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  1. Wednesday 11/6:

    Tuesday was just some light cardio. My ankle is starting to get full ROM back. I am thinking hill sprints are coming soon!

    AlphaMax will be dosed 2 with 1st meal and 2 dinner or prebed for remainder of log

    I knew I would miss a day or 2 while my wife recovers. So I tried to destroy legs. This is a fun little pyramid I try to do at least once a month. Basically only rest is while adding, or removing the plates.

    1 scoop FitMax pre. Glad I didn't go any higher 1 scoop. Heart was racing pretty good, and legs were pumped!

    Leg Press Sled: All these include the starting weight of the sled. For instance 202lbs is 1 plate per side + Sled

    1x10 202lbs
    1x10 292lbs
    1x10 382lbs
    1x9 472lbs
    1x8 562lbs
    1x8 652lbs
    1x6 742lbs
    1x7 697lbs
    1x7 652lbs
    1x8 607lbs
    1x9 562lbs
    1x10 517lbs
    1x12 472lbs
    1x14 427lbs
    1x16 382lbs
    1x18 337lbs
    1x20 292lbs
    1x22 247lbs
    1x25 202lbs

    - Even though the weight wasn't that heavy, the Volume was killer!
    - I think I have gotten to the bottom of my breathing issues. Where I work the far end of our building is being renovated for a new MRI center. All the dust, drywall, etc, etc, etc is coming through our vents.
    - Fell asleep on couch again last night lol
    - GI discomfort is subsiding, I must be getting used to F95, in my next 4 weeks I will add in a few caps to hit 100mg

  2. Nice workout man, that's a ton of volume! Glad to hear the GI problem is going away, must be getting used to the forskolin!
    Black Lion Research Rep

  3. That's a pretty crazy amount of volume my guy. Despite overcoming some illness, you're getting exactly what this product is designed to do, half you're coping well with the C95 now, no GI issues for me either
    Former- Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  4. Glad you're ****

    Sorry we're currently IPL worlds, raise my hands up a lot at this competition
    Former- Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  5. Monday: Wife's surgery went as well as a surgery could go I guess. She was super sore and in a lot of pain all weekend.

    And in typical MONDAY form, on her way to work this morning, our Jeep Liberty transmission or something in the engine went out. I had to wake up 2 hours early and go pick her up and drive her to work. I didn't even go back and check on Jeep I said F' it. I will have it towed home.

    We only had 2 payments left on that POS, and now it's going to cost a bunch of money right before XMAS.

    Happy Monday!

  6. Sorry to hear about your rough Monday man. Hopefully it's an easy fix. How's the Alphamax had you feeling lately?
    Black Lion Research Rep

  7. Ahh sorry to hear that man, glad your wife's surgery went smoothly though.

    It just sounds like one of those days huh? Thanks for keeping such a detailed account of your training and diet, sure looking forward to the next update!
    Former- Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  8. All caught up and excited to be part of another Cubsfan log!

    Sorry to hear about your Jeep, bro, and I hope your well past the bronchial bug!

    Still crushing those curls I see...

  9. Things will get better. You've had the three bad things happen now time to have three good. I've heard this any ways things come in threes.

  10. It's true budman! Now it's time for the upswing!
    Black Lion Research Rep

  11. Thanks guys! This has been a real stressful past week. We are scrambling to find a new vehicle, and finding a 7 passenger in our price range is very difficult.

    We are hoping to get Kia Sorento V6 AWD but finding the 3rd is like finding gold.

    AlphaMax- I can tell my aggression is up, I want to punch these car dealers.
    - This should be the week when the Artimistane kicks in real good
    - Even though aggression is up, I have felt pretty calm??
    - Libido is not as high as I thought it would be, I assume the Artimistane is counter acting the 3,4

    Sleep is still greatly improved. I actually get in trouble because I was falling asleep and not helping my wife after her surgery lol. Oops

    So with this kind of product 8 weeks is def the best way to run it, and since I have had many hiccups in personal life interfering with this log, I will be buying a bottle to continue my run. This way I can give Performax a better log!

  12. Appreciate it cubsfan! We're pulling for ya to get everything squared away in your personal life! And yea, car dealers can be a huge frustration.
    Black Lion Research Rep

  13. With the bronchitis and stress of losing the vehicle, those could definitely contribute to increased aggression and a lowered libido, IMO.

    I hope your extended run goes better for you!
    “Care for the flock that God has entrusted to you. Watch over it willingly, not grudgingly—not for what you will get out of it, but because you are eager to serve God. ... lead them by your own good example.” 1 Peter‬ 5:2-3‬

  14. How goes it in here sir? Getting everything squared away?
    Black Lion Research Rep

  15. Quote Originally Posted by nicksox15 View Post
    How goes it in here sir? Getting everything squared away?
    Got new car 2 hours from our house Wednesday night

    Spent Thur/Fri/Sat in Wisconsin Dells.

    - I put the refractory reducing properties of AlphaMax to great use!!!!!

    I'm ready to get back on track.

  16. Sounds good man, looking forward to it.
    Black Lion Research Rep

  17. Quote Originally Posted by cubsfan815 View Post
    Got new car 2 hours from our house Wednesday night

    Spent Thur/Fri/Sat in Wisconsin Dells.

    - I put the refractory reducing properties of AlphaMax to great use!!!!!

