R1 puts X gels to the test /endosurge turbo and Anabeta

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  1. R1 puts X gels to the test /endosurge turbo and Anabeta

    The wait is now over! I am going to be logging the products listed in the title (obviously). Let's get things going

    Along with the suggested supplements used with X gels, I will be using biocor creatine mono, orange triad, and endurance as my bcaas. I'm actually doing a sponsored log on endurance right now so if you are interested in that product, be sure to check it out.

    Clean bulk

    Training: a mix of push/pull/legs and p/rr/s

    I just had bloodwork today (nothing hormonal, just basic panels) and will post anything of interest. My diet has been dirty dirty bulk as of late so hdl and ldl may be outta wack.

    I have not yet received my x gels and endosurge but it's ok. I'm going to be running anabeta until the products arrive then add those products in kinda like bridging all of them. I have also thought about doing anabeta 4 weeks and the rest for an additional 8 weeks for a total of 12. Haven't ran any test boosters in probably 6 months or so so I am very eager to get back into the game. I weighed in at the doctor at 181 today. My goal is to simply put on mass. I am on my phone so I will post more later but the log begins right now!! Going to hit legs in a few minutes and will post numbers up. Dosing anabeta 2 pre 2 post with carbs. Thanks for following!!
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  2. In!
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  3. Do it!

  4. Wednesday 11/20 Day 1 on anabeta

    Last night (Wednesday) was leg day. My chiro won't let me do anything big weight wise really cause of my back so I did various exercises. Here's what I did

    Overhead squats
    Leg press
    Straight Leg dead
    Leg Extension
    Weighted squat walks

    He wants me to strengthen my lower back but slowly work into it. Hopefully I'll be able to do real weight soon and log the numbers. Nothing to note as of yet. Today or tomorrow i will be doing my pull day.

    I am currently in my 6-10 rep range right now. Monday I will be in the week of drop sets/super sets.

    Oh, blood work was all normal. My albumin was 5.0, on the high end of normal. Idk why lol
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  6. Found it! I'm in, let's kill it!

  7. Thanks for following guys. Once I start the gels and all and if gains are coming , I'm gonna start posting videos up here
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  10. Thursday 11/21 day 2

    Listened to my body and took the day off. Went to the chiropractor, got adjusted and deep tissue done and feel great. Just want I needed. Ready to hit chest tomorrow then back Saturday and have Sunday off to watch football. Too bad my eagles aren't playing! They suck anyways lol

    About to dose my last cap of anabeta then hit the sheets. probably won't update tomorrow because I play on the worship team at my church and we have practice Friday nights. I stay there from 3-9 then go eat some fajitas or something after. If I get some free time I will update. Look for some more in depth ones by Sunday at the latest.
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  11. Nice, deep tissue always feels great! God you're such a rebel not doing chest on international chest day... Haha kidding

  12. I find popular gyms like 24 and LA fitness hilarious. I never see people doing DL, cleans or squats. All upper body lol
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla View Post
    I find popular gyms like 24 and LA fitness hilarious. I never see people doing DL, cleans or squats. All upper body lol
    the ones here it's mostly treadmill's

  14. Monday 11/25

    So Friday I did pull and Sunday I did push. Today is my leg day. Volume is still a little low but I'm working it up.


    V bar row - 10 x 135
    8 x 150
    6 180

    Lat pullover - 110x10

    High rope pull (3 sets slow negatives really stretch it out)


    Barbell curl

    Preacher curl

    I'll post up yesterdays workout later today. Also, today I'm gonna really be increasing my volume
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  15. Good update. Will these be considered your starting numbers?

  16. what is ytour dosing scheme going to look like?

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Bamski View Post
    Good update. Will these be considered your starting numbers?
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  18. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    what is ytour dosing scheme going to look like?
    As suggested on the labels
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  19. Sunday 11/24


    BB Incline

    Machine press

    45x10 for 3 sets deep

    Arnold press

    Reverse Grip bench

    Tomorrow or Wednesday I will be starting some higher volume! Once I receive my x gels I will being immediately
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  20. Monday 11/25

    Hit legs but went light, alot of high rep stuff and super sets/drops. thoughts on anabeta so far:

    Haven't noticed that pump effect like I have in the past. I dose with carbs every time

    Libido hasn't changed

    Acne increasing on face

    No change in aggression

    Sleep has been the same. No change
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  21. Wednesday 11/27

    Pull day - S week
    All of these are drop sets except the last which is a super set

    T bar row machine


    Seated row

    EZ bar wide grip curl SS rack pulls wide grip
    80x12 ss rack pulls wide grip bw x 10
    70x6 RP BW x6

    Single hand cable curls
    3 sets all drop focused hard on form

    Slowly working up my volume. Haven't received my x gels yet but once I do I will start along with gms and other goodies.

