Bring on the GAINZ!!! PRIME and Versa 1 log!

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  1. Bring on the GAINZ!!! PRIME and Versa 1 log!

    Whats up Ya'll!!!!!

    This is actually my first unsponsored log since the very beginning, pretty pumped or some gains!!!

    The majority o my logs in the past have been with preworkouts and BCAA products so this should be fun!

    Age - 24 (just turned Jan 21st)
    Height - 5'9
    Weight - 163-165 (down from 170-172)

    I recently cut down and to be honest, I dont really notice much difference in how I look with those 7 pounds or so gone....abs might be a little more visible, i dunno, its wierd

    I have not maxed out in a long time and any lifts but I do eel that my max strength decreased, probably due to lack o trying to max which i was doing quite frequently.

    My hypertrophy rep ranges have stayed the same if not increased or the most part so Im not too worried.....I want to get stronger but in all honesty I would rather look really strong than be really strong lol.......sorry to all the powerlifters..............I do have my days I feel like moving heavy weight though.

    Current supplements - 3 PRIME Preworkout (empty stomach), 1 Versa-1 preworkout empty stomach, multivitamin , fish oil, creatine, glutamine (morning pre, post, before bed) beta alanine, taurine, ALCAR, red yeast rice, CoQ10, digestive enzymes, vitamin d, niacin, vitamin c, b complex, preworkout (prodigy by PNI)

    On non workout days I still take everything and will dose 3 prime and 1 versa 1 before cardio with stims.....probably will break into alphamine, and 3 prime with my meal

    DIET - I follow IF and really only eat one large meal that takes a ew hours to eat every night.....The amount varies on how much cardio I do and whether or not it is a training or non training day. On training days it can vary rom 4,000-5000 with a carb cycle, and on non workout days it can vary from 3,000-4000 with all carbs coming from vegetables and dairy (usually around 150g)

    Training- Lately I have been going more by feel and jsut listening to my body and have been doing chest and back together and then legs and whatever is fresh then taking a day off. MY usual split is usually chest/arms, Back/abs, shoulders/arms, legs,, Or I will break it up like i am currently doing over the next few days stretch into quads/shoulders, Chest/arms, Back/hams............ I am trying to increase my frequency of hitting muscle groups while educing the volume a little so I can hit the more frequently. I always start out heavy and have been using 5x5 recently and starting to track my numbers again which is helping to show progress....I then move into more hypertrophy style with higher reps, constant tension and drop sets with short rests. I LOVE VOLUME!!! :-)

    ABOUT ME! - I am a very hard worker and i I say im going to do something I am going to do it. I sometimes feel like I need a definite goal to focus on. Right now I do not have a specific goal other than to put on some more muscle and I a really hoping this stack AND YOU GUYS will help!

    A few years ago I was in the hospital at 100lbs, almost dead from an eating disorder. I have overcome it for the most part other than now just loving to eat so I do tons of cardio so I can stuff my face. I have been able to make decent gains doing this but know that if I was to cut out alot of that cardio I would have alot more free time and more muscle as well......

    Last but not least I would like to thank each person that subscribes to this log and gives feedback or even just follows along, You guys make a big difference and really help the log flow!! Thanks again and i look orward to learning some new things form you guys and maybe teaching some as well...........and of course some GAINS!!!

  2. I'm in buddy

  3. In...

  4. Awesome… Im in!

  5. In for the gains.
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  7. Glad to have u guys in...I will post first two workouts and initial thought tonight!!

  8. PRIME!!!! Lets see where this goes!
    Current Log:

  9. First off id like to hear any experiences you guys had with either of these products and how you dosed them and for how long, thanks!

