Docbrown getting sexier with FitMax

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  1. Yea ive been really looking forward to DocBrowns final review!
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  2. Hey guys yeah total ******* here lol we are moving back to Alaska during the holidays.way to much going on at the same time...doing it right now!
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  3. Ok ok I just tried to do a product review but I'm not able to do it on my phone. Heading to Maine today but yes this will be done as soon as I have access to my computer.... Thanks for getting on my glutes about it guys!
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  4. No worries thanks! And moving to Alaska eh? My grandpa used to go there once a year, says it's the most beautiful place he's been and he's been alot of places! Good luck with the move.
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  5. yup going back to Nome! leave jan 7 from boston for a horrible little stint in Hawaii for two weeks and then, begin again in Nome for our 'real life' lol
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  6. alright gents! the product review is up!!! yay! ha ha! have a great Christmas everyone! thank you :-D
    Team EBF Elite

  7. Thanks alot!
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