FITMAX mini log/review

  1. FITMAX mini log/review

    Hi AM members

    I decided to do a mini log/review of performax labs's pre workout Fitmax. I got my tub with the bogo deal on alphamax.(i will be running that in a month or so)

    about 15 minutes ago i took my first dose of fitmax.
    Flavor-Fruit punch, honestly the flavor is alright. its not the best...its no aphamine. which is ok. The flavor is not over powering or overly sweet.

    Mix-ability- perfect. no lumps, no clumps.

    well its been 20 minutes since i took my first full scoop dose. The serving size on the tub is 3/4th a scoop....i chose to do a full scoop. I am now starting to feel the effects. I feel more alert and sharp. My energy level is definitely up.
    time to hit the gym.
    I will report back post workout!

  2. Trained chest and tris tonight.
    Well here's my thoughts on fitmax

    Pump- 10/10 The pump was amazing. Gotta love the ingredient agmatine. My upper body is nice and full. Fitmax competes with any other pre workout/NO product I have ever used. I don't think I could get any better of a pump.

    Energy. 9/10
    Hit me fast! No jitters but extremely motivated to lift. Lasted my entire workout. I'm still feeling it

    Endurance/focus 9/10- I can't give it a 10 because I think enhanced is a 10 and fitmax is not better than enhanced....

    Solid pre workout. I'm gonna go with a 1.5 scoops tomorrow. I will let you guys know how it goes

  3. Took 1.5 scoops today. 1.5 scoops is equivalent to 2 servings.

    It hit me hard and fast again. Within 20 mins I could feel it kicking in.

    I mixed it with a little lemonade crystal light to ease up the taste.

    My energy was much greater today with. 1.5 scoops. Maybe a little too much. I think I'm gonna back it down a but until I start to feel a tolerance build.
    The punk was the same. MASSIVE! Fitmax provides a killer pump.

    I trained legs today and fitmax kept me going till the very last rep.

  4. Back day today
    I felt I needed a little more of a punch so I used 1.5 scoops again.
    FITMAX is Strong!
    Lasted my entire workout. 1.5 was a longgg one. I never lost focus and never noticed the slightest feeling of "crash"
    My lats and traps got a crazy pump after my second set of deadlifts.

    What I also like about FITMAX is I can feel it raise my body temp. I definitely get a increase in sweat when I use fitmax

  5. So it's been one week of using fitmax

    This stuff is a very strong preworkout.
    I'm testing 2 scoops today
    I took my 2 scoop dose 10 minutes ago. I already feel super energetic and ready to tear up the gym.
    My body temp is defiantly up, my face feels warm, but not like a flush form beta alanine.

    I don't feel shakey, just very alert, focused and energized...2 scoops my have been too much! I will report back post workout



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