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  1. PNI Paragon/EEAs/Prodigy


    I just started my fresh order of PNI Paragon/PNI EEA's & PNI Prodigy, so will be logging about it.

    Everything will be in KG as I'm british, apologies. Conversion rate is roughly 1kg = 2.2lbs

    Little about myself. I'm 25, been gyming properly since June 2012, although only started compound training properly around 10 weeks ago. I've gone from 60kg to 78kg in 22 months. Ultimately im trying to hit 85kg with around 10-12 bf, be able to bench 1.5 x body weight, and deadlift/squat 2x bodyweight.

    Along side these supplements I take - Optimum Nutrition GOld Standard Whey, Mono Creatine, Opti-Men vitamins, Testofuel & BCAAs.

    My Current routine is below

    Day 1
    Bench Day
    SQUAT (3x10)
    BENCH (5x5)
    Cable Chest Press (3x15)
    Cable Chest Flys (2x15)
    Dips (5x5)

    Day 2
    Back Day
    DEADLIFT (1x5)
    Wide Grip Pullup (5X5)
    Bent Over Row (5X5)
    Palm in Pullup (5X5)

    Day 4
    Leg Day
    SQUAT (3x10)
    BENCH (5x5)
    Palm in Pullup (5X5)
    Leg Press (12-15)
    Super Set Calves (12-15)

    Day 5
    Shoulder Day
    DEADLIFT (1x5)
    Arnie Press (5x5)
    Side Raises (10x3)
    Palm in Pullup (5x5)
    Shrug (5x5)

    Day 6
    Arms Day
    SQUAT (3x10)
    Close Grip Bench (5x5)
    Barbell Curls (4x10)
    Palm in Pullup (5x5)
    Dips (5x5)
    Hammer Curls (3x10)

    (Days 3 & 7 are rest)

    So far my compound lifts are as follows

    Bench - 90kg 5x5
    Military Press - 55kg 5x5
    Squat - 75kg 3x10
    Deadlift - 110kg 1x5


    Bench - 105kg
    Military Press - (havent done for months but last time was 60kg)
    Squat - 100kg
    Deadlift - 130kg

    Ill be doing 1RM every Saturday before arms session.

    Current Weight - 75kg
    Current BF - 15-20%

    Diet -

    Breakfast - 75g porridge with 200ml of skimmed milk
    1 PNI Paragon, 1 TestoFuel, 3 Opti-Men

    11am - 2 Scoops ON Gold Standard + 5g mono creatine

    1pm - Chicken with Salad, or tortilla Wrap, Lucozade & Fruit Flapjack
    1 PNI Paragon

    4pm - 2 Scoops ON Gold Standard
    1 Testofuel

    10 BCAAS pre training
    PNI EEAs Intra training
    10 BCAAS post training
    2 Scoops ON Gold standard
    1 Testofuel

    Dinner - Meat veg & carbs
    PNI Paragon

    Before Bed
    1 Testofuel
    3 ZMA

  2. Tuesday - Back Day

    All I can say, WOW, PNI Prodigy is insane. I took 1/2 a scoop as I've had huge problems with PWO keeping me awake during the night when taken. Felt Like I had so much energy throughout the session, and cardio afterwards.

    DEADLIFT (1x5) - 110kg (also pulled a 1RM of 130kg easily, when previously my 1RM was a shaky 120kg) - Think I could pull 140 or more, will find out on Saturday
    MILITARY PRESS (5x5) - 55kg 5x5 - Almost failed, already dropped down and pleatued on this lift, beat my last best which was 52.5kg 5x5, will be hard to complete 57.5kg
    Wide Grip Pullup (5X5) - with 7.5kg weight belt. Starting to get heavy but was fine
    Bent Over Row (5X5) - Got up to 40kg each hand but the form wasnt great, deloaded to 34kg each hand and working way back up
    Palm in Pullup (5X5) - 7.5kg weight belt, no quams.

    PNI EEA's tasted great, PNI Prodigy did its job, but unfortunately, because im so sensitive to stims, Prodigy kept me awake all night (this isnt a bad review, its a great product, I just react badly to preworkouts in terms of insomnia), thus I couldn't go to work the next day as I only fell asleep at about 6.30am.

    Therefore, I shall only be taking Prodigy on Fridays and Saturdays as I dont have to go to bed at a reasonable hour/wake up the next day.

    I will post a front/back photo tonight so that I can compare it to the end of the log

  3. Just a note, I don't think realistically I'll see that much change in size. I have an awful appetite, never seem to be hungry, one of the reasons I bought PNI Paragon however was the added hunger it supposedly gives you

  4. Did shoulders yesterday

    DEADLIFT (1x5) - 110kg, felt very light, definitely gaining a lot of strength
    OLYMPIC PRESS (5x5) - 55kg, felt heavy, but, looking forward to beating my PB on tuesday
    Arnie Press (5x5) - 26kg each hand, very happy I did this, completely thought I'd fail this, and wasnt even close to failing
    Side Raises (10x3) - 8kg each hand, all fine
    Palm in Pullup (5x5) - 7.5kg weighted, again, felt fine, no problems
    Shrug (5x5) - 36kg each hand

    Definitely feeling more endurance with the EAA's, have the feeling of more natural energy with my sessions.

    As today is friday, and its leg day, I'll be taking PNI Prodigy as I dont have work tomorrow, so looking forward to a BIG session!

    Nothing to mention re Paragon yet, I'm guessing like other test boosters it takes 10-12 days to feel anything

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