GIH! CTLabs Orange Triad + Greens/Sponsored*

  1. GIH! CTLabs Orange Triad + Greens/Sponsored*

    Orange TRIad + Greens powder
    First I want to thank
    RenegadeRows and Controlled Labs for giving me
    this opportunity.

    I can't wait to see what this powder does for my overall health. I will be taking this twice
    a day with my post workout in the AM and with dinner.

    Day 1.
    I started off with the recommended dosage which is 1 scoop/twice a day with whole food meals. I had my first serving around 10am with my post workout push day.(egg and turkey sandwich..yumm
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    1 scoop with about 10oz of cold water.
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    Taste - 9/10: It had a very good taste, kind of a refreshing fruit taste. Hard to explain, but its good! The drink itself doesn't look all that great, but don't be fooled. Its definitely drinkable. The taste was not too strong with 10oz. It says to use 4 to 8, but I like how it tasted with the 10oz.

    Mix - 7/10: It does leave a few particle at the very bottom. I shook it for quit a bit, but it wouldn't all fully dissolve. However, this didn't really matter because it all went down pretty smooth. Didn't feel any chunks or anything of that sort. I might try using a blender ball next time and see of that helps. Other than that, mixing it wasn't much of an issue. Name:  WP_20131127_013.jpg
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    As far as my day. I felt pretty energized. I had my second serving with dinner around 7pm. Its still a little hard to tell how this stuff is supposed to make you feel. Only time will tell. Either way, I felt pretty good throughout the day.

    I will most likely not take this on Thanksgiving. I will see how that goes. Still hitting the gym in the morning. Its my pull day tomorrow. Will most likely continue my log on Friday.
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  2. Took the first dose post workout. I actually mixed it with some naturally flavored sparkling water and it tasted GAF. I recommend trying it. I took the second dose with my dinner. Mixed it with about 10oz of cold water.

    Today was a pull day. I didn't feel to energized today. Not sure what it was. I guess it was just one of those days. Doing legs tomorrow.

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