Burning the fat with Combustion! (Sponsored)

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  1. Burning the fat with Combustion! (Sponsored)

    Combustion - Day 1

    Weight -

    It's time to get sliced & diced!! First, I need to thank Jimbuick & the fellas over @ BPS for giving me this opportunity to log their new product. I've been a big fan of BPS since they hit the market, & they've never put out a product that didn't deliver. Here's to hoping the Combustion delivers some solid results as well!

    I'll be updating this log as often as possible, and if I get something I have to report, I may just pop in & share some news, then give a better update later that day or night. I work days & nights, so the timing of my updates will vary.

    This is going to be a solo run. The only other things I'll be taking will be protein, multi, cissus, fish oil & BCAA's.

    I've committed myself to running a 10k, so my training is alternating cardio & weights every other day. Since January 1st, I started dieting down. I was 188 back then & have basically just cut out the carbs and hit more cardio than ever before! I'm 42 years old & determined to see my abs again! My goal back in Jan was to get down to 165. Now that I'm almost there, I'm setting my sights on 160.

    Like I said, I've cut out a lot of carbs. There's days where I may not take in any, then there's others that I may get in a couple hundred. Trying to stay on keto w/ 2 young kids in the house gets difficult w feeding them & myself. The wife can only make so many separate dishes for us at dinner! Lol..

    Here's my beginning picture. I'm motivated to lean out more, so this should be a great run!

    I woke up this afternoon @ 12:30 & popped my first 2 pills. I'd say that easily, w/in 20 minutes, I was feeling it! The most notable was the energy. I was pressed for time, so I didn't try to focus too much on anything else. Was it heating me up? Did it kill my appetite? I'll be paying closer attention to all of that as this unfolds. I'm drinking about a gallon or more of water a day, so hydration won't be an issue.

    I hit shoulders this afternoon & kept the reps & tempo up. I hit all angles and traps in an hour and left there not soaked, but w/ a pretty good bead of sweat on my mug.

    Tomorrow is my running day. I'm hoping to get out on the road & get 4-5 miles.

    More updates coming! Thanks again BPS!!

  2. First!
    Not a rep but a fan of Finaflex.

  3. Nice! I'm in!

  4. i love to run with my headphones on....kinda get lost in the music. played supertramp-fool's overture and wagner's ride of the valkyries as part of todays selections...

    good luck, hope you get great results!!!!

  5. Subbed for the shred.

  6. Late to bed, early to rise!! It's ok. I've got Combustion & the Warp Brothers pumpin through my veins!! Hitting the treadmill for a little 5 mile run.

  7. Combustion - Day 4

    Weight - 167 this morning!!

    Yes, the weight is coming off! Sorry I didn't update the last 2 days. Those were my days off from work, & I basically tried to jam 5 days worth of projects into just 2! Needless to say, I'm glad to be back at work today so I can get a little rest!!

    I took the first day off work off from the gym too. I've been training pretty much every day for the last couple of weeks, & my body's getting tired. I've been making good progress, so I'd be pretty upset if I wore myself a little too thin & ended up sick! Especially since we have a beach trip planned for next weekend.

    I got in there yesterday, & hit arms. Nothing earth shattering to speak of. Had great energy throughout the session, and it lasted well into the morning. I'm taking 2 capsules upon waking, and another one about 6-7 hours later to get me through the rest of the day.

    I noticed yesterday that the appetite was nice & low. That surprised me, because after leaving the gym, I went to my father in laws & worked at his shop on some trucks for another 7 hours! When I did leave there, I was pretty friggin hungry though, so rather than hit the Jack in the Box right next door, I went to the deli @ the store & got a plate of pulled port. Ate that w/ no bbq sauce and washed it down w/ a water.

    This morning, I got in the gym early enough to hit about 15 minutes worth of abs, followed by a 5 mile run. I got it in just under 50 minutes and burned just under 600 calories! My lungs felt great, but my lower back and feet were feeling it. Especially my back. Nothing a little ibuprofen can't help, right!! Lol..

    So, I'm only 4 days into it & I've already dropped some weight. The appetite suppression is real. I'm always in a good mood, but this stuff is putting a little extra pep in my step too!

    So far, so good!!

  8. energy, mood, appetite suppression sounds good....did you notice any thermo effect?

  9. I don't know that I'm getting that thermo effect. I'll tune into that tomorrow morning.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by enhanced View Post
    I don't know that I'm getting that thermo effect. I'll tune into that tomorrow morning.
    glad to hear the energy is there!!!

