going, today for sure. Hit 10 reps at 155 on my last super set which is probably a PR there, so I was quite fresh. Thinkin about doing 1.5 scoops and filling up the shaker to 24 oz. probably will do that next week for 5/3/1 week.

  5. today was deads

    pred with 2 natadrol and 1.25 scoops of C4
    intra with 1.5 scoops of purple wraath in 24 oz water. went down nice and smooth there.

    deads worked up to 375x2,3

    box squats up to 275x2

    kinda blah day today, as deadlifts have been for me lately.. just not getting any speed off the ground and my glutes seem either weak or just inactive. i pulled 390x3 just about 4 weeks ago so i dunno. i feel like the strength is there, but technique is just off.. deads have always been up and down for me. my squat and bench have been my strong points lately, well not so much strong but consistent. i need consistency more then i need strength right now.

  6. today i pred with 1.5 scoops C4
    intra with 1.75 scoops purple wraath about 24 oz water (perfect)

    worked up to 175x3 on overhead press

    then a bunch of super set work
    JM presses up to 175x2x6
    with 5 sets of 8 pull ups

    then snatch grip high pulls, curls, vogelphol rows, face pulls and rope push downs.

    today was a great volume day. felt real good going in the gym, the two days off probably helped with that. didn't really get too fatigued either. despite working 12 hours this morning. just real motivated at this point to push bigger weights and keep the gains coming. purple wraaths strong suit thus far seems to be focus and sustained energy. i just sip it during my primary work and my first two or so accessory lifts, then its usually gone. but i can feel it working for sure. probably gonna get some squats in tomorrow evening.

  7. Yesterday I hit my squat work.

    Pre with C4 at 1.5 scoop
    Intra with purple wraath 1.75 scoop in 24 oz

    Hit squats up to 330x2
    RDLS up to 225x3x8

    Then leg press, leg curls, and leg ext.

    Real good lift. Was able to actually do a bit of pump work for my legs. Felt great throughout this workout, even though I was soaked with sweat lol. Darn sore after these past two lifts. Bench Saturday.

  8. Heavy bench work today.

    Same pre/intra

    Worked up to 235x3 for a PR triple


    Then volume work on incline bench press and rows. And finished off with a lot of light accessory work.

    It was another great workout. Really been pushing the weights well this cycle. Another high volume day as well. Purple wraath keeps me hydrated and focused through long hot days in the gym. I seem to be recovering well too, despite the increase in weight/volume.

  9. Deads today worked up to 400x3 for a PR triple.

    Then pause squats up to 225x5, good mornings up to 205x8 then 135x25. Finished off with leg press, abs, and back ext.

    Felt real good today. Best deadlift day in while. Got the hips low and some quad involvement really helped get the weight going off the floor!

  10. Overhead press workout today.

    Worked up to 185x1 for a PR single!

    Then some light JM press super set with pull ups.
    Light raises, rows, and curls to finish up.

    Great day in the gym again today. Turned out to be a pretty good cycle despite troubles with deadlifts early on. Same dose of purple wraath ~1.75 scoop in 24 oz water. Keeps me hydrated and going in the gym. Goes down easy. Plus my recovery this week has been great, back wasnt even sore today after yesterday's deadlift PR and maybe 6 hours sleep at most.

  11. began my 12th cycle of 5/3/1 today with squats.

    pre and intra the same.

    worked up to 305x5 for a rep PR on squats.

    RDLs up to 235x6,8

    then some lunges and split squats.

    pretty good day in the gym. right hip was a bit tight, which bothered me throughout my squats. nothing ground breaking today, just steady progress. can't complain.

  12. Yesterday was bench press day.. kinda felt like sh!t got a little head cold going on or something, sinuses all stuffed up.

    worked up to 215x7 for a PR.

    pendlays up to 215x5
    super setted with incline DB press at 55x12

    then some shoulder iso work, shrugs, and curls.

    really had to push through everything today. once i got to rows i felt okay though. i really have been doing a lot more volume lately than i used too.

  13. Deads yesterday up to 365x5.

    Front squats and good mornings. Some long pause squats with 135. Then leg press and abs.

