Na D-AA log with pre-bloods

  1. Na D-AA log with pre-bloods

    Hey all
    A few people have requested that I make a log of my experience using D-AA (sodium salt - brand is AI Sports Nutrition) given that I got bloods done prior to commencing and plan to get them done again after 8-10 weeks of consecutive use.

    Here is a little bit about me:
    • Male, 21, Australian, natural
    • 180cm (about 5'11''), 76kg (~168lb), currently sitting at approximately 12% BF (? I actually have no idea... this is quite arbitrary as I'm just judging myself off others who know their %BF - please feel free to correct this if you think the photos below suggest otherwise!).
    • Have been training for 3 years, with the last 6 months being more consistent and intense.
    • I am currently following the Leangains intermittent fasting diet - and have been for about 6 weeks with great results in terms of appetite management and lean muscle gains. (if you're interested in calories/macros just ask)
    • I am more interested in cutting down to even lower body fat% and maintaining it indefinitely than I am in building muscle.
    • Current supplements: Fish oil (2g EPA, 1.5g DHA daily), whey/micellar casein protein, BCAA (so that workout is not completely fasted) and now Na-DAA (3g daily). I used Mike Chang's Afterburn as a pre-workout (yes... advertising got the better of me. I do actually like it, but I've never tried another PWO to compare it to)

    I got pre-bloods done about a week before I commenced the D-AA (bloods done 19/12/13, commenced D-AA 26/12/13); the results are as follows:
    • Testosterone (Total) - 20.2nmol/L (range 8.3-30.2)
    • Testosterone (Free) - 357pmol/L (range 225-725)
    • Sex hormone binding globulin - 45nmol/L (range 13-71)

    I plan to get the second lot of bloods done after about 8-10 weeks of using the product.
    The following are fasted shots of me first thing in the morning the day I commenced using D-AA.
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    Please let me know what you want me to post or whatever - I'm super new to this!

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  3. Since you are dosing Na-Daa @ 3g I highly recommend you get bloodwork by the third week. This will help determine a few things -
    - LH effect / your testicular 'capacity-function'
    - aromatization

    It's a worthwhile investment and allow you to either tweak and fine tuning your cycle or quit it by three weeks you aren't up 30-40%.
    Free neuron

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