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  1. It seemed like forever since I had been to the gym last. I hate taking more than a couple days off...
    I worked out at my university's gym today. I began with 20 mins of warming up on the treadmill and at the dumbbell rack. After warming up the Angel Dust was really kicking in. My body heat was high my entire workout. I kept a great pump and strength was on point. I did 5 sets of deadlifts pyramiding up to 455lbs. My other big back lift was lat pull downs. I did three sets pyramiding up to 225lbs. I finished back with three more exercises.
    For Bis and forearms I did five exercises supersetting two of them. I retained all of my strength I had before I got sick which is great! I feel like I leaned out a bit, my scale is broken... Which is great since that's part of my re-comp. My neck and lower back are a little sore but I'll report how I feel after resting tonight.

  2. My workout today was intense. I definitely had an increase in strength today. My week off really helped my legs to recover. while waiting for a squat rack I worked hamstrings on the Hammer Strength Leg Curl machine, with plates. I loaded 120lbs on each side and did a set to exhaustion then I stripped the 45 off and did 75lbs to exhaustion, then 50lbs. I did this for three sets. My hamstrings have really gotten stronger with my SLDLs. I was off on my squats today I only got up to 365lbs for 5 reps.... Power Cleans were good I hit 185lbs for 3 reps; which isn't my best but close. I finished legs with Standing Calf Raises and Leg Extensions doing TUT.

    For Delts I did seated Shoulder Presses, Lateral Raises, Rear Flys, Front Dumbbell Raises and I worked out my rotator cuff on the cables. I am exhausted now. But I felt great in the gym. My energy was high my entire workout, pump was great. I can tell the trib and ostarine are working. I feel thicker although I am losing weight. My joins all feel fine. I've been sleeping deep every night.

    Tomorrow is pecs and tris.

  3. Workouts have been great this week. I've worked for the past 7 days with one double and one day off. I surprised my self yesterday pulling 455lbs for 3 reps on deadlifts. I haven't hit that for a while since my lower back has been sore... On leg day I went heavy with squats lifting 345lbs with two bands add that went up to 80lbs each... For pecs I didn't go heavy this week but I did a ton of volume training and got an amazing pump. The pumps I have been getting with Angels Dust have been par to none!

  4. Goals

    “This is going to be a re-comp, so I would like to put on more lean muscle while cutting BF. The areas I would like to make the most gains are my biceps, forearms and quads.”

    I really feel happy with my results. I was able to drop 6 solid pounds and 2% in BF while keeping all of my muscle size. My strength has really increased also. I increased my deadlift PR by 10lbs! So I would say this re-comp has been successful... My energy and motivation have really been high since I’ve been using the products. The pre-workout is awesome it really ups my energy when I go to the gym and my pumps are always good! I don’t have a way to measure my bone density, which hopefully increased with the short Ostarine use but I can tell you my high kicks to the pole in muay thai have been a lot less painful this past month.



    -left bicep 16 1/4" Right bicep 15 3/4"
    -Left Quad 24 1/2" Right Quad 25"
    -Chest 45"
    -Left Calf 17" Right Calf 17"
    -BF 13%

    -left bicep 16" Right bicep 15 1/2"
    -Left Quad 24" Right Quad 24 1/2"
    -Chest 45"
    -Left Calf 17" Right Calf 17"
    -BF 11%


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    Coming soon.... Uploader is F-ing up

    Thanks Blackstone! I love the products and got great results!

  5. Congrats on the DL pr! Lookin good

  6. solid work brotha
    Chaos and Pain -Rep

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