Performance to the max with performax fitmax

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  1. Performance to the max with performax fitmax

    Here is my log for kiwi strawberry fitmax preworkout.

    I got this in the mail while squatting so I will start it tomorrow.
    My wife is going to use it today however, so we will get her thoughts first. You mention the label says fat burning and all of a sudden the women want to try it lol.

    Going on a cruise after I hit The Arnold for a few hours opening day so expect some inactivity after tomorrow.

  2. Thanks four starting man! Enjoy the cruise!
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  3. Wife used 3/4 a scoop with 7 oz. water. (She is overly critical on the taste of supplements.) She actually said the fitmax tasted alright and indeed tasted like strawberry. (So this is really good) After about 10 minutes she started getting extra energy and could really feel it. She basically killed her workout improving all aspects. PR on hip thrusts. PR on db rows. PR on squat reps. PR on incline bench. Said she got really good height on hanging leg raises. She had a great arm pump and was all flexing in the mirror. She really liked it and said she was using it next time she lifts. (This never happens, and she has only taken a preworkout a handful of times)

    So performax you have a winner as far as my wife is concerned.

  4. Nice! We are definitely hoping for women to enjoy this product as it's not a stim heavy
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  5. Just took a scoop. Tastes really refreshing, fruity, not awful like others. It's really becoming apparent to me that you don't have to take terrible tasting preworkouts as many companies are putting out quality products that taste good.

  6. Thats awesome, really looking forward to your feedback!
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    Fitmax: Fat Burning Energizing Pre Workout!
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  7. Pretty nice energy, had a pump in my arms pretty quick. Going to dose 1.5 scoops next time I use it.

    Pressed today
    38 dips in 4 sets @246 bodyweight

    Arnold expo in the morning and then we drive to Florida to get on a cruise. I'll catch up with everyone in about 10 days!

  8. Back. Lifting today.

  9. Nice! How was the cruise?
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  10. Kickass. Labadee Haiti, Falmouth Jamaica, Georgetown Grand Cayman, and Cozumel Mexico. We drank lots of alcohol and ate boatloads of food. I got fat.

  11. Lol, glad you had fun! And just look at it as a dirty bulk, now time to hit it hard!
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  12. Quote Originally Posted by nicksox15 View Post
    Lol, glad you had fun! And just look at it as a dirty bulk, now time to hit it hard!
    Thanks I did lift 5 times on the boat. They had hammer strength machines, dumbbells, a Smith machine, and countless cardio stuff I didn't touch.

    Used a scoop and a half. Trained about three hours after a meal. Extremely tasty preworkout! You could put rum in it and it would be awesome! Epic squatting session considering I havent squatted for so long. There was a (squat) machine on the cruise ship and a leg sled so it is not the same or comparable to squatting. Weight felt super heavy and wanted nothing more than to put on my belt and or quit. Willpower and supplements kept me going though.

    Running Juggernaut method again with no belt.

    Juggernaut accumulation phase 10s wave

    Front squat
    135x3/2 185x3 225x1 275x1 315x1 335x1 PR!

    Back squat no belt
    135x4 185x5 225x5 275x3 280x10/10/10/10/10

    This was excruciating. Collapsed for about 10 minutes in basement and again after I made it upstairs.

  13. Congrats on the PR!! Always a good feeling.
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  14. How goes it good sir?
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  15. Scoop and a half for ohp day. On paper this training looks a little lackluster, but I'm actually pretty happy with the volume, my performance, and da pump. Saw my bicep vein which is pretty cool since I'm freaking 250 lbs right now. Oh, and can't say enough good things about the taste of FitMax.

    Yesterday's training.

    Juggernaut accumulation phase 10s wave

    Strict Press
    missed some reps so I made them up.

    Some lat pulldowns. 3 pullups

    Dips x0 hurt shoulder
    CGBP x0 hurt shoulder

    Cable push downs

    Rotator cuff thingy you put behind your neck


    Training was all over the place. Shoulder is messed up, think I have some knots in my delt.

