What kind of pumps can a Thunderbolt bring? (sponsored)

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by mkretz View Post
    Actually yea, the bottle smells nasty lol...idc though its not like I smell or I'm burping up something that snells
    True but on mine its so bad that it actually stinks my han i hold them on lol

  2. Quote Originally Posted by fast00 View Post
    True but on mine its so bad that it actually stinks my han i hold them on lol
    very true they smell bad!! almost like an old wet sock

  3. Haha yep

  4. At least they perform well and don't stink in another regard

    Vascularity should be extremely pronounced on a low-carb diet I'd imagine. That plate of food almost seems like enough food for me.
    *Antaeus Lab Rep*

  5. I tjink I could out eat anyone on here lol....vascularity and pumos have been good for low carbs...can't wait ffor some carbs the next few days

  6. ok..... back at it today

    Push day

    bench with chains
    145 8 sets of 5

    incline DB press
    65 - 5 sets of 8 plus 3 forced on last set (getting all 8 on each set was a pr!)

    Dips with chain around neck - 5 sets of 8, drop set on last set

    Decline bench

    Incline hammer banded press
    3 sets of 10

    rev grip incline hammer no bands ( hits upper chest well)
    3 sets 10-12

    low cable fly 3 sets of 12 drop on last set

    Seated DB shoulder press
    50x8x5 drop set on last set

    lateral raise supersetted with high pull
    4 sets of 10

    face pull
    4 sets 10-12

    rope crunches
    5 sets of 20

    leg raises
    5 sets of 12

    skull crushers
    supersetted with

    banded hammer strength preacher cull - 5 sets - great contraction

    DB overhead ext
    5 sets 8-12 65 lbs full rom
    superset with DB twist curl 5 sets 10-12 drop on last set

    felt good, pumps were good, was wearing a hoodie so couldnt see vascularity but overall a good workout, gonna tryto split up legs this week, doin back/hams tomorrow with some deads then quads/shoulders/arms thursday with front squats, should be fun!!!

  7. decided to jsut do legs today...............pump in my quads was crazy - did ext.earlier in the workout dont know if thats why or what but either way, weights were up!

    Front squat
    175 - 8 sets of 5 - 8 reps on last set !!! with pause at the bottom

    315 4 sets of 5 325 on 5th set - no belt, felt good

    Glute bridge


    LEg ext
    5 sets of 8 with double drop on last set
    4 sets of 10-15 with 1-2 second squeeze at the top, these were brutal, pump was crazy

    high rep constant tension close stance squat - these were awesome after ext.
    115x20x5 drop to 95 on last set

    hack squat
    4 sets of 8 triple drop on last set

    constant tension hack squats short ROM 3 sets didnt count, lots of reps lol

    leg press - 6 plates - 15 reps short rest periods - 4 sets

    LEg curl
    3 sets of 10

    lyingleg curl
    3 sets of 10

    good workout!!!

  8. I've never met someone in person who could out-eat me. I eat a ton on a daily basis and even being hypothyroid I don't gain a ton of weight.. it's odd. Nice to hear weights are going up on a low-carb diet- that's impressive.
    *Antaeus Lab Rep*

  9. Where u live lets have a challenge lol

  10. Quote Originally Posted by mkretz View Post
    Where u live lets have a challenge lol
    I'm currently in RI but I'll be back 'home' to Long Island in about a month. I do have peanut and dairy allergies though which are a bit limiting to what I can eat haha.
    *Antaeus Lab Rep*

  11. U pick the place and the ch allenge and well meet up and do it!!!


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