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  1. Did Pull and Legs today plus cardio. It was awesome. Ready for push tomorrow!

  2. Today was an awesome back day. Feeling the power of the XGels the whole time! Also, feeling much bigger!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by HBull View Post
    Ya. I feel bigger lol. Can't stop flexing in the mirror haha. Don't think I lost fat since I have been eating 6-700 cals over (because of light cardio) at 3650 cals/day.

    haha gotta love that feeling

    how long u planning on running xgels ?

    keep working hard and xgels will deliver

  4. Today was legs. Didn't get much sleep but pushed through. Feelin' good

  5. 60 days as of now

  6. Today was a good back day. PRed in barbell rows at 125x9 and a few other smaller things like face pulls lol. Legs tomorrow!

  7. Awesome leg day! PRed squats at 155x9!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by HBull View Post
    60 days as of now
    Nice that's how long i ran my cycle too

  9. How quickly were you gaining weight?

  10. my main focus was on strength & to be more lean .. weight will all depend on diet

    xgels just helps you push heavier weight, but i noticed great endurance, vascularity within 2-3days to be honest .. but best times came in 2-3rd week on

  11. Awesome back day yesterday! Leg day tomorrow!

  12. I did a leg day yesterday. Haven't updated in a while. Nothing has changed (no PRs) due to injury to my back. But, it has gotten better, so I'm getting back on track! Going to hit chest in a few hours! Pumped as I've been working on form

  13. Ok, back on track! PRed at 85x11 on Military Press and hardly 145x8 on bench. Anyone have any tips as to bursting through bench plateaus? Since 145 is my bodyweight, I see why I've stopped here.... But, I know I can lift more. Please help!

  14. PR! (and with a back injury! Squat 160x8!


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