Bringing It with Performax Fitmax

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  1. Bringing It with Performax Fitmax

    Performax Labs was generous enough to send me a free 40 serving bottle of Fitmax which I will be reviewing in this log. My goal during this log will be to maintain/slightly increase strength while cutting and getting ready for an April 12th triathlon.

    Right now I weight 185 and would like to get down to the 178-180 range a week out from my race. I'm currently at 9-11% bodyfat, not sure how accurate my scale is. Other stats - 5'11'', 32 years old, been lifting seriously since college, 1-4 triathlons a year for the past 6 years. Best bodybuilding stat - 225x on bench for 22 reps.

    Fitmax says that it is for all athletes so you'll get a good review from an amateur muscular triathlete. I plan on taking Fitmax during weight lifting workouts 3x a week plus another 1-2x a week for cardio sessions. I will be doing a minimal of 6 intense cardio sessions (swimming/biking/running) a week most of the time blocking them with my weights.

    And I need to mention I'm coming off of a 2 week break from stimulants. So this stuff should hit me pretty good. Before, I would normally not take more than 300mg of caffeine over the course of a day. I would say I'm middle of the road when it comes to being stim-tolerant

    I will run this log for 4 weeks as I want to make sure I lose any excess water from the creatine that is in Fitmax before my race. First serving will be taken on Monday. Hope you enjoy my log.

  2. Awesome, im looking forward to your initial thoughts! Hit it hard!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  3. Subbed! Looking forward to it, what race are you doing?
    Black Lion Research Rep

  4. Miami University Student Foundation Sprint Triathlon in Oxford, OH. Its pretty short - 400m swim, 20k bike, 5k run, bust it out in about 1 hr 10 min. Its gotta warm the f up first though!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by rodefeeh View Post
    Miami University Student Foundation Sprint Triathlon in Oxford, OH. Its pretty short - 400m swim, 20k bike, 5k run, bust it out in about 1 hr 10 min. Its gotta warm the f up first though!
    I'm in Iowa, I definitely understand the cold! Sounds like a good race too
    Black Lion Research Rep

  6. So an early start to this log. Found out today my buddy can't do the triathlon with me so I'm going to forgo this year the biking in 40 degree weather while wet. The past two years I couldn't feel my feet on the run - no thanks. So weights are going to take precedence during this log, cardio will follow some of my workouts. I'm going to do a 3 day split, lifting 4-5 days a week. My goal is similar, but just only lose a few pounds. So my 2 weeks of no stims was up today, and I said hell lets start bringing it now. It was just eggs/chicken/veggies for breakfast and lunch. I had 1 slightly rounded scoop 2 hrs after my lunch and 20 min preworkout, felt it in 5-10 minutes and it felt GOOOOOOD! I also added 1 gram beta-alanine. I'm not sure if the focus was from Fitmax or from just getting amped to lift with stims again but I was locked in from the get-go! It was one of those workouts that you dream about. Plenty of energy the whole 1 hr 10 min workout. Endurance was awesome. I sipped 1 scoop Xtend + 1 g beta-alanine intra-workout. Here's what I did today. I only rested 1-2 minutes between sets and kept sets between 10-20 reps unless otherwise stated.

    4x reverse grip bb rows - 185 lbs
    4x strength band straight arm pulldowns
    SS 1 min mountain climbers - all out, rest 5 sec to catch breath
    3x single arm DB wide grip bent over rows - 40 lbs
    1 burn out set - 25 lbs
    4x bosu balance trainer DB squats on flat side - 50 lbs
    4x romanian deadlifts - 185 lbs
    3x 4 way DB lunges (front, 45 degree angle, side, reverse), 5 rounds each leg - 25 lbs
    4x single leg balance DB calf raises - 10 lbs
    SS hip thrusts - no rest
    3x side plank with raise

    The sweat came on early in the workout. I didn't really feel hungry during the workout despite eating very few carbs earlier in the day, maybe just a little during deads. I felt minimal fatigue after the workout, very euphoric. To be honest, I'm not much of a "pump" guy. So I don't really feel good or bad pumps. Sometimes I will notice if my biceps feel fuller faster, that's about it. One again, hell of a workout, thoroughly enjoyed the Fitmax experience today. 7 hrs later, I still feel alert and will probably be going to bed a little later than normal. I was minimally jittery a few hours later.

