MyoSynergy Log... why not

  1. MyoSynergy Log... why not

    Hey AM I started MyoSynergy this past Monday and I figured I'd start a log. I train using a 6 week 5/3/1 split and will be training for all out strength with the hopes of adding some size as well.

    Some random stuff to help get the log started.

    I weigh 186.6 lbs
    Supplements I currently take:
    *protein powder (couple sccops per day)
    *creatine (5g per day)
    *Amino IV (2 scoops during workout)
    * Sleephoria (2caps 30 minutes before bed
    *fish oil (3-5 caps per day

    I really do not track calories but I try to have two fists of protein, a fist or two of carbs and some healthy fat with every meal.

    Monday I hit 165 for my joker set of overhead press.

    Yesterday (Tuesday) hit 365 for my joker set on dead lift.

    Here we go....


  2. Dosing is as follows:

    7 caps 1 hour preworkout
    7 caps upon waking on off days.

    Thanks to anyone who follows!


  3. I'll be following....lots of interest in this. Fwiw I see other loggers feel the need to go 8 caps at least on workout days.

  4. I know there were some discrepancies with the dosages of the first couple batches. I am following the directions that came on the ziploc (I ordered direct). Hmm maybe I'll have to ask for clarification.

    Thanks for following man!


  5. Looks to me like general thought is recommended 5 caps is underdosed and 8 brings it where it needs to be but have not dug into specifics.

  6. In.
    Building my best body "for me"!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by jjblacksheep View Post
    Looks to me like general thought is recommended 5 caps is underdosed and 8 brings it where it needs to be but have not dug into specifics.
    There were three runs that the production house messed up, and each was filled slightly different. Luckily, we won't have to deal with different dosings long. Just follow the directions on the packaging as it will lead to the appropriate actives.

  8. 5/3/1 Bench

    *foam roll
    *dynamic mobility
    *agility drills

    Bench Work sets (paired with heavy pullups)

    225x1 (smooth)
    230x1 (Joker set. . . slow, but smooth)

    FSLS Bench (paired with heavy DB Rows)
    180x5x3 (3 sets of 5)

    DB Rows

    Prehab/Isolation Work

    A) Band pullaparts
    B) Curls
    C) Side Lying planks

    Farmers Walks
    3x50 yards

    Notes. . .

    *Real nice session. My bench is my slowest moving lift, and one that I need the most improvement with technique. I joke that my overhead press will surpass my bench . . . but anyways.
    *Seems way too early to comment, but my endurance felt great today in the gym, and I noticed that my rest periods were a bit shorter.
    *Will weigh myself tomorrow morning just for grins.


  9. 5/3/1 Squat*foam roll/lacrosse ball*dynamic warmup*2 sets of jumps


    Work sets
    270x1 (joker set)
    290x1 (joker set)

    B1) 45-degree back raises

    B2) Reverse Crunches

    C) Prowler push100 yards total x 5 plates

    Notes. . .
    *Another great workout, that made 3 PRs this week (overhead press, bench, squat). . cannot complain about that.
    *Endurance feels great while training.
    *Slight increase in thirst throughout the day.
    *No increase in DOMS, that others have noted.



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