April 27, 2014

The Product:

The Goal:

Keep muscle. Lose fat. Improve endurance and athleticism.

About Me:

I'm 33, 73 inches tall and I currently weigh 193 pounds. I workout hard and often and I don't miss meals. I'm a veteran of the Armed Forces with a pretty extensive history of exercising. I've done most of it from powerlifting, to strong-man competing to straight-up bodybuilding (with decidedly questionable results) and now I train in a hybrid matter that promotes athleticism, does not promote injury and also satisfies my current love of endurance events. Over the duration of this log I will likely compete in a few endurance events of varying distance/disciplines. Word!

Other Supplements:

Animal Flex until I run out.

The Workouts:

Three workouts a week will be specifically for endurance training. Two days will be transition days where I will swim and do swimming drills in the morning and then do BRICK (Moving from the bike to the run.) training later on in the afternoon. One day will be a long run. Somewhere between 7 and 11 miles.

The other workout days will be weightlifting and WOD days. These are the days that have me trying to keep as much muscle as possible. As far as I'm concerned every workout is a full body workout so I'll be focusing on one body part more than the others BUT I will also hit all of the others. Sounds like a plan, son!

The Diet:

6:15 A.M. - 3 Egg omelet (spinach, onions and mushrooms) and a slice of bread.

9:00 A.M. - Apple.

10:30 A.M. - Workout.

12:00 P.M. - Banana and Protein Shake Post-Workout.

12:30 P.M. - Lunch. Chicken Breast with half an avocado and some variety of carb.

3:00 P.M. - Cup of cottage cheese.

6:00 P.M. - Dinner. Chicken Salad. Lots of chicken. Lots of vegetables. The other half of the avocado.

9:00 P.M. - Protein Shake.

I follow this pretty strictly from Monday to Friday. Saturday is loose and free and Sunday is a return to normalcy day.


A 30 day supply is 18 total patches. This does not round out very well. On the days I apply a patch it will be at 8 PM. I will take the patch off upon waking the next morning. Recommended wear time is 8 hours. Easy.

I won't simply be wearing a patch every other day but it will be pretty close. I will likely double up on a couple of the weekend days. I'll be sure to mention the days that I will be wearing a patch and when I won't be.


Only current injury is a troublesome right shoulder. My left patellar tendon seems a little gimpy at times but I don't have to train around either injury. As long as I warm up appropriately beforehand then I experience no problems. I'll take some starter pics tomorrow and post them up. I will likely log every day just because I like logging.

Let the games begin! Patch Number 1 goes on tonight! I'll take a picture and explain where they are recommended to be placed. Until then - peace!