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  1. Once again guys not a whole lot new to report other than I bumped up to 2 scoops for the hell of it. Energy and Focus were awesome without ever getting uncomfortable or jittery. It also did not keep me up all night or give me any stim dick when I went to the ladies house straight from the gym.

    Pumps were massive with two scoops. The last back workout I had left me practically immobile from pumps. Endurance continues to improve. Volume and reps have yet to cease increasing which is great.

    Still loving this stuff. Still fully endorse it

  2. Ok guys been forever since I updated. Been working 16 hour days and things have been crazy. Also, not much new to report. I am almost done with my tub of EVOL. Probably a few more workouts left.

    Same great energy and focus
    Great pumps
    Great Endurance
    Strength continues to slowly climb
    Vascularity and Pumps last a few hours after workouts

    I also have been making a ton of long road trips and late nights working until 4am on this and then getting up at 6 the next day to hit it again. EVOL has been a godsend for those days. 2 hours of sleep + 2 scoops of EVOL = great focus and concentration for at least a couple of hours in surgery

    Other notable mentions: I have not had to increase my dose again. Seems like I hit a certain ceiling where it continues to work just as good each workout which is great. Sweet spot is currently around 1.5-2 scoops depending on how crazy my day is and how drained I am.

  3. Final Review

    Taste: 8.5/10. I am not much a fruit punch fan. That being said, this is definitely one of the better fruit punches on the market. Very similar to Alphamine and very good.

    Mixablility: 10/10 Mixes perfectly in seconds with spoon. No issues here

    Energy/Focus: 9/10 Great energy and focus. Probably my second favorite stim I have tried since 1,3 behind the new Clearshot which is discontinued so needless to say this is my favorite stim out. Very similar to 1,3 with its own unique properties. Takes a bit longer to kick in (I would say about 30-45 minutes) and also does not have any of the stim dick issues. Very smooth energy with no jitters, anxiety, racing heart, etc. It is also much more forgiving than most stims if you take too high a dose. Energy is great. It gives a great pick me up and a nice aggression with higher doses. Not only that, the energy is very focused. None of the cracked out scatterbrain. I really enjoyed the new AMP stim. My only knocks against it are that it was not as long lasting and the tolerance builds somewhat quickly although that seemed to level off. Otherwise, it would have been a 10

    Endurance: 9/10 I noticed increased endurance within the first week. I was able to do more sets, with more reps, and less rest in between my sets. By the end of this tub, my rest between sets had been reduced in half sometimes more. I was also stronger at the end of my workouts than I was before.

    Pumps: 9/10 Pumps were awesome. I never have a problem with pumps and usually have awesome ones regardless. However, when taking 1.5 scoops of EVOL, they would be borderline painful. Pumps lasted much longer after workouts as well. Pumps were close to what I got with Hemavol which is a great thing to be compared to. This has been the most agmatine I have taken during workouts and I definitely enjoyed it.

    Value: 8.5/10 You are not paying a whole lot for great ingredients. However, I feel some stim tolerant users will need 2 scoops which will cut the servings in half. Once they double the AMP content, this will change.

    Overall: 9/10 Really enjoyed EVOL. Great ingredient profile, great energy, increased endurance, and awesome pumps. I have already ordered an additional tub if that tells you anything. Definitely a much better alternative to these pixie dusted caffiene heavy blends or anything containing garbage yohimbe. Probably my favorite pre on the market right now. I was a big fan of 1,3 and I feel anyone who liked 1,3 will enjoy this. Even if you did not like 1,3, I feel you should give this a try because it is unique on its own and doesn't have any of the 1,3 sides that I noticed. Big thanks to everyone at Genomyx for letting me try this and props on releasing an awesome Preworkout with a great new stim.



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