Recomp with Jetfuel T-300/ABE/Alphamax/X-Gels/Burn24

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  1. Recomp with Jetfuel T-300/ABE/Alphamax/X-Gels/Burn24

    I am currently 240lbs @ 17% bf, my short term goal is to recomp and drop 5-6% bf. My workout routine will be 5/3/1 with conditioning done each workout (interval work or circuit). I have one bottle of Jetfuel T-300/ABE/Alphamax/X-Gels/Burn24 for a four week run. I am carb sensitive so the welcome nutrient shuttling of Burn24 and ABE will really help strip the fat off, tabata bike sprints, 15 min AMRAP's of Cindy and interval sprints will do the heavy lifting in the area of fat removal. I have copied the split of a AM member and modified it a bit take a look...

    Day One: Overhead Press Strength/ Chest Hypertrophy/ Biceps hypertrophy
    Day Two: Rack Pulls Strength or Deadlifts/ Legs hypertrophy/ Core stabilization
    Day Three: Rest
    Day Four: Bench Strength/ Shoulder Hypertrophy/ Tricep Hypertrophy
    Day Five: Squat Strength/ Back hypertrophy/ Core Heavy

  2. What is your question?
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  3. I am running a log of the supplements. I submitted to start this thread and did not know it had been approved. I will have four days worth of feedback posted tomorrow. After that i will try to post everyday!

  4. I cannot wait to see what you think of the stack. In two weeks, I will be starting something similar.
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  5. Meta Stack Log
    2g of ALCAR (I)
    2g of CitMal (I)
    1g of Agmatine (I)
    15g of Amino 2:1:1 mix (I)
    3x Jetfuel T-300 (P)
    2x Alphamax (P)
    2x Anabeta Elite (P)
    4x X-Gels (P)
    Leg strength, back hypertrophy, heavy core (5/3/1)
    Burn24 taken 3.5 hours before pre-workout supplementation
    Lately my squat workouts have been lackluster, in the past two months I have tweaked the right side of lower back twice. I believed this was due to a weak core, so in response I have been doing a core routine consisting of 10x weighted sit-ups (weight behind the head), 10x Hanging leg raises, 15 Barbell rollouts and 20x 100lb side bends for two rounds. I preface this log with that explanation because I know that this has contributed to today’s amazing workout. First of all no GI issues as is commonly reported with Forskolin, when the stack hit bottom (while I was warming up on the bike) I felt this strong calm flow of energy and focus that had no end. I was burning up in my hoodie much more than normal and sweating profusely (primarily from the jetfuel and forskolin). All the sets flew by and the final set being the heaviest was a grinder but an easy one if that makes sense. The harder it was it didn’t discourage me it made me angry (the kind of anger that motivates you to not except your situation), ended up with a rep PR! Next I moved to a super set I picked up from Mike Rashid called 5-5-5, 3 sets of 5 machine deadlifts then straight into bent over rows back to deadlifts until you have completed three back to back rounds, that’s one set! I was crushing these with 90 pounds on each side, I do not know what the harness weighs. My entire back was pumped but only slightly (not skin bursting…..yet). After that I considered calling it a day, but then I hyped myself up and completed the ab routine. I normally use a 25lb plate but I jumped to 45lb today and it was no problem. All in all day one was ridiculous and I look forward to OHP day. On a side note I soaked in Dr.Singha’s mustard bath for 20 mins to help with recovery and toxin removal, I want to do all I can to remove any reason for acne breakouts to occur.

  6. In. Interested to see results. I have never ran ArA, but plan to do so soon with Alphamax.
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  7. Rest day 05/16/14
    Woke up this morning popped two Alphamax no GI distress, experiencing DOMs from the squat workout. Took two Jetfuel and got myself ready for BodyPower Expo . Today is a rest day, I dosed ABE with two of my larger meals alongside burn24. I do not want any excess glucose going into fat storage. AM induced sleep is amazing, like mild Ambien type of sleep with no grogginess in the am. I have not yet experienced increased or decreased libido, I have begun to feel mild joint pain in a knee with a prior injury. This is not a big issue I simply dose Cod liver oil and glucosamine away from X-Gels.