    Last note, this was done at my home gym, no squat rack, no leg press, so I do the best I can with my legs.

  7. Six hours post workout and can already feel back and legs getting sore, definitely can happen with legs, rarely happens with back for me..... bringing it!

  8. Nice start man! Sorry to hear about the triathalon but there will be more!
    Black Lion Research Rep

  9. I forgot to mention yesterday - taste - wonderfully sweet, no complaints - mixability - small amount of residue left over, nothing that another splash of water wouldn't soak up....I normally don't care about taste or mixability unless they are REALLY bad.

    So I could not fall asleep for anything last night. I took Fitmax at 2:30 in the afternoon and I didn't fall asleep until 2:30 this morning I think and that was after a shot of rum at 2:00am, lol. Laid in bed for a total of 3 hours, couldn't clear my mind and relax. I guess that's what happens when you take two weeks off of stims. I ended up getting a little over 5 hours of sleep I think. I don't necessarily feel tired today, just little out of it. Back is really sore today, but I've had my legs be more sore - definitely need to up the weight on my lunges and probably reduce rest time on squats (my DBs only go up to 50 and I don't really want to put a bar on my back being on the bosu trainer.)

    I went ahead and lifted at lunch anyways. So I had breakfast at 8:30, 1 rounded scoop of Fitmax at 10:45, 25 g protein shake and small apple at 11:10, and started lifting at 11:35. I was plenty alert and energetic for the workout, got a good urge to lift. I never felt like I wanted to stop. I still brought it 110% but it was one of those workouts where I just didn't have that King Kong feeling inside. Here's how the workout went, same rep/rest scheme as yesterday:

    4x feet in air bench press 180 lbs, definitely increasing weight next time
    1 Burnout set 135 lbs
    3x single arm strength band chest fly, minimal rest
    4x incline DB press with twist at top 50 lbs - never done them with twist, harder than I thought they would be
    SS body weight jump squats 1 min
    Finisher - 3 position push-ups
    4x Arnold Press 35 lbs
    4x BB shrugs 225 lbs
    3x Bring to front side raises 25 lbs
    SS Reverse fly 20 lbs
    Finisher - stand on head shoulder press with feet on bench

    Worked up another good sweat. The squat jumps were killing me! I was a little disappointed with my Arnolds weight but I haven't combined shoulders with chest in forever. I was definitely ready to stop at the end of my workout - 1 hr 5 min. Even though I got just 5 hours of sleep I would rate this a slightly above average lift with Fitmax. Never got the euphoric feeling like yesterday.

    Definitely feeling a little jittery right now with lack of sleep and Fitmax in me, not really tired. I'm hoping I can sleep tonight. Tomorrow is going to be either an off day or fasted HIIT cardio in the morning, no Fitmax.

  10. Thanks for the update man! Are you pretty stim sensitive? Fitmax is on the lower end stim wise compared to alot of the more powerful PWO's out there so surprised to hear it affected your sleep.
    Black Lion Research Rep

  11. Quote Originally Posted by nicksox15 View Post
    Thanks for the update man! Are you pretty stim sensitive? Fitmax is on the lower end stim wise compared to alot of the more powerful PWO's out there so surprised to hear it affected your sleep.
    I'm fairly sensitive to stims. I almost always don't take any after lunch. I've had several different PWOs that are loaded with stims (ex. 300mg caffeine) and after taking, am definitely set for the rest of the day. I've never actually had a whole container of a fat burner product, but from samples, it seems some of those ingredients can make me jittery (ex. yohimbe, felt on edge a lot from my Jack3d Advanced container, recently sampled Molecular Nutrition Accelerant and was really jittery).

