AE gives BSL's PCT IV the what-for

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  1. Moving along nicely right now. Just finished 40 minutes on my cardio only day. Good sweat and weight still at 203. From the perspective of strength, numbers are maintaining nicely. No real increase recently but a lot of that is as a result of the flu.

    Additionally, and interestingly, pants are a bit looser around the waist. Good sign considering body weight still the same.
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  2. Last week of this log. Everything moving along well. Changing things up to utilize more reps as opposed to higher weight. Muscular endurance is increasing nicely as is muscular hardness. Part of the reason for this change has been the increase in joint pain and stiffness. My right shoulder and collar bone are in bad shape. I have already had 2 operations on my right shoulder so I am heading out for some cissus today. My local VS has a big sale.
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  3. My god. It's been a crazy week. Have still been able to workout but work is driving me crazy. Have had very little time to sign in, specifically during the day. It still amazes me how out of their mind HS students are.

    Some thoughts:
    Strength and weight have remained stagnant. The flu definitely took the wind out of my sails in terms of strength gains. Mi do think, based on my experience, that an 8 week run,with the appropriate diet and exercise will see some pretty solid recomp effects.

    Will post a final review.
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  4. Some final thoughts. This is a strong product either as a pct or standalone. I would suggest some powerful joint assistance to run alongside it. I ran OT and greens simultaneously and that wasn't strong enough. So I added some cissus.

    With the proper diet and nutrition you have the potential to see consistent results. The most prominent effects don't typically start until weeks 3-4.

    One thing of note, I am heading to my orthopedist as it seems I might have a slight labrum tear in my right shoulder. I have already had 2 surgeries on it. I mention this just to try and understand why my strength did not continue is upward trajectory.
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