  8. Overhead Press Strength/ Chest Hypertrophy/ Biceps hypertrophy (5/3/1) 05/17/14
    Today I had my workout in the afternoon, I dosed ABE with the two meals I had at BodyPower Expo, Kangaroo burger and pulled pork sandwich with apple sauce and stuffing! I dropped two AM in the am, so preworkout was 4g CitMal, 2g ALCAR, 2g Choline, 15g BCAA, 4x X-Gels and 2x Jetfuel T-300. OHP press went up easy, you can feel the X-Gels work their magic on those last grind reps. The gym on base closes early on Saturday’s so chest was a quick dropset 4x25lb plates each side, 5/10/15/20 reps. 5 reps strip a plate 10 reps etc. Biceps was CT’s random selection cable curl, your partner randomly selects the weight for ten sets of ten. Rest is the time it takes your partner to switch the weight. Quick, simple and brutal. No time for conditioning work that will take place tomorrow.

  9. I will be posting today's just as soon as I can, todays workout was awesome as well! feeling the DOMs but they are not so bad. Joint pain has gone down, I can feel the aggression but it is controllable (use it in the gym). Recovery is much faster, I would guess it is due to the nutrient shuttling effects of Burn24 and ABE. AM sleep and boosted test probably have a large part to play in the enhanced recovery. I will post todays soon, then I will be caught up.

  10. Rack Pulls Strength or Deadlifts/ Legs hypertrophy/ Core stabilization (5/3/1)
    Today was a fasted workout, dropped 2x AM, 3x JF T-300, 2x ABE and 4x X-Gels. I had the usual cocktail for intra. Deads were no problem, rep PR! The best part was on my 7th rep I broke the bar off of the ground but put the bar back down due to weak position. Normally that sort of thing terminates a set, I walked away then back to the bar and pulled another 3 with a 30 sec hold at the top. Felt good, nice pump in my ENTIRE back, from the lower back to the traps! Next was Leg press superset, 10x Single leg press straight into 20x leg press for five sets. This time I had a painful pump in my lower back, not to be confused with lower back pain (butt stayed on the seat, kept good form). After that I finished up with the Ab routine my first set of hanging leg raises were unbroken along with the second set of 15x barbell rollouts. Perhaps the L-DOPA and choline is making it easier to have and maintain strong muscle contractions because I have noticed increased control on the grind reps especially with the ab movements. All I know is the effects of these supplements are supposed to become more and more pronounced as you go on, I am pretty excited about what I have experienced the past four days! Tomorrow is rest, oh boy the DOMs are probably going to be bad  Oh and I ran out of CitMal so we will see what the impact is in two days. I dosed Burn24 and ABE with my post workout meal, I feel like I took a pre workout almost restless energy. That is exciting because I know the carbs are either being burned or turning into glucose being stuffed into muscle. The AM has me more defined especially in the legs and arms, one thing I have not noticed yet was increased hunger which is perfectly fine as I already have a good appetite. My last AM dose will be dropped pre bed as per usual.

  11. Lol, your going to love it! Really helps on those last shaky reps. Are you guys going be running any deals in the future? I paid about 40 for AM off of Amazon.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Campbro View Post
    Lol, your going to love it! Really helps on those last shaky reps. Are you guys going be running any deals in the future? I paid about 40 for AM off of Amazon.
    There are better deals out there. Check the supp store section deals. I have seen Alphamax as low as 28, with free tub of fitmax
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  13. Performax Labs Product Specialist
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  14. Yesterday was rest day pretty much the same as the previous rest, i was a little tired which made me sort of irritable. I took no stimulants yesterday to give my CNS a rest, DOMs were managable no big deal there. I took a nap after work and had a really deep sleep, had a nightmare and everything Had way more energy and i was way less frustrated finished the day on a good note sleep was amazing, on the plus side i had a good dream instead of a nightmare. Libido was about normal.

