Andro Cut - log - 4 week cycle

  1. Andro Cut - log - 4 week cycle

    Starting Andro Cut - weight at 235lbs. - taking 2 pills in morning and 1 before workout for first week. trying to figure out how to put my picture up for a before and after photo.

  2. SUNDAY - 1st day - did rows, pull downs, low rows, preacher curl, and dumbells. Took a while to get lose. But was strong once I got lose. Low rowed the whole rack which I hadn't done in a while or even tried. lol

  3. Tuesday - 3rd day - did chest - bench was up 2 extra reps. I normally do 275 for 8 but got 10 today. Also, did incline dumbell for 12 reps of 80. Good pump. Ended with decline flys. Did abs and ran a mile. like it so far.

    Thursday - 5th day - did legs and shoulders. Squat was 315 for 7 reps did 4 sets and normally only do 3. Obviously I warmup ith 225 before hitting 315. Normal strength for hamstrings and leg extensions. Shoulders was up did 90 lbs overhead dumbell press 10 times. then I crapped out and only got it 6 for the next 2 sets. Gotta stretch more. Muscles getting tight. Did normal shrug and flys. Nothing special in those areas yet.

  4. Saturday - 7th day - hit arms - sick pump - i took 3 pill before workout and I think thats the sweet spot. 3 pills before training. My arms were so tight! I could barely move. I would give this product a B so far. Pretty good.

  5. Finished 30 day cycle. Gained 10 lbs. bench up from 345 max to 375. Sorry for late feedback, busy with skool. I would take this again. I had no shut down WHAT SO EVER, girlfriend is happy.

  6. What type of andro did you take?

  7. It was a mixture of stuff. It was good considering I only paid $25 bucs for it. I would use it for a bridge for post cycles tho. Gonna get on a prohormone then use this stuff to come off it and take creatine as well post cycle.

    Serving Size: 2 Capsules

    Servings Per Container: 45

    Anabolic Hormones 85mg



    Estrogen Controller/Prostate Support 110mg


    Beta Sitosterol

    Testosterone Mimickers 100mg

    Safed Musli


    Testosterone Boosters 305mg

    Tribulus Terrestris

    Longjack 100:1

    Coleus Forskohlii

    Stinging Nettle


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