  11. Combustion - Day 6

    Weight - 168.. Too much good eats over the weekend..

    I got off shift Friday night & started eating like we're rich or something.. I got 4lbs of shrimp & cooked them New Orleans BBQ style. I caved in & bought the French bread and coated that in garlic butter. I had plenty of sauce in the shrimp to dip the bread into.. Damn, I'm getting hungry just thinking of it.. I washed it down w/ 2 Abita Grapefruit Harvest IPA's.. I guess I just figured I've been eating and training so good I'd repay myself. I cleaned it up a little better yesterday, eating no carbs except one more piece of French bread.. lol.. Yeah, I was weak.

    I hit the gym yesterday morning, doing back & chest. The pace was quick & when I walked out, I was soaked! I got home & was still sweating - the wife wouldn't give me a good morning kiss! WTF!!?? Lol..

    This morning, I decided to give my knees & lower back a rest so my cardio was HIIT on the bike. One of the recent news articles here on AM mentioned doing 8 second sprints and 12 seconds of recovery. I thought, hell, I can do a bunch of 8 second sprints! Damn.... Talk about killer workout!! I ain't gonna lie, my thighs were swole and I couldn't keep up the pace.. I definitely got off the bike feeling good. I was soaked all the way to the bone! I'm thinking the thermo effect is showing more & more.

    I noticed yesterday, later in the afternoon that I didn't eat lunch! I had completely forgotten about it! My breakfast was an cheese & 5 egg omelet. I didn't think that would tide me over till 7pm! Granted, I was pretty busy out in the yard, but that should've made me even more hungry.

    So, yes, I'd have to say, I'm diggin these little orange pills...

  12. In to see how you do and to watch your marathon training!

  13. Thanks for following! Marathon??!! Lol, heck, 6 miles is killing me! I couldn't imagine running 26 miles!!

  14. You bulking or cutting? Lol

    Mmm. I haven't had French bread in a while.

    Good looking log thus far Enhanced. May use your :08/:12 cycle tomorrow.
    Not a rep but a fan of Finaflex.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by enhanced View Post
    Thanks for following! Marathon??!! Lol, heck, 6 miles is killing me! I couldn't imagine running 26 miles!!
    LOL I am doing a 5k in May and for me anything over a mile is a marathon..

  16. Quote Originally Posted by enhanced View Post
    I don't know that I'm getting that thermo effect. I'll tune into that tomorrow morning.
    i think the thermo effect question has been answered, lol!!!

  17. Combustion, Day 8

    Weight - 168 haven't dropped back yet, but haven't gained!

    I guess I needed to get back into the cardio sooner! Lol.. I used these last 3 days hitting the weights & felt great! When I checked the scale & saw I hadn't dropped any weight, I turned around & saw a swole body looking back at me! Lol.. Seriously though, I was looking nice & full all the way around. Just a tad softer around the abs though. Going to tighten it up & get back down where I was & get to that 165 mark!

    I got up this morning & hit the treadmill after about 15 min worth of abs. I think the rest from running made a difference. I ran 3.5 miles at a nice steady 8.45 minute pace! I felt great! My lungs kept up w/ no issues. My left knee started to hurt about midway through, then loosened back up. I wanted to go longer, but I had to get ready for work, so I needed time to cool down a little bit before I put my uniform on. Fortunately for me, I work outside & sweat. Our gym doesn't have a locker room or shower, so I walk out sweating and just keep the sweat going while working today.. No big deal. I work w/ a bunch of dudes, so I could care less if I stink! Lol..

    I'm off tomorrow, so I might try & get out on the road & get a good 5 mile run in.

  18. Had a pretty good run this morning!


  19. You getting in a Friday workout?
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  20. Hellz yeah dude!! Hit chest/back this morning.


  21. Feeling leaner than I ever have in a very long time!

  22. Did a 3 mile sprint this morning after doing abs. I think I ran about an 8 minute pace. Getting back to my Marine Corps running pace. Oh, I think I'm starting to se my abs!!


  23. :thumbup:

    Looking lean brother!

  24. Check out those abs. They look like an assembly line of pumped biceps.
    Not a rep but a fan of Finaflex.

  25. Those abs look massive! Nice physique, man. You show a great deal of discipline. Excited to see where this takes you. Imagine if you threw in DCP!
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