Channeling the electricity with Nerve Restore

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  1. Well I woke up super sore and a tiny bit leaner today!! I am very happy so far with my Nerve Restore progress. I feel like my bad shoulder is slowly catching up and I am starting to get some striations visible in it!

  2. I finished my bottle and wanted to conclude with my thoughts. My shoulder size difference that I had due to an injury has mostly even out and the right side is finally catching up in muscle growth. I have had less issues with my scoliosis and I am getting a better mind muscle connection. It is hard for me to comment to much on strength gains unless it is a day I train with Matt. I am trained with high reps and 4 sets at whatever weight she sets me. We do have hevy days but even then its the weight she gives me.

    I think this has been a great addition. I have decided to give it a break to see how I do on Myosynergy!


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