Recomp with Jetfuel T-300/ABE/Alphamax/X-Gels/Burn24

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  1. Damn dude, nice PR's there!
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  2. Friday
    Pre-workout 2AM/2ABE/5X-Gels
    Intra the usual
    20 mins bike sprint intervals 30secs work 30 secs rest
    Started at 19 drop set down to 13, repeated this 3 times
    This workout was short but intense, again the pump does not hinder me when performing athletics or sprint work. I need to do more of this sort of thing to take advantage of the fat loss side of the recomp.

  3. Thanks this stack has been amazing, the more difficult the rep the more aggression comes up to help you move the weight.

  4. Monday 06-30-14
    Pre-workout 2AM/2ABE/5X-Gels
    Intra the usual
    This workout was about hitting weaknesses so that my main lift numbers soar....and i don't end up in surgery because i was lazy!
    Back extensions 10x weighted followed immediately by 10x Bodyweight single leg back extensions....Holy pump Batman!!! We ran this for six sets, hamstrings were screaming. But the first set felt like i had rebar on each side my spine! Have you ever had a pump so crazy in you back it made you walk funny?!? The single leg work is helping me correct the strength and muscle imbalance in my lower back, that coupled with the Heavy core work is going to help me stay injury free. The pump was really crazy on the right side (the side i sprained), perhaps i favor that side, but the fact that it fatigue so much quicker than the left makes it the weak side. The pump did not leave me till i got to abs lol.
    Calves giant set
    10- 10s rest- 20- 20s rest- 30- 30s rest- 40reps
    These look easy perhaps but they destroy my calves, when i finished i had no choice but to walk around flat footed and with the pump in my back that also contributed to my Frankenstein walk.
    Standing abs
    122.5 x 8
    147.5 x 8
    152.5 x 6
    175 x 5
    182.5 x 5 PR!
    190 x 1 PR!
    When i train my abs this way EVERYTHING in the core area has to contract! From the hip flexors to the diaphragm, I do not see me training abs lying down again.

  5. Damn, 30/30 for your intervals and rest! I usually do 15 second intervals with 45 seconds of light work and I'm drained lol
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  6. Wow, so the past couple of weeks have been very hectic. I only had one workout last week which consisted of...
    Monday 7/7/14
    Pre Workout 2AM/5X-Gels/2ABE
    Intra per usual
    20 100m sprints, These were rough and the ultimate test of the stacks ability to either boost athletic activity or hinder it via pumps or nausea. Even when i was nearly at mental failure i was able to drive all the way through the end. Because they group sprints they were timed so everyone had something to push for, my time stayed consistent until about 16 or 17 were it fell by 1-2 sec each sprint lol. It was brutal, then we played ultimate frisbee for a sort of cool down.

    On Wed i stopped the stack all together, i started to break out on my face and i felt really fatigued waking up in the morning, probably because i was not lifting or putting a demand on body at all physically. I recovered sleep got a whole lot better, my face quickly started clearing up and mood improved. The cortisol suppresion in the morning makes it so hard for me to wake up in the morning, i am going to try taking AM in the mid morning after i am awake and then hours before i go to bed. When i came off there was no massive retention of water, nothing crazy at all.

    Today started again, felt like i never left lol
    Pre workout
    Work sets
    180x2 PR! I have never touched 180 in the OHP, so this was awesome, the heavy dumbbell work and heavy standing abs are to thank for this one!!....stack doesn't hurt
    Warm up
    DB press immediate super set to pushups, 12DB press 12 pushups, 17, 25
    This was done with little to no rest i used 60's (good thing i did)
    My first set of pushups was surprisingly hard i could barely complete 12 unbroken lol. The following sets were struggled through get 3-5 reps at a time taking 2-3 breaths and going back at it. Because i am military there is a high value on muscle endurance and conditioning, so my routines will reflect more of that. A guy in the gym said he was tired watching me lol, i did not have enough breath to respond and the pump....stupendous lol.
    Incline runs 20secs on 20secs off @10% incline
    This sounded easy until i finished the second one...
    1. 20s sprint 10secs rest 8.5speed
    2. 20s sprint 10secs rest 8.5speed
    3. 20s sprint 20secs rest 8.5speed
    4. 20s sprint 40secs rest 7.5speed
    5. 20s sprint 70secs rest 7.5speed
    90 secs rest lol pain all over
    6. 20s sprint 35secs rest 7.5speed
    7. 20s sprint 20secs rest 7.5speed
    I felt a little lightheaded on the last one, that was really rough, which is why i need to work my conditioning more!

    Evening routine
    Pre workout 2 Amentomax
    Core Standing Abs
    175x6 PR!
    Ab routine went great, really destroyed my hip flexors, i love standing abs! On to some conditioning.

