Formutech Nutrition "RESTORE" Log.

  1. Formutech Nutrition "RESTORE" Log.

    WOOHOO! I got my restore in Saturday, and have been looking forward to loggin this product! I'm 32, father of two, married and have a 3-4 hour round trip to and from work so it makes training fun lol. I've always had an issue with estrogen since I was a kid, and i still do to an extent. I hope "RESTORE" will help me reach my goal of raising and keeping my mass some as I cut. On a side note, Its crazy but, some diary and some sugar substitutes will cause me inflammation in my chest.

  2. I started taking "RESTORE" Monday. Started out with one dose, meant to take a second but left it at home. Hit Chest Monday as well. Did Legs Sunday. I do a hybrid of two workouts. I try to combine Hellraiser training and a bit of John meadows Reactive pump program. Seems to work great.

  3. Tuesday was ARMS and AM cardio. Tried to killed them during lunch, which runs about 45mins for me, but was just DRAINED at the moment due to bad sinus issues.....ah got to love the weather change. Also, Hard to get a good feel for the product bc of this.

  4. 2-19, Wed., It was a day off from Lifting, Just AM cardio and some conditioning during lunch. Still felt like crap but I did it anyway. I FINALLY felt better once I wished my conditioning. I guess I just needed a good sweat. Took two does today. One in the AM and one after lunch.

  5. Nice. I just finished my first round and will be starting a second found in a few dats
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  6. Been on "RESTORE" for a week now, I can tell its working some, but I'm some issues. I'll address in a PM.

  7. Almost done with RESTORE and I'm liking it. Helping with some of my chest issues I've had for a bit for sure.


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