Proper Brain Nutrition through Celuron!!

  1. Proper Brain Nutrition through Celuron!!

    I started taking a new product called Celuron. It enhances memory/focus and gives overall brain nutrition. I've been taking it for about a week now, and i can definitely say my mood and memory has sky rocketed. My focus is definitely better than normal, especially on a goal, ill just naturally want to do something instead of procrastinate. I'll keep posted day to day on the effects i notice, they do change daily. This product was recommended to me by a friend, i got it off of Celuron. The site seems like it just launched, but i got a good recommendation from my friend and he was right, i do like to product a lot, so if i can buy it i'm happy. The ingredients in it are all vitamins like Bacopa powder,DHA,DMAE,Korean Ginseng Root Powder,L-Glutamine,Ginkgo Biloba Leaf extract. The bottle looks pretty cool and professional.

    Quick summary, Ill do more on the effects tomorrow and exactly what i notice. If anyone has any questions, please ask!

  2. Some more positive effects im noticing,
    I wake up WIDE awake, never used to be a huge morning person. Also my sleep schedule seems to be a lot better than it was before. I'm starting to notice impressive observation skills. I notice everything in the room im in. At first it was really annoying, but now im used to it, and it helps me out tremendously. My Street smarts have seem to also improve a lot. I've been understanding people a lot better and i can read them almost instantly (i've always been pretty street smart, comes from my father, but it has improved even more). My common sense has been a lot better as well. My memory is the best it's ever been. I have slight photographic memory ( i used to take pramiracetam for awhile and other nootropics, so im guessing that helped) but id always be able to remember exactly what was in a room or on paper, but it was never as clear as it was now. My favorite part is the mood change. I have pretty bad anxiety, but it seems like it's all gone away. Man, i wish i had something like this during school instead of a prescription to adderall (Which made me insane while i was on it). I was never the same after being prescribed to amphetamines, but it seems like Celuron really helped change the chemical imbalances in my head to make me my old self again, Funny and not so serious. My multi tasking skills have shot through the roof as well. Im able to read a book or something on the internet but still be in a complete conversation with someone speaking to me about something important. Another note is my senses seem to be a lot better. I used to have to turn the tv volume really high just to hear it, now i can hear the tvs in my house from downstairs even while watching something in my room. Another effect i noticed was my change in routine. It's like i went from being lazy and groggy throughout the day, to waking up and getting my work done easily and quickly. I'm very clear and i know what i have to do and how to do it. Sometimes it can be annoying though. If im watching a movie i literally feel like im watching it on the set and it just seems so fake to me, resulting in me reading more and more books lately.

    Right now im going to give this product a 9/10. It doesn't give me laser focus, but it just makes me very clear and gives me the motivation to do things right away. Celuron gets me through the day much easier and happier. This is one of my favorite supplements i have taken so far, and I'm definitely going to be a long time customer. I recommend this product to anyone whos looking for a "brain boost". Oh i forgot to note.. i took out my preworkout even. Celuron gives me the motivation to get to the gym and bust out a long hard workout.

    Ill keep posted in another day or two on some more enhancing effects.

  3. Still noticing greater effects in mood, memory, energy and overall mental acuity. It seems to get better every day, and every day i'm much more clear. I'm very happy so far with this product.

  4. Overall this product has been great and im going to continue buying it. It helped me with my mood, everyday was just more clear, i was able to take in more information and my memory has become amazing. It doesnt have any caffeine in it, but it got me through the day easier than ever before.

    This is definitely a great nootropic product and i recommend everyone to give it a try.

    Results: 9/10

    I would give it a 10/10 but its not something i felt right away, it took a few days to get the effects. Overall it's a great supplement to help for school or work.

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