What kind of pumps can a Thunderbolt bring? (sponsored)

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  1. What kind of pumps can a Thunderbolt bring? (sponsored)

    Huge thanks to anteus labs for giving me the chance to log this. I have ben a in a little bit of a rut lately and hope that this is jsut what I need to kick start some new gains.

    I will update all my info tomorrow....early morning tomorrow!

  2. In on this- can't wait to see how you do with it!
    *Antaeus Lab Rep*

  3. Thanks man, up tonight

  4. Here is a write up about the ingredients in thunderbolt!


    Kallidinogenase, also known as kallikrein, is a natural human enzyme and the only pharmaceutical-strength vasodilator legally available as a supplement. Thunderbolt contains kallikrein in recombinant form, and while sensitive to degradation by low pH from stomach acid, we have encapsulated Thunderbolt with enteric-coating to ensure high bioavailability.
    Mechanism of action: Kallikrein is a serine protease, which cleaves kininogen to release the potent vasoactive kinin peptides bradykinin or kallidin. Kallidin is very similar, and can be converted to bradykinin. Within skeletal muscle, bradykinin promotes glucose uptake and improves blood flow. [1]The pharmaceutical class of drugs known as ACE Inhibitors act on bradykinin to keep it active longer which leads to the normalization of blood pressure and nitric oxide release. Boosting bradykinin also increases vascular permeability, which allows for better nutrient delivery to tissues.

    Kinins have a very short half-life, as they are destroyed in less than 20secs by through the action of kininases (aminopeptidases) present in the tissues and blood. Hence, kinins are unsuitable for use as exogenously administered agents. In plasma, kininogen is in excess, leaving kallikrein as the limiting factor in kinin formation. Therefore, kallikrein is a far better choice for activating the kinin–kallikrein system.
    Kallidinogenase is stable for 28 months at room temperature, and about five years if kept refrigerated. [2]

    Primary effects: Kallidinogenase is a peripheral vasodialator, causing an increase in bloodflow and nutrient delivery to skeletal muscle. [3]

    Other beneficial effects: Kallidinogenase has significant pro-fertility effects, [4,5,6] is nephroprotective, has diuretic effects via activation of the Bradykinin B2 receptor, and increases bloodflow to the brain. [7] Constitutive over-activation of the Bradykinin B2 receptor has been shown to increase the anabolic response to exercise, so Kallidinogenase may also impart a directly anabolic effect. [8]

    Arginine Butyrate

    Mechanism of action: Arginine Butyrate is a histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor, and also activates the nitric oxide pathway.

    Primary effects: In mouse models of muscular dystrophy arginine butyrate demonstrated beneficial effects including increased muscle strength and increased utrophin expression. [9]

    Exposure of myoblasts to HDAC inhibitors results in upregulation of follistatin expression. In turn, follistatin binds to and suppresses the activity of myostatin, a TGF-β family member that negatively regulates muscle mass. [10]
    Other beneficial effects: Arginine’s NO-mediated functions are fairly well known. L-arginine is converted into NO by the enzyme NO synthase (eNOS). Nitric oxide causes relaxation vascular smooth muscle by binding to and activating guanylate cyclase and increasing intracellular levels of cyclic-guanosine 3’,5’-monophosphate, causing vasodilation which lowers arterial pressure. [11] This improves blood flow, which increases the “pump”. Nitric oxide also inhibits platelet aggregation and adhesion. [12] Arginine is also a precursor of creatine, and plays a role in accelerating tissue repair following injuries. [13]


    S-Nitrosoglutathione (GSNO) mediates the cellular signalling effects of nitric oxide (NO). To date, GSNO has been tested in almost 20 clinical trials, examining its efficacy in treating a variety of conditions – including topical use as a treatment for female sexual dysfunction. [14]

    Mechanism of action: Although GSNO is often described as a “NO donor”, rather than being denitrated like traditional nitrate drugs (e.g. glyceryl trinitrate) which decompose to produce NO, GSNO is capable of donating the nitroso moiety to other molecules, though a reaction called S-nitrosylation. [15] This ability to directly transfer NO+ protects the NO moiety from attack by free radicals. [16]
    Primary effects: GSNO has vasodilatory effects on the vasculature, specifically of the arteries. [17] Unlike nitrates, S-nitrosothiols do not cause tolerance with long-term continuous use. [18] While NO itself is very short lived, GNSO acts as a stable intracellular pool of NO which allows the beneficial effects of NO stimulation to sustain over a longer period of time.

