bo like the hulk is ready to smash with blackstone labs!

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  1. bo like the hulk is ready to smash with blackstone labs!

    Nice work chef!
    Life's a garden, dig it

  2. went top and bottom yesterday .chest and legs

    took 2 diva max test booster and my epi smash upon waking with my coffee

    before workout had 3 big blue beta alanine tabs and preworkout mix

    front squat super set back squat rapid pack constant tension

    4x10 on both 135 lbs
    calf raises on smith 135 4 sets 40 reps each
    one legged calf raises on leg press sled weight 120 lbs
    4 sets 35 or until failure

    flat barbell bench 5 x10 135
    incline dumbbell bench 40 for same rep/set
    incline fly 25's slow and hold

    didn't think I did that much to my legs when I left the gym until I started ab work at home at night.
    leg raises about killed me only got 3 sets done

    did crunches , ankle touch, scissors and cross legged crunch holds for 25 each 3 sets

    taking whey protein again to up my caloric intake daily, even got the wife taking them instead of carbs in the morning.

    seeing some more definition in my shoulder region . going to start hitting the traps more to round out the top of my frame. I can finally start seeing all my work pay off. can't wait to I start to shred down for summer. any suggestion anyone following me has to offer I am all ears.

    got to get these wheels on track with the rest of my body though . hard gainer on the lower part. Back pumps have ceased except for the pain I got doing suats but I could have been in the wrong form . I have ahard time with my shoulder problems controlling the bar. wish I could afford a draper bar attachment.

    two more days of Epi smash left hopefully be able to post a review sunday. thanks again Neck for choosing me , just don't know if I did it justice or not.

  3. tried out Larry Scott's Tri series on arms today and ring of fire on midsection

    got one more day of epi smash left . already started my test booster will get full pct rolling on monday. Want to thank Neck at Blackstone labs for this opportunity to try out this product. i can see some difference in my appearance and i didn't train all that much due to the holidays and work commitments. i'll post photos tomorrow with final review.

    3 exercises or 3 sets 6-10 reps each all on the scott bench
    it may not look like much but let me tell you i never finished all the reps on any of the sets for arms i was usually short 1 or 2. amazing

    really isolates the bicep muscles (all three) and the forearms . they are killing me right now and this was over 4 hours ago

    also did his shoulder routine

    same set up 3 exercises using the same movement on each

    scott bench dumbbell two arm curls
    30 lbs 3sets of 6-10

    barbell curls Scott bench (Olympic bar)
    65 lbs 3 sets 6-10
    6,6,5 drop set with just the bar for 4

    reverse ez bar curls Scott bench
    65 (big weight what Larry suggests) 3 sets 6-10

    lying tricep press
    65 lbs 3 sets 6


    standing shoulder press -pinkies up
    3 sets 10

    standing lateral raises
    40 lbs 3 sets of 10

    bentover lateral raises
    same as a bove

    midsection ring of fire
    for those who have never done this it takes a few times to get used to it. once i got the rhythm it became really easy .the main thing to do is feel the muscle contracting. i am not going to go into a total explaination of this exercise (google larry scott ring of fire )

    main thing is use a lat machine and attach a tricep pushdown rope to it for tension. set it on a wieght between 60-100 pounds depending on body size and strength. the other thing is to pull in your lower abs below your belt line. kind of like a sex hump if you will. then just like a crunch pull down or flex the total mid section and hold it for 20 seconds or it goes into full cramp. that is the key full cramp . back away and shake out the lactic acid that has built up . you can adjsut your feet on either side to it different area of the abs , obliques, intercostals etc. just read the articles. once you have it down you can do it in the shower or by using a wall of post in your home. Bruce Lee did isometric exercises like this to shred and strengthen his mid section. that is why he had the physique he did.

    i have found this old school training is great and wish i would have looked back at it earlier. Most of these guys built mass on bodies that were genetically inferior with no help from supplements or steriods. just nutrition and plan old hard work. this cat one 5 titles in 5 years with training like this.

    Bill Pearl, Larry Scott ,, vince Gironda, steve reeve all did it this way. big weight and alot of time. not knocking any supplements or companies they most definitely aid the ones of us that don't have super genetics, they aid in recovery and endurance for us older fellows . I think what the young guns miss is 2gs of test of 500mg of tren aren't gonna do diddly if you aren't training hard and right. eating correctly and getting the required amount of rest.

    i know not alot of people followed this log and that is a shame for blackstone. these are done for their benefit to check out there products on the average joe.

  4. Nice job in here Chefbo. You've done some work in spite of the lack of time.
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  5. thanks brother that means alot.

  6. ok final review of Blackstone labs EPI Smash

    let me first thnk the company rep The Neck for choosing me to log one of their fabulous products. I have been a fan of Blackstone for some years.

    overall rating out of 5 is a 3 . I started out at 178 and I am ending about the same. my weight went up and down but it was the holidays and that was to be expected. I trained hard but was out a few days because of back problems.

    the 3 is not because it doesn't work because it does, the sides were just to much for me to endure even with what I heard "low dosed epistane" . Everyone is different and react in the same manner. I have issues with my back pumps regardless of how much taurine I take. and I took it until I had diarrhea so there you go.

    on the other hand I am 52 and it could be an age thing so that might be something to mention to older people wanting to use this product.

    strength and size - pretty clean as far as water gain. I never got puffy or swole, but did get bigger in my upper torso. not by inches just by appearance. Strength I couldn't off hand say the weights got lighter or things got easier so I would say the same there.

    Blackstone has quality products and they work , maybe just not for me or at the dosage I was taking. maybe I need to have a test base backing them because of my age . I don't know. I'd like to see what would happen if I did. maybe some dbol to kick start it. but They wanted straight up results on what their product did and that is what I am giving them.

    give it a try it may work for you , I am sure it will .

  7. posted review on blackstone company forum

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  9. I'm currently using epi smash just started today. I had just got off blackstone product meth-drol extreme.


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