6-8 wk cycle trenavar/driven sports activate extreme

  1. 6-8 wk cycle trenavar/driven sports activate extreme

    hello! been hearing mixed views on trenavar so thought id give it a whirl and do my best to log all my progress i.e sides, gains etc, for all of those who want
    to know more about the product and its potency. im 24 years old, 6ft 8 tall, exactly 87kg in weight at mo, been training for a gd 6+ years now. my goals are to gain mass while keeping bf low enough for gd defanition.

  2. today friday 18th april is my first day, i have the german pharmaceutical trenavar, 3 bottles of 60 caps at 20mg each. i will be taking in 2 caps per day until monday just to make sure the tren is properly in my system(piece of mind really lol), then starting from monday for 2 weeks i will dose 60mg per day. basically ill do 2 wks at 60mg pday, then 2 wks at 80mg pday then bump up to 100mg+ for the rest of the cycle. il be running the activate extreme test booster from about 2 wks into my cycle upto 3+ wks after the tren cycle

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