    Other beneficial effects: GSNO, and associated nitrosothiols like S-nitrosocysteine, contribute to the regulation of breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, and vascular muscle tone. [19,20,21] GSNO inhibits platelet aggregation, [22] probably via degradation to NO and glutathione disulfide by the cell-surface protein disulfide isomerase (csPDI). [23] GSNO also has neuroprotective properties (via up-regulation of the antioxidative thioredoxin system), and may encourage wound repair through enhanced collagen formation. [24,25] Copper Copper potentiates the vasodilatory and antiplatelet actions of GSNO.
    Mechanism of action: Copper ions are important catalysts in the decomposition of low molecular weight nitrosothiols (like GSNO) by superoxide dismutase (Cu/Zn SOD). [26]
    Primary effects: Copper enhances the anti-platelet aggregation properties of GSNO. [27]

    Other beneficial effects: Copper deficiency has been shown to block acetylcholine-mediated vascular smooth muscle relaxation. [28,29,30]

  5. I am very involved in the supplements game and had not heard of any of these so I was very intrigued!

    I have never really run a pump only product other than hemavol which I would jsut add to some of my preworkouts for added pump

    Current stats

    24 years old
    on 100mg trt each week

    supplements - protein (use in yogurt or cheesecakes, ,never have shakes). fish oil, vitamin c upon waking redyeast rice, coq10, vitamin d, glutamine, creatine, ALCAR(pre and post workout) Recompadrol on carb days

    I follow IF and tend to have jsut one huge meal at night.... i like to eat alot and this allows me to do this, although i know that this is probably not ideal for muscle gain.

    on cardio only days I get my only carbs from dairy and vegetables, on workout days I shoot for around 300 g of carbs but If I go two days of no carbs and workoout the third day ill do 400g of carbs........calories range from 3600-5000 on some days depeneding on actiity levels and amount of cardio i do ( i do alot/too much cardio)

  6. I have been in a big time rut lately, my weight is the same yet i have gotten weaker and have been eating a little less.......... I am thinking i need to up mycalories because i am in an overtrained state.... I am jsut very lethargic in the morning and dont feel awake until like 11 or 12. A month of so ago i was making great gains. I do alot of cardio and also tend to stress alot... all o this together makes me think i should increase calories? what do you think? thanks for input and I woudl love any questions you guys have

    with that onto the workout! - dosed three thunderbolt about 20 minutes pre workout


    Squat - gonna stop using a belt, i want to strengthen my core

    235x5+2 forced!

    Front squat


    Leg press
    8 plates 5 sets of 8 drop one plate at a time with forced reps on some - this was brutal

    close stance squat - constant tension pumping up the volume!

    115x15x7 - 30 second rests drop to 95 to failure on last set

    Leg press - 4 plates 4 sets 15-20 - 30second rests

    Lunges - continuous steps - 30 steps 25lb kettle bells, drop to bodyweight for 50 steps on last set

    GHR 5 sets of 10 with slow negatives

    Constant tension RDL - 115x15 - 4 sets
    supersetted with

    Reverse hack squat - 120x 15 4 sets

    Leg ext 5 sets of 8-10 - 130 lbs double drop on last set
    seated leg curl 5 sets 10-12 130 lbs - double drop on last set

    Constant tension with squeezes LEg ext 12-15 reps 3 sets double drop on last set with iso hold!

    Pumps were good... wouldn't say out of the ordinary........energy and focus were god, overall a good workout. It took a lot out of me to push those sets, ive jsut been lazy with my workouts lately. Looking forward to an upper body day with thunderbolt!

    y plan was to only use on workout days.... should i do that or can I take it on off days to help with recovery? maybe before cardio?

  7. In! Nice log so far

  8. Holy volume.. have you always been doing that much volume? And I would recommend taking Thunderbolt just on training days.
    *Antaeus Lab Rep*

  9. Yea I love volume lol...makes me feel like I'm really working. ....

  10. Just cardio today......how many calories u think I burn in a workout like that?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by mkretz View Post
    Just cardio today......how many calories u think I burn in a workout like that?
    A lot.
    *Antaeus Lab Rep*

  12. in for this too i just recieved my bottle and am gonna start on tues want to compare

  13. I'm in
    Black Lion Representative
    I'm a Brooklyn boy I may take some gettin' use to

  14. Quote Originally Posted by cdiblasi View Post
    A lot.
    Lol thanks...only cardio again today, work Oki ng both jobs...upper body tomorrow

  15. second workout with thunderbolt today.... took 3 caps about 20 minutes before workout.... started the workout with heavier work so pumps are usually not around but i must say there was some decent pumps...nothing extraordinary but def. there.

    One thing I need to note is that both workouts so far have been after 2 days of very low carbs so that may be playing a role. I will have plenty of carbs in my system for my leg workout thursday so maybe I will have a better response.