  10. First workout on versa 1 and prime was solid.....noticed some good focus but i know that my preworkout prodigy gives me insane focus so didnt notice anything out of the ordinary there. Strength was about the same as usual given that i was pretty carb depleted. I was only weighing about 165 yest and 172 today lol after alot of carbs lol.


    close stance back squat


    135x12-15 constant tension

    leg ext
    145x8x4 with double drop on last set
    80x12-15 double drop on last set........used these to pre exhaust the quads more

    Front squat

    135x10 drop 95 to failure

    Leg press
    7 platesx8-10 5 sets - drop set one plate at a time
    3 plates - 3 sets 20-25 short rests

    hack squat machine
    4 sets 10-12

    1 leg leg ext
    3 sets 10-12 forced reps on last set


    DB shoulder press
    50x8+2 forced
    50x8+2 forced
    35x12-15 3 sets

    Db lateral raise supersetted with hammer strength shoulder press - 4 sets 8-10

    3 sets 12-15 lateral raise with drop set on last set

  11. Today was chest/arms......dosed 1 versa 1 and 3 prime about 20min preworkout......... focus was incredible to start today, definitely a diferent focus....loved it!!!

    however............about 45min to an hour into the workout i jsut lost it, focus was gone, pump was gone, just felt out of was like i was looking for a reason to stop , kinda sucked. Up until then the workout was going quite well though, after that i was just going through the motions........dont really know why but o well, everyone has their days i guess


    DB incline bench
    70x6 - 6 sets
    40x12-15 - 3 sets short rests

    db incline fly supersetted with hammer incline press - 4 sets, drop set on last set of hammer press

    decline hammer strength supersetted with dips - 4 sets 10-12, as many on dips

    flat hex press - 40lbsx12 - 3 sets

    3 way cable fly - low,med,high 12-15 reps, 3 sets

    skull crusher
    supersetted with
    barbell curl

    DB overhead
    60x10-12 drop to 40 on last set - 4 sets
    supersetted with
    DB hammer curl
    27.5x8-10 - 4 sets

    Rev grip cable pushdown - 4 sets
    supersetted with
    wide grip cable curl - 4 sets

    Rope overhead ext - 4 sets

    one arm cable preacher curl - 3 sets 10-12

  12. Quote Originally Posted by mkretz View Post
    First off id like to hear any experiences you guys had with either of these products and how you dosed them and for how long, thanks!
    My Compound Advanced Prime Thermo Pumps Journey

    Liked it enough to make it a staple
    Current Log:

  13. food today consists of a quest bar, ihop (rooty tooty fresh and ruity, got it free for my bday), greek yogurt mixed with mochachino syntha 6 and nutella, dozen egg whites.............2 high fiber tacos with 93/7 organic beef, quacamole, 1 cup at free cottage cheese, lots of veggies, a greek salad with chicken and feta with greek feta yogurt dressing, 5 ounces cooked chicken, and a small size coldstone ice cream, o and some avocado and fat free cheese

    and 1.5 servings each of chocolate fiber one and reese puffs cereal, and 1/2 cup refried fat free spice beans

  14. forgot to mention, vascularity was crazy today though!!! And if i didnt mention it before I am on trty 100mgs a week...........hoping that these products still help, with being on trt i am always skeptical to try an"anabolic" supplement since i am not sure if they will help me

  15. Nice sessions, mkretz.

    Quote Originally Posted by mkretz View Post
    forgot to mention, vascularity was crazy today though!!! And if i didnt mention it before I am on trty 100mgs a week...........hoping that these products still help, with being on trt i am always skeptical to try an"anabolic" supplement since i am not sure if they will help me

    Nice, keep an eye on that vascularity; VERSA-1™ really gets my veins popping. Neither of the products benefits come from an increase in testosterone production (they're non-hormonal), so I don't believe being unable to produce any (due to exogenous testosterone) should be an issue. However, if you were using a large (supraphysiologic) dose of exogenous test, I'd think that the majority of natural anabolics/muscle builders would most likely be "outshined". Either way, there are certain effects, like increased focus with VERSA-1, that may be noticed regardless of one's TRT dose.
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  16. My trt dose is only 100mg a week and I have been on it for a long time so I will definitely notice any chamges....thanks again

  17. Quote Originally Posted by mkretz View Post
    My trt dose is only 100mg a week and I have been on it for a long time so I will definitely notice any chamges....thanks again
    No problem, man. Look forward to seeing what you notice.
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  18. In.
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  19. I've went through 2 or 3 bottles of versa-1 and it was a great supp. The focus I got from it was outstanding!

