Decimating BF with Double S

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  1. Decimating BF with Double S

    Morning All,

    Excited to have been chosen to try the new Genomyx Decimate. Appears to be a good not overly loaded fat burner.

    As for me, 5’8” guestimating 183-185 lbs ( will verify this tmw on scale at work) and hovering around 12-13% BF.

    My goal this year is to return to a bodybuilding stage after a 15 yr hiatus, targeting July so with Decimate I am looking to very slowly drop weight.

    Diet is 6-7 meals, 1 meal with decent amount of carbs, next meal low/no carbs straight protein.

    Just getting back into the swing of things after being down for the last week and half with a nasty stomach bug.

    1 cap of Decimate today to test for tolerance

    25 minutes HIT treadmill (4-6mph) – 250 kcals


    Straight bar curls
    Superset Forearm/Biceps
    45lbs x12 / 55lbs x 12 / 60lbs x 12

    Seated DB Curls inside thigh Supersetted with triceps rubber band pushdown

    20 lbs x 10 / 2 bands for 15 reps
    20 x 10 / 3 bands for 12 reps
    25 x 8 / 3 bands for 12 reps
    25 x8 / 3 bands for 15 reps


    45 x 12
    65 x 9
    65 x 10

    So first day assessment. Took 1 cap and waited around 20 minutes to absorb. Have to admit didn’t feel any triggers so decided to jump on the treadmill. Nice smooth consistent burn. Wasn’t sweating or anything but definitely a good state of euphoria even after a great workout. keyword SuppTalk Radio

  2. 5:00 AM Wake up Call

    1 cap Decimate

    15 mins on treadmill HIT fluctuating between 4/6 mph


    4 sets – pull ups palms facing in

    Lat Rows

    Straight Bar wedged into corner of cage, plates on other end

    25lbs for 10
    40 x 11
    45 x 10
    50 x 8

    Bent over rows, slow and steady trying to split the bar when bringing it in.

    95 x 10
    105 x 9
    105 x 9

    Will be back this afternoon with lat pulldowns at work gym

    For anyone interested, Genomy was my very first podcast last year. Great listen for cardio or die into work keyword SuppTalk Radio

  3. Afternoon update:

    Hit the office gym for lunch to finish training back as there is a lat pulldown which I do not have in my own home gym.

    Popped (1) Decimate as well as (1) Carnitine

    Lat Pulldowns:

    Close grip palms facing me

    110 x 12
    120 x 12
    130 x 10
    140 x 9

    Wide Grip palms facing out

    110 x 10
    120 x 10
    130 x 8
    140 x8

    Rear delt raises:

    25 lbs – 4 sets – 8-12 reps

    And done! keyword SuppTalk Radio

  4. Bump for followers keyword SuppTalk Radio

  5. I'd like to see how this turns out for you. Have you used any other fat burners?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jjobe6 View Post
    I'd like to see how this turns out for you. Have you used any other fat burners?
    Been in the industry for over 20 yrs dating back to original Ripped Fuel so no stranger to thermos/fat burners keyword SuppTalk Radio

  7. in for the ride! best of luck
    Current Log-Olympus labs Stenadrol-

  8. I'm in

  9. Tuesday

    So I forgot my Decimate at home but did want to at least log my personal workout for my own guide.

    Because legs are my weakest area I generally train quads and hams on different days and try to do calves 2x a week


    Stiff Legged – 30 lbs DB – 15 reps
    Good Mornings – straight bar 4 reps 15-20 reps
    Lying leg curls (60 x15), (70 x 12) (80 x 12), drop set in reverse

    Seated leg press 4 sets – 80-110lbs – 18-25 reps
    Standing calf raises, bodyweight only 4 sets 25-30 reps


    Ball crunches – 4 sets 15 reps
    Scissor kicks on incline board 4 sets 12-15 reps keyword SuppTalk Radio

  10. Weds
    (1) Cap of Decimate

    15 minutes of Treadmill cardio, 4 mph


    Flat bench

    Warmup (bar) for 20

    115 x 12
    135 x 10
    155 x 8
    175 x 5 drop set 135 x 5

    Flat Flyes

    35 x 10
    35 x10
    35 x 11
    35 x 11

    Will be back this afternoon to finish chest at the office

    Again still at 1 cap – not overpowering at all, not a lot of sweating but definitely like the way I feel during and after my workout. Will up the dose to (2) in the next few days.

    Thanks for reading

    EDIT - so unfortunately did not do afternoon workout as company had a BBQ.

    I did take one cap prior to lunch.

    Quick observation - when taken on empty stomach with no food for a while - good feeling, but when taken followed by food, defininitely feel it messing with my head..