    I'm ready to get back on track.
    Haha glad you noticed a difference.
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  18. So how are things going in here?
    Black Lion Research Rep

  19. Quote Originally Posted by nicksox15 View Post
    So how are things going in here?
    Got some updates coming. I have been on phone and I was waiting till i got to pc so I could copy stuff over.

    I need to check in on the other logs as well, even with all my stress and lack of steady workouts, I feel like my strength is increasing.

    Diet has been absolute dog crap, but I look leaner in upper body/Shoulder area. I feel harder too (That's what she said?)

    I really love the profile of AlphaMax. I really really really hope that the profile won't have to be changed anytime soon. Any idea?

  20. Love the that's what she said! And we won't be changing the profile so you're all good! We had a log on another site that gained five pounds while lowering his bf% while reporting strength increases as well. Glad you're noticing some similar effects!
    Black Lion Research Rep

  21. So, about those updates..... lol
    Black Lion Research Rep

  22. Hey man, how goes it?
    Black Lion Research Rep

  23. Quote Originally Posted by nicksox15 View Post
    Hey man, how goes it?
    Hey. I'll PM you to keep some personal stuff private.

    Even though I have missed a lot of updates, I will have my final review. The product is put together nicely, and makes an awesome cut/or bulk tool.

    I have actually felt a lot different on this product, than I have others. I have some observations and questions that I will post.

    Also, for those keeping track of my amazing bad luck in 2013, I have horrible pink eye in both eyes thanks to my daughters. Blah!

  24. Again, sorry for how this log went down. 2013 has turned in to one of the worst years I have had. My wife is dealing with some health issues that are very scary for a girl who is only 30. Seems like every time she has a doctors appointment, the news gets worse. To make things worse, our out of pocket medical bills are starting to drown us, and prescriptions from here on out are over $1,000/month after ins coverage.

    With that said, in my review here I noticed something rather unique for a product in the test booster type category.

    AlphaMax Final Review:

    Sleep: This was the first thing I noticed. It didn't take long for the L-DOPA/ZMA combo to kick in. I am someone who suffers from anxiety at night. Most nights I will stay awake for hours tossing and turning, worrying about life issues. With AlphaMax I was out like a light. I never had time to toss and turn. I can easily say, this was the best sleep I have had in years. In fact the night of my wife's latest surgery, I was nodding off, while she was lying there in pain, I almost got in big trouble for not helping her.

    Strength: Here is another place AlphaMax shines. We already no the profile is solid, so strength increase should not be a surprise. Even though I didn't get to run the product the way I hoped, I could tell that with all the missed workouts my strength did not fall off at all. At beginning of log I was running the rack on Biceps day starting with the 60lb DB's and struggled, last week I was able to easily start with 70's. I know 10lbs doesn't seem like much, but that was after missing workouts, and not being in rhythm so to speak.
    I know Artimistane really kicks in around week 3 or 4, running this product 8 weeks would be ideal. I believe on an 8 week run I could match my PR's that I hit running ABE/EPro last June.

    Libido: This was a tough one to judge for me. I noticed an increase a week or 2 in, but then with all the stress and things going on, I never really had time to think about it. I know for me personally Artimistane lowers my libido, others get the opposite effect. It was not crushed though, the 3,4 and L-DOPA kept it evened out. I bet some people will get a huge Libido boost. The few times I got to take advantage in this category I did not an awesome decrease in refractory time. That is a big plus for a 35 year old like myself. No one wants to wait around for ever for the 2nd round!

    Stress: Here is where I need some gurus to chime in. The entire month I was dealt bad news. My wife's stuff, having to buy a new car, having to drop $2,400 to repair a car, medical bills, etc, etc. Usually I would go super Alpha and want to smash everything in site. I would want to punch walls, throw stuff, etc. However, on AlphaMax the entire time I had a real calm overall sense of well being. I never blew up once. Could one of you guys tell me what part/parts of AlphaMax attributed to that? I loved it!

    Body Changes: My plan was to run high protein/ moderate carb diet around 2300 cals. In true fat guy fashion that didn't happen. I was never home at night enough to cook decent meals, I relied on a lot of fast/convenient foods. Some nights me wife wanted to eat her favorites to try to make herself forget what was going on. Overall there was no diet. However, my weight stayed the same. No noticeable increase in bodyfat, I actually looked a little leaner in upper body/shoulder area. Even though the goal was to lose weight, at this point I would call that a BIG WIN!

    Overall: I can tell that this will be a product that I will run multiple times. I had picked up a bottle from a sale, and was going to run 8 weeks. However, I have decided to take few weeks off of supplements. I will be grabbing more AlphaMax during the black Friday sale, then doing an 8 week run where I can better utilize it. The stacking combos are endless with this product, I have some pretty awesome ideas. With the end of a very popular AI coming in January, I hope a lot of people grab AlphaMax and try it out. It is one of the best all in one products I have seen in long time.

    I will add some thoughts about Fitmax shortly.

    Oh and I almost forgot. In the sleep category the Dreams were insane. There wasn't one night where I didn't have some crazy dream. Most were comical.

  25. Thanks for the thorough review man! Can you throw this up in the review section as well? Really sorry to hear about the trouble you've been going through lately, it'll work out for you, it always does! As far as the stress thing that's very interesting, most people find with an increase in test that their agression goes up not calming like you had. But it could be due to the improved sleep your body was better equipped to handle the stress, I know when I get a good night's sleep it takes alot more for me to fly off the handle.
    Black Lion Research Rep


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