Spiny getting his greens w/Orange Triad+greens(sponsored)

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  1. Spiny getting his greens w/Orange Triad+greens(sponsored)

    Many thx going out to RenegadeRows and Controlled Labs for this opportunity to log this new product. I plan on taking it AM and PM per directions. It works out in my schedule perfectly because it has a net of 1 carb. Like many of you I'm bulking right now and I'm cycling heavy carbs for 3 weeks and then going into ketosis for 3. Helps keep the bloat and excess water down while shedding some unwanted fat picked up during the heavy carbing. I will include all workouts, progress pics, any changes, any recipes using this, and hopefully some eye candy here and there. 1st Dose: Looks like greep poop but actually tastes like an orange creamsickle. Going to like this stuff!Name:  orangetriadgreens_medium.jpg
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    HS Iso Lateral Wde Chest

    HS Iso High Row

    Incline Bench

    Wide Cable Lat Pulldown

    400x10-held as long as possible

    1 Arm Rows
    100lb DB's x10x3

    Bent Over Reverse Flys
    50lb DB's x10x3

    Got some good work in today. Pump was good, shoulder was good even though I just worked it 12 hrs ago. Weight is still up but it should start falling some next week as I drop some of this water.

  3. Legs
    Hack Squats
    6 plates + 25lbs x 10 x 10

    Standing Calf Raise

    Leg Extensions

    Leg Curls

    Had to bust ass this morning with only 40 mins to get everything done. I was sluggish after a day off as well. Started keto yesterday but still in bulk mode. I love me some fats!

    Info on me. I'm 6 foot 1, 272lbs as of this morning. I'm doing the German volume training until the end of the year to put on size. So obviously I'm bulking.
    Made some keto candy last night with this. Will try tonight and share my recipe if it's good

  4. Pick from 11/23


  5. wtf is up in [email protected]!!!! spiny log.. my favorite.
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  6. Arms
    High Cable Crucifix Curls

    Seated Dips

    HS Iso Front Military Press

    Amazing pump this morning. Very refreshed after taking yesterday off. Weight was down to 266 at the gym this morning, that's 10 lbs of water lost since last week. Wasn't fully in ketosis this morning but the stick did turn color a little bit. Tomorrow morning I should be there because bloat is down big time.

    Pics from this morning

  7. Hey buddy good to.see you here looking huge in that pic man
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  8. Just got my OTG in today, looking forward to trying it out. So it tastes good?
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Piston Honda View Post
    Just got my OTG in today, looking forward to trying it out. So it tastes good?
    Hell yeah. Made some keto candy out of it in cups. Tasted like orange chocolate.

  10. Chest/Back
    HS Iso Lateral Incline Press

    Machine Flys

    Wide Cable Lat Pull downs

    HS Iso Low Row

    Had to really push to get that workout done as I got to the gym a little late. In ketosis now, only took 4 days. Weight is down to 265 with clothes on so the glycogen and water loss must be over, now time to shed some fat. Almost stayed home this morning but couldn't because I love pushing iron. Getting in and out of the gym in less than an hour, most of the time in less than 45 mins., is really paying dividends. I feel bigger even without the bloat.

  11. Legs
    Hack Squats
    6 plates+30 lbs x 10 x 10


    Seated Calf Raises

    Quads were still sore from Monday but had to start tearing them up again. Once I got them warm they were fine. In and out of the gym in 35 mins. Didn't have time for extensions and curls and went light on Calf Raises because that was the weight left on there. Still felt the squeeze.

  12. Arms
    Preacher Curls

    Rope Pull downs

    Seated Military Press in Smith

    Tore Arms up this morning. Didn't have time to do any secondary work or hit traps but will hit them tomorrow. Almost didn't make my last 2 reps of military presses. Didn't think that weight would challenge me as much as it did. 265 still this morning but looking thinner. Must be doing something right with the keto bulk.

  13. Chest/Back
    HS Incline Press

    HS Decline Press

    Wide Cable Lat Pull down

    Seated Row


    All 4 lifts done GVT were at 180 lbs. Not a plan, just what felt right. The cable machine feels heavier at this gym hence the lower weight on the Lat Pull downs. Still 265 but abs are starting to peak through. Yay! This weekend I have had bad cravings for sweets and carbs but the sacrifice is worth it.

  14. Legs
    Hack Squats
    305 lbs + skid x10x10


    Standing Calf Raise

    Legs felt very strong today. In and out in 40 mins. Its like lifting and cardio in 1 quick session. Weight is up a few lbs but I look leaner daily. I wish my stomach could take keto for long periods at a time because my body seems to thrive in it. I will find a solution.

  15. Arms
    Preacher Curls

    OH Tricep Extension machine

    DB Y Presses
    50lb db'sx10x10

    BB Rows

    Straight Arm front pulldown

    Pump was ridiculous this morning. Couldnt pull my sleeves down over my biceps. Bi's & tri's didn't want to finish the last 2 sets but I made them. Can't wait for this year to be over!

  16. Chest/Back
    HS Iso Wide Chest

    HS Iso BTN Press

    HS Incline Press

    HS Low Row

    Huge pump this morning. Keep going up in weight, pushing myself, and keep coming out ahead. Sometimes surprised I make it through some lifts at 100 reps. Actually warmed up on the bench at 135 to work on my form. I think this whole time I've had incorrect form and spacing. Hoping to get that squared away and keep my shoulder ok.

  17. Great log so far bro. Your a beast!!! I think youll enjoy this product quite a bit

  18. Traps
    BB rows

    BB Shrugs

    CG Cable Rows

    Reverse Incline DB Shrugs(5 sec hold)
    55lb db'sx10
    60lb db'sx10
    65lb db'sx10

    DB Shrugs
    100lb dbs x10x3


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