    Workout - Upper body! (yes, all at once lol)

    incline db press
    70x10+3 forced
    75x6+3 forced

    supersetted with

    Pendlay row
    165 rest pause to 8

    Flat DB press

    supersetted with

    bent over row
    155x12 drop 105

    Barbell OHP
    105x5+3 drop 85 drop 65 drop 45

    supersetted with

    meadows row

    decline hammer press
    supersetted with
    assisted pull up - 5 sets 8-10

    supersetted with
    Bodyweight dips - 4 sets

    Lateral raise
    supersetted with
    seated db shoulder press - 5 sets 10-15 raises, as many presses

    Neutral grip cable row
    supersetted with
    hammer strength reverse grip pulldown (row) 3 sets 10-12

    skull crushers
    70x8x5 forced reps on last 2 sets
    supersetted with standing ez bar curls

    DB overhead ext
    70x10x4 forced reps on last set
    supersetted with
    DB twist curl
    25x10x4 drop on last set

    rev grip skull crusher
    supersetted with
    hammer curl
    32.5x8-10x4 drop on last set

    vascularity was def intense though!

  16. Better pumps are always nice
    *Antaeus Lab Rep*

  17. took 3 caps before an ab workout today ( needed an excuse to take my thunderbolt lol) and also some cardio...blood blow was def. increased during cardio, just seemed easier than normal! Legs tomorrow!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by mkretz View Post
    took 3 caps before an ab workout today ( needed an excuse to take my thunderbolt lol) and also some cardio...blood blow was def. increased during cardio, just seemed easier than normal! Legs tomorrow!
    That seems to be the growing trend- especially with regard to cardio. Kill it tomorrow!
    *Antaeus Lab Rep*

  19. dosed 3 caps 20 minutes preworkout today,was feeling really run down before the workout but it turned out to be a pretty good workout. Got a nice pump in my quads from squats even with the lower reps which is always a good sign. So far I would say the thing I think I am noticing is better breathing. I was still getting out of breath but it seems like my breath recovered faster.... I will keep an eye on this in the future.

    Squats - stopped using a belt to build up my core more

    Front squat

    Close stance squat - constant tension with slow negatives ( crazy how good these felt even with only 8 reps, tough!)

    Leg press
    8 plates per side 5 sets of 8 all with constant tension and slow negatives really felt these in my quads, good pump goin
    drop set all the way to 1 plate, one plate at a time, O YEA

    4 sets 3 plates per side, 5 second negatives, explode up reps were 10-15

    Hack squat
    100 lbs - constant tension slow negatives, 4 sets, 10-15 reps, drop 1 25 at a time (4 drops) all the way to no weight, to failure

    Forward barbell lunge
    95lbs 4 sets 12 steps per side ( all reps on one leg done before the other leg)

    leg ext - fst 7 style
    90 lbs 7 sets 12-15 reps 30 second rests with flexing and stretching between sets, ,dropset on last set

    lyin hamstring curl - 5 sets of 10 - drop on last set

    seated hamstring curl - 4 sets 10-12 drop on last set

    1 leg glute bridge - 4 sets of 8 these were tough :-( must have weak glutes?

    1 leg db rdl - 45 lbs 4 sets of 12

  20. Nice workout. Good job sir.
    Black Lion Representative
    I'm a Brooklyn boy I may take some gettin' use to

  21. Thanks man....legs are killin today...tomorrow will probably be worse...upper body tomorrow, just cardio today

  22. Just curious, what is everyones strategy on keeping fat off while bulking? Fat burners, gdas, carb cycling, carb backloading?

  23. The concept of recovering your breath makes a lot of sense if you think about how Thunderbolt works and what it does- I imagine that makes for a nice feeling when you're working out and don't have to labor as much.
    *Antaeus Lab Rep*

  24. Quote Originally Posted by cdiblasi View Post
    The concept of recovering your breath makes a lot of sense if you think about how Thunderbolt works and what it does- I imagine that makes for a nice feeling when you're working out and don't have to labor as much.
    For sure! Makes the supersets much easier.... also noticong I stay fuller a little longer after the workout, nothing crazy but still nice

  25. soo legs are still sore from last week's workout sooo did upper again today..... had one of the most focused workouts ive had in a while, felt really good, and worked up a good sweat

    decided to change things up and do some pre exhaust for my chest....i did a little shoulder and tri work the other day so focused on chest and back with some biceps

    Incline DB fly
    52.5x10x5 3 forced reps on last 2 sets
    superset with
    bent over row
    205x10x1 drop 145

    flat bench DB fly
    50x10x5- forced reps on last 2 sets
    superset with
    reverse grip bent over row
    205x10x2 drop 145

    Decline barbell bench
    155x10x5 forced reps on last set
    superset with
    chest supported row
    100x10x5 drop on last set

    1 arm db row

    Weighted dip (chain over neck)
    4 sets of 8-10
    supersetted with
    banded lat pulldown
    4 sets of 8

    banded hammer flat press supersetted with neutral grip pulldown

    rev grip hammer incline (these are awsome for upper chest!)
    supersetted with
    neutral grip low cable row

    str8 arm pulldown superstted with trx row

    ez bar preacher curl 5 sets of 10 - 3 forced reps on last 2 sets

    hammer curl

    battle ropes and some heavy walks with kettlebells held in front for core - these are really tough for me, gotta work on my core.....what is your favorite core workouts?


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