IForce (sponsored) Tropinol XP and Intimidate SRT & AE14

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  1. IForce (sponsored) Tropinol XP and Intimidate SRT & AE14

    Good morning everyone. Just back from a brief hiatus and am thrilled to begin my log with IForce. A big thank you to them for sending me a very generous stack.

    A quick rundown of everything about me

    37 years old 5' 10" 199lbs

    Been lifting since I am roughly 11 years old. I do 7 days a week of fasted cardio at 340 am and lift 6 days a week

    Wednesday- legs back
    Thursday- chest
    Friday- shoulders, bis
    Saturday- Legs back
    Sunday- chest, tris

    Here are the other supps I am currently using:
    Orange Triad
    Orange greens
    SNS caffeine (when needed)
    Pro Nom 23

    Thats it, I am typically a keep it simple kind of guy

    I will do my absolute best to update everyday with a rundown of the morning activities.

    Both first doses are in (last night with intimidate). The only thing off the bat with ISRT is that the sleep is deep and restful. I have used it before, and enjoyed some of the best sleep of my life.

    Hope to have many of you join along and see how good this stack can truly be.
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  2. reserved for final review
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  3. im excited for you! this gun be a great stack...

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  5. Cardio only this morning. Sleep was great again. Nothing else of note as it is only day 2.
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  6. in to follow along....i'd love to hear how your body reacts to intimidate srt vs the original intimidate
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  7. I will be honest, I didn't get much out of the original intimidate. I will say for the new intimidate sleep is far superior and the body recomposition is slightly better
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  8. Regarding Intimidate, I was in the same boat. Nothing much in terms of my body responding to it.

    This latest iteration has piqued my interest.

  9. I'll be in, looking forward to this!!
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  10. Another excellent night of sleep, which in turn lead to a strong workout.

    started with 43 minutes on the treadmill at 12% incline

    unfortunately, the extra few minutes on the treadmill meant a little less time lifting

    Box squats (8 sets) sets of 8 at 225lbs
    1 leg db squats (4 sets) 45lbs dbs

    Wide grip chins (4 sets) BW sets of 8-10
    BB rows (3 sets) 135, 185, 205 sets of 5

    Overall: obviously this early, not much in terms of strength to take note of. The sleep is great, and I dont feel terribly groggy waking up as early as I do. I am not too sure if the extra energy in the early hours is a placebo or an effect of the stack, but any extra push is always welcome to me.
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  11. With increased cardio (not purposely) I only had time for a brief chest workout

    45 minutes treadmill 12% incline

    Incline BP (9 sets) 3 sets at 225lbs sets of 5-8
    Flat flyes/press super set (4 sets each) 50lbs dbs) sets of 8

    Everytime I do the superset, I am sore as hell the next day.

    Sleep was not as good, not as a result of ISRT, but more the dog.

    Also, first real item of note, as per my wife. Libido is ridiculous.
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  12. Back to the grind today. Here was the shoulder/bi rundown

    BTN Press (6 sets) 115-135 sets of 8
    Side/Rear db laterals superset (4 sets) 30lbs sets of 8 <pump was outrageous>

    BB Curls (5 sets) 95-115lbs sets of 8
    Hammer curls (5 sets) 50lbs sets of 10

    Today is the first day that I noticed any increased pump, specifically in the rear deltoid and forearm. Forearm vascularity improved as well. Also remember that I did normal pre workout cardio prior to the lift.
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  13. Will be updating shortly with yesterday's leg/back day and today's chest/try day
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  14. Here is a quick rundown of the last 2 days and some thoughts:

    Saturday (legs/back)
    Box squats (12 sets) sets @ 225lbs 5 reps from total seated position
    standing calf raises (12 sets) used same weight after each set of box squats

    Rack pulls (5 sets) mid shin sets @ 455 5 reps
    BTN pull ups (5 sets) BW to failure
    BB rows (4 sets) all 4 @ 185lbs sets of 8

    Sunday (chest/tris)
    Flat BP (7 sets) 310lbs 2 reps
    Incline BP (4 sets) sets @ 225lbs sets of 7

    JM Press (5 sets) 2 sets @ 205lbs 5-6 reps
    1arm db ext (4 sets) 35lbs sets of 8

    For today, the pump was excellent. Strength is good, sleep has leveled off but there is a lot of stress at the moment both at home and at work which I think is contributing to that as well. ISRT cannot be that strong of a miracle worker.

    Changing up shoulders and bi's tomorrow as I am going to focus more on DB movements for shoulders and heaver BB movements for bis. Will most likely be using the fat grippz for bis as well.

    Also, in the market for a GHR and might have found one. Will update that as well
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  15. changed up the plan this morning and stuck solely with shoulders after my 45 minute treadmill

    Arny presses (5 sets) 60lbs sets of 8-10
    Standing press (5 sets) up to 185lbs sets of 4
    DB laterals supersets <side/rear> 30lbs sets of 8

    Pump was outrageous this am, which was why I stuck with shoulders. So far the stack has been impressive. I have not noticed anything out of the ordinary in terms of physical changes, but I do have more energy for certain.

    Also, not trying to be gross, but as previously mentioned libido is through the roof and the quantity of "result" is also WAY increased
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  16. ewww groce!!!
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  17. Name:  ForumRunner_20131118_195041.png
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    Woo how. Just put it together

    The guy has a safety squat bar on sale too.
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  18. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    Name:  ForumRunner_20131118_195041.png
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    Woo how. Just put it together

    The guy has a safety squat bar on sale too.
    wtf is that lol
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  19. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    wtf is that lol
    Did a few sets with it last night to try it out. Awesome.
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  20. glute ham machine?? looks like something youd find on various porn sites..
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  21. Got to put the new GHR to good use today.

    Typical 45 minutes of cardio with legs to follow

    Box squats (10 sets) sets @ 225lbs 5 reps
    GHR (6 sets) BW sets of 8 (excited to try this with excess weight)

    Funny enough my 10 year old daughter loves the GHR, been doing back extensions like a fiend

    My right hammy is very tight, but it felt great and I am thrilled to use it again on Saturday after some deads.

    Also, hoping to pick up the safety squat bar within the next 2 weeks.
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  22. This might be a brain fart.. but wtf is a ghr lol..
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  23. Glute Ham Raise

    Good morning workout again.

    45 minutes treadmill 12% incline

    incline BP 3 sets @ 225lbs each for 8
    incline db fly/press superset (4 sets each) 55lbs all sets 8-10

    Pump was great. Strength is good but nothing noteworthy in terms of change.
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  24. GHR is the #1 exercise/piece of equip to use for hamstring development, IMO. Your DL AND squat #s will go up once you start adding those in. srs. Good stuff in here!
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  25. Added one more piece

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