    Treadmill pushes (Brutal)
    Now when i heard about these i was kinda skeptical about their effectiveness, then i did some research and they talked about them EliteFTS. Supposed to be just like sled pushes.
    15secs sprint 45 secs rest and i needed every bit of it! 10 rds!
    5rds then 2mins 30secs rest then the remaining 5rds
    Quads were on fire and even with the rest i was dripping sweat, amazing workout! There will be way more of this!

  7. Tuesday Morning workout
    Pre workout 2AM/2ABE/5X-GELS/2Amentomax
    Intra the usual
    Ok Dept. PT was do what you want, which i love. Now the last time i did deadlift, i could not even lift 405 once and almost revisted the tweak in my lower back. This was for two reasons, the first being that i was deadlifting scared, afraid i might hurt my back so i was pulling, but not violently driving with my quads to break the bar off the floor. Second, my core was truly weak and just not firing like it was supposed to. Today both issues were addressed!
    Warm up Bike Sprint ladder
    Lvl19-11, 30secs sprint 30secs rest ( soon i am gonna have to plate load this bike for added resistance.....somehow lol)
    Warm up
    Work sets
    405x10 PR! Easy day, complete and total difference with improved technique and properly firing core. Big rep PR for me, 410 for 5 is the closest i have been to this number. I could have squeezed out more but..well you know the rest.
    Standing abs
    Lol because i hit the core hard yesterday and deadlifted right before this...there was not much left in that muscle group. I finished up with some treadmill pushes and PR'd, i got through all ten rounds back to back on the prescribed rest. Next time i will increase the incline by 1%.
    Treadmill pushes 15secs sprint 45secs rest for 10 rds

    Evening workout
    Pre workout 2AM
    Weighted chins
    135x3 PR!
    90x10 PR!
    45x20 PR!
    Crushed this mini workout, all chins were dead hang, no kipping. The pull through ROM was smooth, crazy PR's today, looking forward to Bench and Squat!

  8. Saturday
    Pre workout 2AM/5X-Gels/2ABE
    Intra the usual
    First off i forgot to take the Amentomax, but i have not noticed anything aside from the usual positives of this stack. I took more days off then i wanted but i finally made it to the gym and i am so glad i did!
    Warm up
    Work sets
    295x6 PR! I had to do rest pause to get these reps, but i still got them. Each rep went up easy but i could at best only manage 2 back to back!
    DB Shoulder Press
    100x8 PR! This was rest pause as well, 5 reps flat out then 3. I really had to push but the PR's keep coming.
    R.I.P. shoulders you will be missed...
    Conditioning (Oh so painful)
    7 mins of whatever is worse than hell, I found this online.
    60secs of Treadmill sprint...which WILL degrade into a push then 60secs of chins/pullups
    50secs Treadmill sprint then 50secs of pushups
    40secs Treadmill sprint then 40secs pullups
    30secs You get the idea
    This may look easy, but my workout buddy runs his 1.5 mile in 9:30, he was gassed! He almost fell off on the 30sec round lol. The pump in your quads is painful, be careful when you start to slow down, your legs may betray you. This was awesome and this sort of thing will be the norm for these workouts. A big adjustment i made on Tuesday is only taking the stack on workout days, i have not noticed any degradation of stack positives. And my sleep has been much better now that i have been taking the AM away from bed time. Squats up next!!!

  9. Monday
    Pre workout 2AM/2ABE/5X-Gels/2Amentomax
    Intra the usual
    Today I only had time for the main lift, tomorrow i will be finishing up back hyper and core.
    Warm up
    Work sets
    295x5 While this was not a PR, it has been weeks since i have squatted. This was a pretty good comeback, my back felt great, and strength out of the bottom was way better than what i expected. This was a short workout but it was good to get back to squatting!

  10. Nice workouts
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  11. Thanks, they seem to be giving me the desired result!

  12. Thursday
    Pre workout 2AM/2ABE/5X-GELS/2Ametomax
    Intra the usual
    Today was supposed to just be back hypertrophy and core, but me and my buddy felt good today so we hit back hard!
    Warm up
    Standing abs 107.5x10
    Standing abs 107.5x10
    Work sets
    425x2 PR! This went up easy, felt good, i stopped at two because i wanted to try something a little heavier!
    465x1 PR! The crazy part is it did not feel that heavy, until i tried a second rep lol broke it off the ground got stuck at the shins. The core work has really shown its worth in every lift! 500 here i come!!!!
    Kroc Rows
    100x40 PR! I added 20 reps to my best Kroc row set! This is after two heavy deadlift PRs, my grip was shot after the Kroc rows! Rest pause was used.
    Crazy workout, next is gonna be OHP! Thanks for tuning in!


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