Komodo Katana was legit (Review)

  1. Thumbs up Komodo Katana was legit (Review)

    I got my tub in the mail today, alongside genomyx amp citrate caps. and was pretty exited after reading all of the reviews, and i can say for sure now it was no joke.

    heres what i noticed most from it.

    30mins in i felt it slowly kick, and i was in a very very good mood, focused and generally exited to train lol (amp citrate of peace)

    biggest factors

    - PUMPS.

    Now this was no craze like energy or intensity, but coming from someone who hasn't had a propper break from stims in well over 8 months with insane tolerance, this was insane. i also used it on a empty stomach 3 hours after a protein shake, (ate pwo meal by accident, then realised my order had arrived so waited 5 hours for ups man) and i am also cutting. i hit PR's on everything, hit my rep targets, where last week i fell short, increased the weight like a mad man haha. mind muscle connection was on point, pump was great (even for a low carb day) i can't imagine what it would be like after my re-feed day or having it once glycogen stores are restored fully. endurance was the biggest thing i was happy about with it, as i train for quite long and do really high volume workouts i performed 22 sets for back today and side work for traps and calves, in less than 2 hours then spent 35 mins doing MISS Cardio burning 450 calories which left me in the gym for 3 hours, where usually this far into my cut (12 weeks) i would be so tried i may throw in the towel and not train my calves or finish my cardio. i felt great the whole way though, and no crash either which i think was from the AMP Citrate helping out with.

    overall, my new personal favorite. up next to my stashed 8 tubs of Craze :P i was sad to see its vanished of GRN and got a password now lol but if and when it comes back i will be grabbing some more, this bad boy was something different really loved it. not for the mental aspect but for the strength and endurance i got.

    STRENGTH 10/10
    ENDURANCE 9.5/10
    PUMPS 8/10
    FOCUS 8/10
    ENERGY 8/10 (once i have a stim break for 4-5 weeks, i think this will change) (Also i think the AMP took away from this a bit, lowering the caff effects)
    TASTE 8/10 (liked the taste fine with me) Mixed really well for glycerol also.
    MOOD 9/10


  2. Day 2

    i will be posting more feedback through out the week
    today im doing legs hoping the strength and endurance stays the same as yesterday, added in Norcodrene this morning so should be getting a nice dose of Amentoflavone today.

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    I really wish this wasn't being reformulated. One workout with it and I'm in love.
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