Recovering with BSL's PCT IV

  1. Recovering with BSL's PCT IV

    Hi guys
    I recently was chosen to log BSL's new PCT IV
    I just finished a cycle of IML super DMZ 3.0 and I am defiantly ready to begin the long fun road of post cycle therapy.
    I have never been sold on OTC pct products, but BSL PCT IV has a legit profile which includes the popular ostarine compound.

    My hopes are to recover fully while keeping my gains and strength.
    Typically after a ph cycle I keep about 50% of my gains in mass/body weight...I started my SDMZ3.0 at 237 pounds and finished at 250 pounds. If I can keep around 10 pounds after my run of PCT IV I will be extremely happy.
    I will be running clomid along with my PCT IV
    I will continue to use cycle support through my pct along with creatine, whey, fish oil, and a bcaa supp.

    I will provide a detail log on-
    How I'm feeling/appetite/mood
    Strength changes
    Body weight changes

    I'm going to be running PCT IV at 2 caps a day. One first thing in the morning, and one right before bed. This will be a 4 week pct.
    Please feel free to ask me any questions

  2. Great workout today.
    First day off of DMZ 3.0 and I feel fine.
    I took my first dose of PCT IV with my breakfast.
    I hit the gym a few hours later and trained chest and new favorite body part combo! I have heard john meadows talk about training chest and shoulders together and how he believes it's a great combo for muscular development and preserving your rotator cuffs. I love it!
    I started with heavy flat bench DB press

    Then I adjusted the bench to a 45 degree incline and did..

    Next I finished off chest with cable flys.
    4 set x 20. Forcing as much blood as I could into my chest

    For shoulders I started with db lateral raises
    45x8 with a drop set, 30x20

    Next up was seated military press..went kinda light. I was running out of power..
    185 x 8
    205x6 with a drop set of 135x12

    For rear delts I did reverse pec deck.
    3 sets of 180lbs to failure. I like to shoot for higher reps, 20 to 30 per set

    Felt pretty good today overall. It is only day of BSL PCT IV. I will be sure to report any changes as soon as I feel necessary

  3. So it's been 4 days with BSL PCT IV and I'm feeling great. I doing 1 cap first thing on the morning and 1 cap pre bed along with my clomid.

    The pumps I'm experiencing in the gym are mind blowing. I'm pretty sure it's from the ostarine because I have a similar experience when I ran osta solo.

    Trained back yesterday, my energy levels are very high! I was feeling a little lethargic towards the end of my DMZ 3.0 cycle, that seems to have went away with the use of PCT IV.
    I was able to knock out a killer deadlifting session

    315 x15
    365x 12

    The workout was very intense. I really enjoy how I still feel like I'm "on cycle" while using PCT IV. No loss in strength or weight just yet. Appetite is nice and strong, I'm consistently hungry every few hours.

  4. I took the last few days off from the gym to recover, I think I got the flu or some other bug.
    I started feeling like crap Friday night...
    It's Tuesday morning and I just got done weighing myself. I lost 6 pounds. Most likely due to the fact I didn't want to eat or drink anything. I hoping it's just water weight and I will be able to regain the lost poundage.
    I continued to take my PCT IV. I in the morning and 1 before bed.
    Right now my body is super sore, like iv been beaten up. I'm gonna rest and see if I can put in a light workout today.

  5. Finally got to work out today! I'm better, no more flu!
    Weighed in at 248. So the majority of weight I lost was was water.
    I trained back today. I started with pull-ups to get a nice pump and warm-up. Then I moved to deadlifts

    225 x 20
    315x 15
    365x 8
    405x 6
    455x 3

    Not my best deadlifting session, but I can't complain because I'm not sick anymore and I'm back in the gym.
    PCT IV has my hunger up. I'm just as hungry as I was while on super DMZ.
    The pumps I'm also experiencing are amazing. Super vascular and full after my workouts.

  6. Alright...I took a few days off due to a vacation.
    Hit the mountains with friends for a Bday snowboard trip.
    I continued to take my BSL pct 4 each day. One in the morning and one before bed. My weight is sitting at 247..which isn't bad for 3 days of "non" bodybuilding type eating. I would get a big breakfast in, snacks and a big dinner. My Hunger was kinda low, but most likely because I wasn't weight training.

  7. Trained chest and shoulders today
    Felt great. I honestly have the strength that I gained during my cycle if super DMZ. Normally a few weeks after a cycle my strength will slightly decline but while using BSL pct 4 iv maintained a lot of power. I would like to think it's the osterine. That's the only thing I can real feel has made a difference in my pct. Iv never used ostarine during a pct so I believe it's the compound that allowing me to keep my strength...BSL pct 4 would be a great choice ran by itself for a recomp
  8. Recovering with BSL's PCT IV

    Arms today

    Nothing to exciting. The good news is that weight is at 247 pounds. This is showing that pct IV is helping me keep my gains! Traditionally I would lose more than 40-50% of weight gained during a cycle after pct. Well this is my first pct where I have held onto not only strength but muscle/weight.

    My mood and sex drive is also very good. This is also a great thing because it's my way of knowing that in not "shut down"...and yes, I will be doing blood work as soon as my pct is complete to know for sure where my levels are at.


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