  20. Yesterday was back and hams very solid workout , extremely focused, and no let up in the focus like the day before.



    Pendlay row

    Bent Over Row
    115x12x3 - perfect form

    Good Morning
    145x10 - this is the heaviest ive gone on these and it felt pretty good....I could really use some advice with low to go how to contract etc.

    Low cable row- forgot weights
    5 sets of 8-10 with a double drop set and 3 quick sets of 10-15 with strong contractions.

    Rope pull throughs supersetted with machine pulldown 10-12 rep range

    seated ham curl 5 sets 10-12

    lying leg curl 5 sets 10-12

    lat pulldown supersetted with hyperext. focusing on glute contractions

    1 arm db row - feet neutral hand on DB stack - really feel these in my lower lats this way


  21. Today was just cardio and some abs, dosed 3 prime and one versa 1 before, felt good


    decline leg raises 5 sets of as many

    decline russian twist with 25lb plate 4 sets of 30(total)

    Decline crunch 25lb plate as many reps x 4 sets

  22. So today was quads and shoulders...... legs were still kinda sore from last leg workout but i want to increase my leg frequency so i hit them anyways.

    decidednot to do front squats today because after the back squats my back was pretty sore from goodmornings i had done a few days ago

    close stance back squat (my normal stance is usually pretty wide but im trying to focus more on my quads.)

    135x12-15 constant tension, 3 sets

    leg ext
    5 sets 8-10 triple drop on last set 150lbs - more jsut moving weight
    3 sets 12-15 with good squeezes - 90lbs - drop on last set ...........quads were crazy pumped

    leg press
    8 plates plus a 25on each side 5 sets of 8-10 with a drop all the way to 2 plates
    4 plates - 4 sets 20-25

    hack squat
    4 sets 10-12 with drop on last set

    1 leg leg ext 3 sets

    1 leg leg press - 3 sets

    standing barbell press
    115x5 slowly going up!

    DB seated shoulder press
    37.5x12-15 short rests x 3 sets

    DB lateral raise
    30lbs 5 sets of 8 - not perfect form, double drop on last set
    15 drop to 10 to get to 15 total reps for 3 sets perfect form

    smith high pull - 75x12x3

  23. Quote Originally Posted by mkretz View Post
    First off id like to hear any experiences you guys had with either of these products and how you dosed them and for how long, thanks!
    Prime is easily one of my favorites. I am just starting back up 6/9 protocol (6 caps off days/9 caps training days). I will run it for 12 weeks. I have done this a few other times. Everything really starts clicking at week 3 for me. Increased hunger (naturally my body can function off 2 meals a day… can forget to eat sometimes. so Prime is nice for me because it helps me maintain a more pro-anabolic nutritional style by wanting to eat more.), strength gains, nice muscle belly fullness.

  24. Wosh I wouldve gotten two bottles of each...wouldve made a sick run/log

  25. legs today

    close stance squat - 265x3x10

    front squat

    Leg press
    7 platesx8x5

    red kettlebells dont know the weight, 4 sets of 30 steps with drop set to lighter KBs then bodyweight

    Had good energy throughout the workout...i do find that i not pushing myself as hard lately I gotta wake my ass up, like im still getting good workouts but not goin nuts like i used to but that might be a good thing, giving myself a chance to recover lol

    3 plates leg press 3 sets 20-25

    Glute bridge

    RDL with chains

    Good morning
    135x10x5 (def getting stonger on these)


    Leg ext
    lying leg curl


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