MyoSynergy, X-Factor and more for summer recomp cycle

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  1. Leg Day was another example for me that this stack warrants some pretty serious pumps and increases in muscle fullness. I was absolutely uncomfortably pumped in my quads after hack squats, and often I struggle to get the same quality pumps in my lower body that I get in my upper body. Hit it hard with volume and a fair bit of weight.

    Leg Extensions
    about 10 sets ranging from very light to heavy to get the quads warmed up

    Seated Hamstring Curl
    same deal as above, a lot of volume to get that blood in

    Inners and Outers 3 sets of each, high rep to get my hips warmed up and pumped (something I really like doing prior to squats or hacks)

    Hack Squats
    2 plates per side for 4 sets of 12
    1 burnout set of 25 w 1 plate that was absolutely brutal

    4 down and back lunges on the basketball court (body weight)

    4 sets of 20, bodyweight

    Finished with 10 sets of seated calves w 2 plates
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  2. Very nice log. I'm late reading it but I enjoyed it anyway.



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