  15. Today was Bench Strength/Tricep hypertrophy/Shoulder hypertrophy
    Fasted(dosed 2xABE/2xAM/4xX-Gels/3xJT-300)
    Intra (2gALCAR/15gBCAA/1gAgma/2gCholine)
    First off i had Department PT, which consisted of 4 stations (Wide grip pushups, situps, diamond pushups and crunches) each station was done for 1min. After the min is up you sprint to the next station, work then lunge to the next. Endurance was through the roof, recovery after sprints and pushups till failure was immediate. At the end of the circuit the pump in my chest kinda crazy, afterwards we played ultimate football. I felt very light and was able to sprint back and forth with no issue, in the middle of the game i felt like i was going to throwup. I think this may have been due to the level of exertion, i simply took 20 secs walked around and it went away. The X-Gels nor any of the other pump inducing compounds interfere during athletic activity, rather it seems as though they ampilify circulation and recovery from max effort sprints! I felt Amazing after so i continued over to the gym (5mins away) and started the bench workout, the last set (heaviest) 270# only required 3 reps but you basically max out. I wanted x10, but ended up with 13! Could of had 15, but i left that in the tank for recovery purposes. Next for triceps i did the 4 quarter dropset close grip bench [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] Blew threw the first two sets struggled on the last two lol. It is very humbling when the light weight has you shaken and yelling! The pump after thas dropset was monstrous, i moved onto the next dropset seated db press 50x10, 60x6, 70x3, DS, 50x12, 40x17, 30x25. I had a painful pump in both shoulders walking in to work today, one thing i have noticed i am starting to get stretch marks on the upper part of my triceps to my armpit! I will be applying coca butter to it but i am excited, i never expected to grow this rapidly i will have to take pictures tomorrow marking the end of week one! Would that sort of thing be considered normal on this stack? Also i plan to buy another 4 week's worth of this stack to run the full 8 weeks and see what i can get accomplished!

    Snuck back in the gym in the afternoon, 70's x8, 85's x2, 95's x1 for DB shoulder press. Then for triceps we did random selection 10x10. i finished up with 225x8 for four sets. Just wanted to get some extra volume in, my upper body is tight but not sore. Perhaps the DOM's are subsiding.

  16. Yesterday was Squat strength/Back hypertropy/Core
    This workout took place in the afternoon 4x X-Gels, 2xABE, 3x Jetfuel T-300 and the usual intra fuel
    Work sets
    300x8 (This required rest pause because i wanted to ensure my form was perfect, controlled descent and even ascent) Last squat workout was 280x8
    It is the ability to recover strength quickly after a grind rep that continues to impress, it allows me to keep coming back to the bar and get two more. I honestly could have gone to 10 but i felt the need to not go to complete failure on strength sets.
    5 sets of 5-5-5 (5 Deadlifts/5 Rows,5 Deadlifts/5 Rows, 5 Deadlifts/5 Rows=1set)
    1. 1pl each side (warmup)
    2. 2pl
    3. 2pl
    4. 2pl
    5. 2pl
    I did not add weight after going up to two plates because i wanted to maintain intensity. I did not feel a pump after this one, this is probably because the meal prior to my workout had only a few vegetables as a carb source Poor nutritional planning aside i still had an amazing workout! I added two more sets to the 5-5-5 since my last leg strength section.
    Weighted chins
    Had a painful pump in my biceps after this, by the time i finish this 8 week run i will complete one clean double BW chin up!
    Ab routine
    2x rounds
    Weighted situps (Hold weight behind your head....changes everything!)
    Hanging leg raises
    Barbell rollouts
    100lb db side bends
    This time around my situps were much easier, no unbroken sets but that is to be expected with the increased 5-5-5 sets, weight/reps acheived on the last set of squats and addition of the weighted chins! All in all a very good workout PR's in the squat and chins, in spite of few carbs before the workout. No crazy libido jumps, sleep has been ok. Aggression in the gym has been great and a real game changer makes it easier to push past fatigue and the little voices of mediocrity. 1 week in 7 to go!