    Note for anabeta: hunger has hit me. Last time I took AB it came and went like a wave. Let's see if this time it will stay. I sure hope so. Haven't weighed in since the start so maybe Friday at the gym when I do legs I will. Gonna do legs Friday then push routine Saturday then watch football Sunday and pig out on left overs while I recover. Nothing to note yet really.

    I'm not focused on my strength gains and it will be hard to follow my numbers since I'm on p/rr/s but if I feel I am getting stronger in one area, I will note. Also, I log numbers on an app on my phone and it tells me what I did last time so if I increase any I will be sure to put that in here. X gels, please hurry!! It's gonna be interesting bridging anabeta to x gels to endosurge. I've never done something like this with natural products before.
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  22. Friday 11/29

    Hope everyone got fat like I did. Stepped on the scale Friday and no weight change. I don't get it. I've been eating turkey and potatoes literally 5 times a day since Tuesday lol anyways, here are the numbers from Fridays leg workout

    Front squats - drop sets

    Smith rear lunges - all drop sets

    Hammy curl - drop sets

    Standing calf raise - DC style

    Walking into the gym now for push day. Will update tonight

    I should be receiving my x gels this week and endosurge turbo this week or next week and will use both immediately.
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  23. Caught up. I'm in big homie
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    I'm a Brooklyn boy I may take some gettin' use to

  24. Saturday 11/30

    Been out of protein for 2 weeks now but finally went and got some. Today's lift was really good but man did it hurt. Drop sets for the entire workout really kill. Here is what I did

    Machine incline

    DB flat

    Forget the numbers. Just focus on depth and feel. 3 drop sets

    Cable lateral raises

    Front lateral raises
    Forget the numbers

    Body weight DC style (rest pause)

    Db overhead extension

    Now that I have gone through this routine for one round, I can really start to work on the numbers. Monday will be back and biceps for the beginning of "power" week. All low rep stuff. Hopefully one of my orders of x gels comes in Monday or Tuesday. I'm so eager to start those
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  25. hope you get your stuff soon.

  26. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    hope you get your stuff soon.
    Man, me too.
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  27. 12/2

    Glad it's December! Love the weather and graduating in a week from nursing school but add on another year for surgical tech school to double major. Ugh. Just wanna work and get paid!!! Anyways, I have some news!

    Stepped on the scale this morning and I'm +2 pounds! Haven't even started endosurge or x gels yet. Only anabeta. Let's see if this will hold. Been eating like a horse. Pretty dirty but I still have my abs hahaha.

    Today was pull day with power reps. Here are my numbers (I did power week before I started anabeta and my numbers from today are about 5-10 pounds more than a few weeks ago).

    135 warmup
    225x5 for 3 sets (gotta stay at this weight till approved by chiropractor to move up)

    Straight Leg deads

    Really stretched my lower back out. Felt awesome

    T bar row machine

    Wide grip pull ups
    Body weight x 7 x 6 x 5 x 4

    Seated DB curl

    Very happy to see the scale moving already. Once I get all my sups I'll take a pic of everything I'm using and post on here.

    Edit: late night update...libido is def up. It has been gradual but today its just been crazy. Will keep note of this. I can't imagine what I'm going to feel with X gels and endosurge lol
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  28. a 5-10lb increase in weights is damn good for just a 2 lb increase in bodyweight, imo.

    not surprised you can still see abs!!!

  29. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    a 5-10lb increase in weights is damn good for just a 2 lb increase in bodyweight, imo.

    not surprised you can still see abs!!!
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  30. I will update my log tonight but for now, for those interested, I am also logging Endurance (BCAA product). Here is the link for my thoughts on that product. Didnt log numbers so it is very easy to follow.

    R1 logs some supercharged BCAAs!
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