    Did a decent amount of work nothing mind blowing though. But a pretty good day I guess. I'm starting to feel better today, so tomorrow I will do my over head press workout!

  14. Haven't been having much time to log lately. But got my last two workouts.

    Over head press day

    Wanted to work up to 170x5 but only got 170x4. From there just did light JM press with 135, a bunch of chins, and other upper back work.


    Worked up to 320x4 for a nice PR could of easily got 5, but my glute got tight on me so I racked it. Not a lot of accessory at all on this particular day.

    I've been kinda stressed from work/ these workouts getting close to my actual maxes. Today I'm going to bench, so it should be a good workout. I also weighed 207 this morning, an all time PR there.. Hahah.

  15. Got in my bench work today.

    Worked up to 225x5,4 then some Lilly press 175x8

    Incline at 135 up to 19 reps rest pause
    DB rows with 100 lb up to 15 reps rest pause

    Then some face pulls, cable rows, and a rest pause set of 60x28 EZ bar curls.

    Felt real good today, stress level was lower for sure. Pretty good bench workout. First time doing rest pause work in a while, really got me pumped up good. Still dosing purple wraath at 1.75 scoops, it did the job today, got me through this hour and a half workout, and still felt pretty fresh at the end.

  16. Thanks for keepin up with the log buddy. I get to creep on your numbers in two different places
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    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.

  17. Haha no bigs man, thanks for giving me the opportunity to try it!! Ill give it a review when I'm done with it, still got plenty left!

  18. Two more workouts from the last two days.

    Deads worked up to 385x4 for a PR

    Worked a lot of 2 count SSB pause squats at 185

    Some leg curls, back exts, and leg exts.

    Over head press up to 165x3 then 135x7,6

    JM press up to 165x6 then 145x19 rest paused
    With chin ups to bw+25 x8 then bwx17 rest paused

    Then just some extra shoulder work and curls.

    Today got some nice upper back doms. As every workout requires some type of upper back output either it be deads or just keeping the weight in place on squats. Still keeping the volume pretty high.

  19. 5/3/1 squat day!

    Worked up to 340x2 for a PR then dropped to 295x5

    Did pause deads up to 205x2x5

    And that was it.

    Didn't have much time to lift. But still got some good squat work in and some form work on deads. 340 would of been a PR single, but got a nice double. Both pretty good reps too. My squat has come a long way in the past year, still steadily progressing too.

  20. I saw your vid in your other log. Great work dude
    Controlled Labs Board Rep
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    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.

  21. thanks sean!

    same pre/intra

    today i did my 5/3/1 bench press work

    worked up to 240x2 for a PR, dropped to 225x4 then 190x5 lilly pause style.

    did inclines up to 185x6, then 155x19 rest pause
    super setted with
    pendlays up to 185x6, then 165x17 rest pause.

    then just some volume work for upper back, triceps, and a little pec deck.

    another great workout today. made up for yesterdays lack of volume. hitting two good PRs on back to back days is huge. i was pretty explosive and focused throughout the whole workout. i can tell that my endurance is up compared to a month or so ago.. The a/c at the gym is fixed too which is a big help. my incline is moving up nicely as well. should help me keep my flat bench going.

  22. Last week I deloaded. Nothing real impressive or note worthy there. Just light weights and tried some new things.

    Today was squats

    Worked up to 310x6

    Then pause deads up to 275x3

    Just lunges, leg exts and leg curls to finish out.

    Everything moved pretty well. I'm almost out of my purple wraath at this point. Might have another week left of it. Lasted longer then I thought it would. It has seemed to help most with energy and endurance in the gym. I've been able to pump out more accessory work despite hitting heavier PRs on all lifts. I've also been recovering better, which is thanks in part to purple wraath, but also to my caloric intake and natadrol as well I'm sure. I see it priced online for about 18-20 dollars and I think at that price point it's worth it. It is my first time on an intra workout, but probably won't be my last.

  23. Happy you got some results out of it man. Definetly cheap at nutraplanet and a few other places now.
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    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.


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