    I don't see myself needing more than a heaping scoop of Fitmax any time soon. We'll stay with a rounded scoop for now. It doesn't feel over-powerful while I'm working out, it just doesn't really wear off for me.

  12. Gotcha, one scoop should do ya just fine then!
    Black Lion Research Rep

  13. I need to mention that I am noticing a subtle appetite suppression. The past two workouts have definitely been balls to the wall. Normally I'm losing my mind with hunger the rest of the day. I'm not finding this the case with Fitmax and am enjoying this effect.

  14. I slept pretty good last night although my wife woke me up thinking she heard something, couldn't fall back asleep, so I only got 7 hours of sleep which is a helluva lot better than 5. It took me about the normal time to fall asleep.

    My shoulders are pretty sore in a place that they aren't usually - right at the base of the lateral head. I don't normally do the arms bent, bring to front variation of side raises.

    Hammies are still really sore from the romanian deadlifts on Sunday. I don't normally do this variation either.

    A Fitmax sponsored arm workout tomorrow!

  15. Looking forward to it!
    Black Lion Research Rep

  16. Something to note - I took a 200mg caffeine pill before my HIIT stationary bike session this morning, and course the workout experience was different compared to Fitmax but I'm noticing different effects hours after the workout. There is definitely something in Fitmax that keeps more alert/excited (the best words I could come up with) hours later. I still feel non-tired and ready to go from the caffeine but there is a little some more with Fitmax.

  17. Yes sir, one of the best parts of Fitmax is the focus/well being that you get from it. Love it!
    Black Lion Research Rep

  18. Quote Originally Posted by nicksox15 View Post
    Yes sir, one of the best parts of Fitmax is the focus/well being that you get from it. Love it!
    Gotcha, thanks for the confirmation of the effects I'm feeling

  19. I normally like to lift at lunch but work is getting in the way of that today. So I woke up at 4:30 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep thinking about taking my Fitmax This actually happens a lot if I have a morning workout - I get too f-ing excited to workout and take an energy supplement. I ended up taking a round scoop of Fitmax at 5:50, 30 g protein shake and mandarin orange at 6:10, started lifting at 6:35. Today was Bi/Tri/Abs day. It started out awesome but eventually ran myself into the ground with how much I was bringing it today, not to mention I only got 6 hours of sleep. The workout somehow lasted 1 hr 25 min. This was the first time I did this workout, wasn't intending it to go this long. Here it is, same rep/rest scheme as before unless otherwise stated.

    4x Barbell curl 120 lb (6-8 rep range)
    4x DB pinwheel curl 40 lb 1-2 sets, 35 lb 3-4 sets, love the squeeze I get at the peak of my bi from this
    10x Strength band concentration curls, 10 sec rest between arms - going for a killer pump here
    Finisher - Standing DB curls Burnout down the rack - 40s, 30s, 20s
    4x Close-grip bench 155 lb
    4x Seated overhead EZ curl bar tricep press 80 lbs
    SS 1 min mountain climbers
    3x Strength band single arm reverse grip tricep pressdown, 10 sec rest between arms
    Finisher - Burnout bench dips
    3x Ab wheel
    SS reverse crunch
    3x Strength band wood shop, 10 sec rest between sides

    I think it ran a little long since it was my first time with this workout, thinking about weight selection, and setting everything up. But I'm tired just replaying all in my head. I never got hungry during the workout, but I knew I better get a post-workout shake down soon or it was going to be trouble. There was no crash at the end of the workout, but I definitely felt drained from the duration and intensity. I can already tell I'm gonna be pretty sore. I know I would have been worthless the whole last half of this workout if I hadn't taken Fitmax. All-in-all it was a great workout, with 8 hours of sleep it would have been awesome I'm sure. I haven't been stuffing my face with food today, 40 g post-workout protein shake w/ 8oz skim milk, 3 eggs/fat free cheese/veggies for breakfast, tuna can/light mayo/cucumbers for morning snack. So I'd say the appetite suppression is there. Fitmax is definitely keeping me alert and productive today post-workout. Next Fitmax day will be back to back/legs on Friday or Saturday depending on recovery, more HIIT cardio in between.