  16. Scoop and a half for some deadlifts. The PR is only a PR because I've never went that heavy in that variation before. Still a good PR I've got some pretty serious DOMS from that squat session still so I really didn't think I'd make it today. FitMax kept me rocking though!

    Juggernaut accumulation phase 10s wave

    These are all no belt, and double overhand.

    4 " deficit deads
    135x10 225x8 315x5 365x3 405x1 455x1 PR

    315x3 325x10/10/10/10/10

    I hate this program. Lol.

  17. Scoop and a half used. Tastes amazeballs! I love the pump I get on upper body days with FitMax.

    Juggernaut accumulation phase 10s wave
    Bench press
    135x10 145x5 155x5 160x10/10/9/9/10
    Add Slingshot
    185x5 225x2 235x1/1

    Pendlay row
    135x6/5 145x6 155x10 160x10/10/10/10/10

    Some CGBP to test the shoulder. Didn't feel too bad but called it anyway.

  18. Wife took a scoop and said she had loads of energy. Added 5 squats on to each set. She had a nice arm pump that she was pretty happy about.

  19. Good deal man! Love the pump as well, back and bi day for me is awesome. Glad the wife liked it!
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  20. My biceps get pumped before I even directly train them.

  21. Me too! On some high volume days I have to skip bis cause they're too pumped already
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  22. I got a question and a comment. How much "fat burner" stuff is in a scoop. I feel like it had something to do with what happened after going apes.hit on some squats. My comment, FitMax gives me a wicked back pump on squat and deadlift day. Not ideal but I can handle it.

    Super happy with my squatting performance. Used a scoop and a half. Little hiccup at the end.
    Juggernaut accumulation phase 10s wave

    Front squat
    135x3/2 185x2/3 225 275x1 315x1 340x1 PR

    Back squat lowbar no belt
    135x4/5 185x5 225x5 255x5 290x5 315x10/10/10

    1st 315 set
    315x10 squat no belt set 1/3:

    The last set left me collapsed on the floor pale and sweaty for forty minutes. It was awful, my mom and sister even came over for dinner and I couldn't even eat with them. Totally embarrassing. I was fighting passing out and throwing up. I eventually ate two cookies and I was fine!

    But 315 for 30 reps with no belt, a triumphant success! !!!!!!!

  23. Jeez man that sounds rough. Are you taking any other supps? I'm not aware of exact doses in the prop blend but I'll let @Adizzle1 know and have him stop in to comment. Hope you're feeling better today!
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  24. I think it may have contributed is all. Extreme effort output plus not enough carbs plus tired and fighting off sickness equals tough times.

  25. Today's training was pretty random, just trying to hit some neglected muscle groups. Used a scoop of FitMax. Traps felt good after this. Shoulders had a good pump from 50 rep rehab movements.

    Shoulder rehab exercises.
    Band pull aparts

    Powershrugs on a Smith machine
    1 ppsx10
    2 ppsx10
    3 ppsx10
    4 ppsx10
    5 ppsx10
    6 ppsx10
    7 ppsx3 7 ppsx1
    4 ppsx5/5/5

    Cable machine side bends 100x10/10/10/10

    Calve raises on leg press

    Wingates x4

  26. Did you have a shoulder injury? I dislocated my shoulder and had surgery a while ago but still use the rehab exercises for the shoulders. Love em and wish I had incorporated them before my injury.
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  27. I think I have an impingement. I've been taking ibuprofen one pill every 6 hours plus rehab movements and it's doing a lot better. If I don't get better after 10 days of this then I'll go to dr.

  28. I keep rocking a scoop and a half even though I want to try two scoops on a pressing day. Oh well. 1.5 works good for me. Consistently getting good energy focus and results from fitmax and I love the flavoring.

    Pressed the other day
    Work set
    95x5 105x5 115x10/10/10

    Tricep push downs and lat pulldowns.

    Bench press last night

    150x5 170x5 180x10/10/10

    Add Slingshot 180x7/6/6

    Remove 135x8

    Pendlay row
    135x8 150x8 170x5 180x10/10/10

    Deadlifts shortly! I expect I'll get that lower back pump I'm not fond of.