  17. Rest day/ Active recovery
    2x AM/2x ABE/2x Jetfuel usual intra fuel
    This morning was an hour of Soccer nothing significant to report good energy, no DOMS...yet i am expecting those later on today! My waist circumference was at 38 one week ago, i will measure tonight and see what the progress is thus far.

  18. OHP strength/Chest hypertrophy/Biceps hypertrophy
    2xABE/2xAM/4xX-Gels/3xJetfuel T-300 usual intra fuel
    Overhead Press
    Work sets
    175x5 (3 reps rest pause 1 rest pause 1) PR!
    These went really well, strength and endurance is steadily increasing every workout. I have been able to add both considerable volume and weight since starting this stack. Recovery has been incredible, minimal DOMs, optimized sleep and big strength jumps are what I have noticed thus far.
    DB bench press
    115x3 PR!
    I have never before today picked up 115's, these went up easier than I thought, 1 rep would have been a PR!
    Weighted dips
    135x1 PR!
    After the 135 rep I could not do a single one with any weight besides my own! 135x1 is definitely a PR!
    Weighted Chins
    Random selection cable curl 10x10
    These were so much easier than last time, pump was amazing. Every positive aspect I have mentioned before is only increasing as time goes on, I am looking forward to the 4th week halfway mark!

  19. Sorry it has been a few days. First off on Saturday my workout looked like this.
    I felt lethargic during this workout because i had not eaten for several hours since waking. Normally that is not an issue for me but this day was different, i could not keep my core tight for very long after the two reps of 410. The third one (stupid ego lift) and i lightly revisted a sprain in my lower back on the right side Ruined my workout and i ended up calling it a day. Good news i soaked in a Dead Sea salt and Mustard seed bath and felt 60% better rested two days then hit leg hypertrophy this morning! Pre workout was per the fasted routine and intra was the usual blend. The workout was the following.
    Leg extension (pre exhaust) 5x 10 full ROM then 10 half way down
    Leg press 5x 10 single leg press then 20 leg press
    1. 298
    2. 388 (3 plates per side)
    3. 388
    4. 388
    5. 388
    This workout was kinda rough, mentally i was a little out of it. But i finished up and now i am back on track for this afternoons Bench/Shoulder hyper/tricep hyper!

  20. Today was Bench/ Shoulder hypertrophy/tricep hypertrophy
    I ended up doing this today. This was a fasted workout in the morning, the intra was the usual formula.
    Work sets
    285x3 all reps felt good, I racked the weight and tried to lift off lol it might as well been 500lbs. Sleep was around 6.5 hours, perhaps I will try pre workout meals before hitting the weights.
    DB shoulder press
    90x3 PR!
    After this I hit some bike interval sprints 30secs work, 30secs recovery for about 10 mins after that had to head to work. All in all the workout was good I hit a solid rep PR on DB shoulder press. Tomorrow is squat and I am excited because I think a feed workout will go much smoother. Sleep on AM is still good no stomach issues no negative side effects except for the occasional sore joint (with pre existing injuries). I have not been implementing enough HIIT cardio into my workouts, I will be adding 15-20mins of sprint intervals to at least two workouts.

  21. I have been pretty busy lately so here is yesterday's workout.
    Squat strength/Back hypertrophy
    Work sets
    Honestly my legs could have carried me for reps but my back was my concern so i went atg under control and back up good form and walked away back intact.
    5-5-5 with conv. Dl and wide grip t-bar row
    225 on the Dl and 2 plates on the t-bar. I did this for 4 sets. Painful pump in biceps and nice full pump in my back. After i hit the bike sprints 30 secs work 30 secs rest for 15 mins. I noticed during the sprints that when the pain gets really high and i would be close to failure, i am able to continue and finish the set. Call it mind muscle connection but i felt it even more during todays workout!