  20. Thanks for the thorough update! I was the same way with morning workouts. If I woke up an hour early to pee or something I could never get back to sleep, lol.
    Black Lion Research Rep

  21. Arms crazy sore, to be expected. And like clock work, my abs are sore after going back to using the ab wheel.

    No Fitmax today - 45 minute fasted stationary bike HIIT - 10 minute warm-up, 25 min of 1:30 on, 1:30 off, 10 minute cool down.
    No Fitmax tomorrow either, I need to hit the pool, gotta retain my stroke.
    A Fitmax Back/legs workout for sure on Saturday.

  22. I just joined a new gym since we moved and it's got a big pool. Will definitely be hitting that up, haven't had a chance to forever!
    Black Lion Research Rep

  23. A day late posting this, life got in the way....

    *note same exercises and generally same rep ranges as before

    Decent size breakfast at 7:15, 1 scoop Fitmax at 9:15. Started lifted back/legs/abs at 9:45. I got 8 hours of sleep so I was feeling really good for this workout. Fitmax helped me kill it! I added in power cleans at the start since I haven't done back and legs on the same day in a while. Plus I haven't done power cleans in forever. I used 165 lbs. I felt like was moving in slow motion compared to how I see other people doing it. I stayed in the 6-8 rep range. My whole upper body puffed up really quick from doing these. As a result of starting out with power cleans, I had to go down in weight in reverse grip BB rows - 170 lbs. I was able to decrease my rest time for bosu squats - around 45 seconds. After squats because of the intensity, I thought the rest of the workout was going to suck but to my surprise, I felt really strong on Romanian deadlifts, quickly upping the weight to 200 lbs. Next were lunges and upped to 30 lbs DBs. My forearms were toast after the first set and had to use wrist straps so I could fully concentrate on working my legs. During my first superset of hip thrusts, I noticed a general good feeling come over me and that I still had great energy to finish strong. Workout ended up be 1 hr 15 min. Fitmax helped me stay alert and energetic the rest of the day. I was pretty much on my feet all day painting my house and taking daughter to park. Great day with Fitmax!

  24. Nice big update, and nice work sir!
    Black Lion Research Rep

  25. Week 2 of Fitmax is off to a great start! I killed my chest/shoulder workout today. It was 100% better from last week, mostly because I got a lot more sleep this time around. Here's how the day went. 9:00 Breakfast - big egg sandwich w/ brussel sprouts , 10:30 30 g protein blend shake, 12:15 heaping scooping Fitmax, 12:45 lifted - same workout. I did 190 lbs 21x for feet in air bench, wasn't expecting to get it that much. I felt really strong on shrugs today even after doing power cleans yesterday, def going up in weight next time. I must have really picked up the pace this workout because it was just under an hour. If it was a weekday I might have added some HIIT cardio at the end because I still had plenty of energy. But it's the weekend and I'm a family man. Right now 1.5 hour after the workout, I'm blown away with how much energy I still have. I was even tad bit jittery right after the workout. I think if my workout is only going to last an hour I need take Fitmax a little earlier or do a little more warm-up. Normally my warm-up is 5 minutes consisting of jumping jacks, running in place, and a set or two of high rep/really low weight hitting that day's muscles......The rest of the day is going to be great! On to folding laundry. HIIT cardio tomorrow, Fitmax Arms/Abs on Tuesday.

    *Note - my quads are no where close to being as sore as they could be with bosu squats. This exercise really makes them burn but my reps are really high 17-21. I may have to look into replacing that exercise and just do those when I'm doing more serious triathlon training.


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