    Morning chuckle keyword SuppTalk Radio

  11. Thursday….post hump day

    Today all in (2) caps. Holy [email protected] what a difference. About 15 minutes of waiting, my face was on fire. Felt like someone was firing a blow torch in my face. I have had beta alanine tingles but this was a whole other type of burn. Face was cool to the touch but burning from within. Again only my face. Nothing else.

    This soon subsided about 10 mins into my treadmill work.


    23 mins HIT (4-6 mph) = 215 cals


    45 x 20
    55 x 20
    65 x 20
    65 x 20

    Squats super deep feet shoulder with apart

    Each rep is slow and methodical, prob 6-8 secs for each rep. The days of stacking the bar and up and downs are over. At my age, who cares how much I truly bench/squat, it’s more about how I look in a tank top or shirtless……

    115 x 12
    135 12
    155 x 8
    155 x 8
    115 x 7

    Back this afternoon for continued leg workout. keyword SuppTalk Radio

  12. How was the energy from 2 pills?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by jjobe6 View Post
    How was the energy from 2 pills?
    It's interesting. Aside from my face literally on fire didn't feel too much and I am not a stim junkie.

    I feel a little something when ingested with food.

    Perhaps this is more of a product to be used with food then a standalone? Label does say ingest with food keyword SuppTalk Radio

  14. Lookin good double s!
    Powerlifting for the vertically gifted

  15. DJ in da Hizzouse keyword SuppTalk Radio

  16. Afternoon Decimate tho

    Leg Ext - 100-130 12-15 reps

    Seated leg press 170-200 ( highest stack will go) 12-15 reps

    Kettlebell Squats - 25 lb bell held out like a front raise and squat while keepin tension on shoulders

    4 sets 12-15 reps....

    Time for some leg growth boys... keyword SuppTalk Radio

  17. Quote Originally Posted by double s View Post
    DJ in da Hizzouse
    Awwwww sh!t, now it's a party!

  18. Saturday Morning

    (2) caps of Decimate

    This morning did not feel the bow torch effect but did feel some pressure under my eyes kind of like my cheeks were inflating. I realize this sound odd but like to call it as I see it

    25 mins of treadmill – 225 cals


    Front shoulder presses staright bar

    Bar WU – 15 reps
    95 x 12
    115 x 9
    125 x 7
    125 x 5 / drop 115 x 7

    Upright rows curl bar

    75 x 12
    75 x 13
    75 x 12

    Quick W/O today as it is off to Swim practice with my daughter…

    Have a great weekend! keyword SuppTalk Radio

  19. You too buddy

  20. Ahh Sunday morning, no rest for the wicked!!!

    (2) caps today. Different prelim feeling, Warm feeling at top of my forehead.

    16 mins treadmill 4.1 mph



    35 x 20
    65 x 17
    80 x 17
    90 x 12

    Deep Squats feet about2 ˝ feet apart, super slow

    115 x 20
    135 x 15
    135 x11
    135 x 10

    Stair Lunges

    4 sets 10 lbs DB’s, take every other step to top and run back down (15 steps at a time)

    For those following, trying to really put an emphasis on my legs….

    A little BB motivation for the morning! keyword SuppTalk Radio

  21. Day off yesterday


    (2) caps, due to time constraints today, did not really wait for stuff to kick in, 10 minutes and onto treadmill

    15 mins cardio – 140 cals


    Curl bar (close grip) – warm up 20
    75 x 12
    80 x 12
    80 x 10

    Cable curls – 3 rubber bands wrapped arounf the back of my cage, step out and curl..getting full stretch beghind my body

    4 sets 15 reps

    Back this afternoon for more Bi’s and Tri’s

    So things are going well. Decimate seems to be a very slow burning, perhaps time released thermo. Can’t really get sweat going, would love to hear from others that may be using this keyword SuppTalk Radio

  22. Keep it up Double S!

    Are you taking with or without food? Immediately preworkout or allowing it some time (30 min to even a few hours) to kick in?
    Powerlifting for the vertically gifted

  23. Any appetite suppression?

  24. Quote Originally Posted by DJBeanPole View Post
    Keep it up Double S!

    Are you taking with or without food? Immediately preworkout or allowing it some time (30 min to even a few hours) to kick in?
    DJ - firs thing in the morn, empty stomach, generally wait 20 mins or so to kick in..

    Afternoon workout - no decimate


    Rope push downs 90/100/110/120 - 12-15 reps
    DB kick backs - 25 & 30 lbs, 4 sets 12-15
    Overhead raises 45 lbs, 4 sets 20 reps


    Standing supinate DB curls 4 sets 35lbs 12 reps
    Straight bar 21's - 4 sets.. keyword SuppTalk Radio

  25. Guys - day off today..back in the saddle tomorrow. keyword SuppTalk Radio


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