  22. Todays workout feed workout dropped 2AM/2ABE/4X-Gels usual intra
    It feels like someone took a bat and hit me inbetween my shoulder blades for about an hour! Lower back is kind of sore but in a good way. Today was supposed to be a rest day but i felt really good.
    Weighted chins
    90x5 PR!
    135x2 PR!
    45X8 PR!
    I was really impressed during this workout all the reps were clean full ROM chin above bar. Hours later i had a really painful pump in lats, after my Burn 24 postworkout meal. I had to stretch them in order the pain to subside, felt really good. This stack shines in the strength sets and high rep low rest realm as well. While i type this my lats are sore already!
    Tricep press machine
    Now the mind muscle connection was very evident during this dropset. As i approached what felt like failure in a set i told my arms to press anyways...and they did, over and over again until the set was finshed. I had unbroken sets at the height of the ladder and almost all the way down! It hurt more than i remember an exercise ever hurting, when i finished i had crazy pump in my arms entire upperback and upper chest!
    Calves giant set 2 secs down 1sec pause in the bottom back up
    10 reps 10secs rest 20 reps 20secs rest 30 reps 30 secs rest 15reps then ran out of time had to go. But that calve workout still gave me a pretty good pump and i can tell i am gonna be sore tomorrow. Looking forward to the next workout!

  23. Today's workout OHP strength/Chest hypertrophy/Biceps hypertrophy
    Pre workout usual
    Intra usual
    Feed workout
    10 mins interval bike sprints
    Work sets
    Good form, no back issues and kept the core tight. Weight went up easy.
    DB Press
    105x6 PR!
    120x4 PR!
    This portion of the workout was crazy, i felt strong so i warmed up with 90's instead of 70's. Ended up with 105 for 12 reps, and 120's (never picked them up before) for 4! I attempted 135's got them up 80% of the way then had to dump them, next workout i feel like i will hit 150's for reps! If i feel good i will warm up with 100's and then if i hit 135's for reps (which i will), then i will make that jump!
    Strip set cable curl
    Lol i could barely straigthen my arms. My biceps got hit yesterday from the weighted chin ups, so i just wanted to tear the muscle up a little more with so volume and minimal rest.
    Calves giant set
    Actually finished this today, my calves are lacking so i am gonna be beating them up often!
    Looking forward to tomorrow's leg hypertrophy, gonna destroy them! I can feel my strength skyrocketing, recovery in between sets and workouts has been amazing!
    I saw a bicep vein today and veins in calves, lol things are about to get crazy! Libido is also crazy...until my fiance becomes my wife, i am gonna have to take it out on the weights

  24. Morning dose 2AM/2Jetfuel T-300
    Pre workout 2ABE/4X-Gel
    Intra, the usual
    10 mins bike interval sprints
    Deadlift Strength/Leg hypertrophy/Core
    Work sets
    375x10 PR!
    This workout was amazing, all the deads went up easy! Big pump in my lower back, felt like i could have done another five! I backed off, sprains in the back take a while to heal so i am trying to make progress without destroying myself! Felt really focused, i could feel the legs push off and extend and back take over and finish up. This stack REALLY increases that mind muscle connection, focus was really intense. You feel this stuff when the sets and reps get really difficult.
    Squat #190 6 sets, 10 reps and 60 sec rest in between sets
    Set 4,5, and 6 were rest pause 5 reps, 7 reps and 7 reps.
    I was gonna do ten sets but my lower back started bothering i terminated the rest of the workout. I accomplished the major parts of the workout, tomorrow i will hit core, calves and cardio. Strangely i did not really have a pump from the squats, but when i went to the leg press and attempted a single leg rep. My leg was shaking and i could not even lower it under control with two plates on either side! So legs were hit hard enough.

  25. Nice to see PR's happening already. Good work bud
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