  29. Actually went really well. Didn't get that lower back pump. Had a glute pump though. My second to last deadlift set was super fast and aggressive. Quite happy about it.

    Juggernaut intensification phase 10s wave

    Deadlift day

    4" deficit deads, double overhand
    135x10 225x8 315x5 370x3 410x1 460x1 PR !
    Used belt for 410 and 460 reps

    Deadlift, no belt double overhand
    295x5 340x5 365x10/10/10
    I had to do under/over last 3 reps. These were brutal, lung burning sets.

    3 sets of 10

    And for the record I don't do touch and go deads. These are all dead stop, reset each rep.

  30. Nice workouts man! Hows that impingement feeling?Glad you're still getting the good energy and focus!
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  31. It's getting better I think. Thanks for inquiring. I had great power output in my top press set from training below.

    Juggernaut realization phase 10s wave

    Shoulder rehab stuff. Been doing this daily. Over did it yesterday so pretty sore today.

    Lots of pressing warmup superset with lat pulldowns

    Strict Press
    85x5 100x3 100x1 130xamrap 130x10 This means I am on track for gains.

    More lat pulldowns.

    DB Rows
    40x10 60x10 95x8/8/8

    Some cgbp.

  32. Nice workout sir, how did the Fitmax treat you during it?
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  33. Great man. Super power output on my topset. Lots of energy throughout.

  34. Had to take something else for squats the other day so fast forward to deadlift day!

    Scoop and a half of the yummy FitMax. Again I did not get the lower back pump I was getting so yay. Really got a good glute pump during the 405 x10 set. Glutes for the sloots amiright? jk I think I was pretty tired because I was lacking some intensity. Focus was good. Strength was good. Left my chalk at home so grip suffered some. Bench press tomorrow! Think I'll try a two scoop FitMax punch to the face!

    Juggernaut realization phase 10s wave
    Deadlift day

    4" deficit deads
    135x10 225x8 315x5 375x3 belt on
    415x1 465x0 DOH grip fail
    O/U 465x1 PR!

    Deadlift, no belt
    270x5 325x3 380x1 405xamrap
    405x10 (switched to o/u after 5)

    Lunges with 25 lb db's

  35. FitMax notes. Great pumps. Got a super lot of volume in on bench day. Big chest, bicep, tricep pumps. Big quad pump, lots of leg strength.

    The bad.
    Day after bench pressing my shoulder pain flared to excruciating.

    Rest day I did a minute long plank with my wife standing on back (60 kg). It significantly impaired my core strength for squatting, damn near sending me to snap city.

    The good. I put work in.

    2 scoops used. Giant pumps!
    Bench press day

    135x5/8 185x3/1 225x1

    Bench press
    135x5 160x3 190x1 205xamrap 205x8/2 went to heavy in warmup didn't hit 10 reps.

    Add slangshot
    205x3 225x3 245x2 205x4

    Slingshot off 135x10/9

    Some more cgbp, curls, and lying tricep extensions.

    A rest day. That 60 kg plank.

    1.5 scoops used. Too much stuff worked against me. Performance was there, body was not, mind was not.

    Squat day
    Front squat
    Worked up to a 350x1 pr!

    Back squat
    Worked up to.

    What a horrible squat day. Couldn't keep back flexed because shoulder. Core terribly weak from plank. I hit my reps and carried my Ass upstairs.

  36. Sorry to hear about the shoulder good sir. I understand all too well how frustrating that can be. Good job on powering through though!
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  37. In!

    Shoulder pain to me is the worse. I can deal with just about anything, but shoulder pain makes me very angry.
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  38. I think it's my bicep tendon. Had issues before, and it's currently spreading tightness and inflammation throughout shoulder. Going to see a Dr.

    So I'm going to deload for now and wrap this log up. Might as well do it now before a week of "did some light lifting and had good energy and a nice pump."

  39. Works for me sir, hope you heal up quickly! Be sure to leave a final review here and in the review section.
    Board Rep for PHWSupplements
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  40. Can do brother.


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