Every oral/sublingual IGF/Deer Antler extract

  1. Every oral/sublingual IGF/Deer Antler extract

    I can't seem to find any threads about these products so I'll go ahead and share my experiences in case the stuff is still floating around. Sorry for venting:

    These are all useless forms of IGF that for some reason I continued to try and expect results looking for a healthier alternative to hormone modulators . Several BS companies came out with the sprays, drops, and pills after the MLB publicly announced it's ban in I believe summer of 2011. "Oh, so that's what they're all taking!?" Most of these companies were similar to that of Force Factor in which they sold extremely overpriced bunk bottles with outrageous marketing claims but didn't make it to GNC thankfully. I don't know how GNC gets away with pushing that stuff anyhow but that's beside the point.

    I myself worked at a Complete Nutrition (never go there) at the time who began to carry SOTO IGF pills and sprays and HGH sprays. Their marketing rep had taken his share of gear and swore that the stuff "hit like superdrol." There was no "real" info online about its effectiveness so I picked up the spray and the pills which was supposedly going be way too much IGF. I immediately told all of my buddies about this new miracle drug so they went out and bought some online through Amazon and what not from a number of different companies. The stuff is not cheap, running from $40-80 a bottle and usually requires dosing by body weight so you could easily need 3 bottles a month.

    To my surprise, it did not hit like superdrol for any of us. Not one person I know has noticed a thing from it. So, determined to find my superdrol, I get convinced from another company that in order for the IGF to absorb sublingualy, it needed to be mixed with 35-55% alcohol. I bought 6 bottles and doubled the dosage for my body weight and saw absolutely nothing in a month as well.

    Despite a few honest efforts, the deer antler sprays were probably all intentional scams. I don't see many of them floating around anymore as they have since been disproven by research and ineffectiveness. Bottom line, don't be a dumbass like me and expect anything natural to hit anywhere close to a PH. The only thing close to "hitting like superdrol" is Alpha anyways. (Since the ban). The only way for IGF to be effective is through injection. If Ray Lewis really did only use IGF, he also injected it.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by OldShakerCup View Post
    The only thing close to "hitting like superdrol" is Alpha anyways. (Since the ban). The only way for IGF to be effective is through injection. If Ray Lewis really did only use IGF, he also injected it.
    What do you mean by Alpha?

    Also, regarding Ray Lewis, I doubt (like most others) that Lewis was using deer antler spray. To recover that fast, we all know he's taking something else.

    I remember seeing a website that sold deer antler spray, but it was more for cartilage repair and the like, not geared for building lean muscle. They sold green-lipped sea mussels who's properties also aided in cartilage repair. I tried it out and either placebo or it worked. I could tell a difference in my bad, right shoulder.

    This is an interesting read. At some point, we all become victims of hype. It's like part of us wants to, that part that dreams and fantasizes of what could be and we just roll with it like kids dazed with smoke and mirrors.

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