Recomp Supplement Stack

  1. Recomp Supplement Stack

    Hello All:

    I am currently doing my last week of a "cleanse"/no supplements and will be starting an 8 week recomp/cut stack in a week or so. Before I get into my planned stack, I will get into my nutrition and lifting regimen.

    Week 1-2: Calories- 3200; 40/40/20 p/c/f
    Week 3-4: Calories- 3000; 50/30/20 p/c/f
    Week 5-6: Calories- 2800; 50/30/20 p/c/f
    Week 7-8: Calories- 2600; 50/30/20 p/c/f
    (Macro percentages might be slightly off, but basically I'm going to slowly lower carb intake and keep protein and fat around the same)

    Lifting schedule: Normal 3 day split..... However! My first 3 days of the week will be higher wgt/lower reps and the last 3 days will be lower wgt/higher reps. Each 3 day split will go higher wgt/lower reps and lower wgt/higher reps respectively. Following Jim Stoppanis shortcut to shred... Looks badass.

    As for my supplement stack.....

    Anabeta Elite (2 bottles)
    Anabolic Pump (insulin mimicker)
    Gymnema Sylvestre (insulin mimicker)
    Preworkout- Gnc beyond raw rebel
    Modern BCAA
    Postworkout- Whey/Casein
    Musclepharm Creatine/Build HD
    Anavite Multivitamin
    Vitamin D

    The ABE, AP, Gymnema stack is more of a fulfilment to curiosity than anything. My goal is to cut down a few % bf and gain a few lbs of muscle.... Who would've guessed lol right now I'm 180 at about 12% bf.

    Give advice, questions, etc. I will update my progress when I start my stack.

  2. Sounds like a mean stack man ! I am interested to see how you go with it .I have two bottles of anabeta elite sitting in my cupboard and hope to be starting my cycle in four weeks or so. Will be watching this space for your updates good luck man !!

  3. Thanks! Yeah I'm interested to see how the Anabeta elite goes with the insulin mimickers in AP and Gymnema. I feel like it will be really freaking cool, just gotta make sure I work hard and eat right. Never logged my stack before so I'm excited to share my results. I will try to update every few days and post pics when I can.

  4. Starting day 4 of the stack and new diet/exercise plan. The first thing I have noticed is that I am loving the Beyond Raw Rebel as a preworkout. No caffeine or stimulants, but man I just feel stronger and more aggressive. I have been alternating AP and Gymnema before meals, but haven't noticed anything yet. I take ABE 2 caps 30 min before workout and 2 caps with first meal after workout. Don't feel much here either, but not exactly sure what to look for yet. I am, however, starving all day long.. which I hear is a side effect of ABE. Staying on track with workouts and diet. I mentally and physically feel good- which I attribute to being completely off caffeine. Will try to update every few days or whenever I see or feel a change. Open for suggestions/criticism!

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