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  1. Damn dude, did your shoulders remind you about that bad ass workout? Well done, how did Fitmax help with all that shoulder work?

  2. Your killin it in here chef!
    Life's a garden, dig it

  3. ok today i got going with chest again finally at the gym. i am off for two weeks hunting so i will get mid day workouts will be plenty and awesome.

    i got some free preworkouts from a really nice guy at the VitaZen store and liked it alot. low stim but great, loaded with beta alanine, citrulline malate creatine, caffeine etc etc.

    Chest came in like this;

    10 minute treadmill warm up

    decline 5/3/1 wendler with 75,95,115, 135 5 each 3 on the last one
    straight to flat bench smith machine
    95115,135,155,175,185,195 the last three were for 5,3,3 new prs for me!!! never pressed 195 ever especially for three so i know 200 wouln't be hard . next time.
    incline dumbbell press- 25,35,40,45 for 10 each

    dumbbell flyes-25,30,35,40 10 each

    standing cable flyes -high position
    30,30,45,45 all for 15

    same as above medium position
    same same

    low position
    30, 25,20,15 to failure

    cable dips 30 3sets 15

    one arm cable curls
    20,25,30,35 10 reps each arm

    21s ex curl bar-40 3 sets

    hammer curls
    30 for 3 sets 10

    that was an awesome workout there. great pump chest is already sore tomorrow will be rough. but worth it.

  4. Love them 21s!
    Life's a garden, dig it

  5. Lol, so no fitmax today I take it? Nice workout though!

  6. did i forget to include that? sh&t sorry, actually had that for breakfast after i came in from hunting. my bad. had fit max , joint support , a banana and raisin bran to carb up alittle before workout. jsut needed a pump today and brett was nice enough to give me some samples . i like to patronise teh local vitamin/supplement store when i can. he has a lot of sound advice he has given me in the past on injuries and what i needed for my age. seems everyone is selling stuff solely set for the younger generation. now that more of us older lifters are back in the game people need to adjust their customer base. we usually make more money too.(no me just guys my age, lol!)

  7. Tis all good man, was just bustin your balls!

  8. Off to widen my back and buy new shirts! Lol. Gonna try some new 21's on back and triceps today. Got a big fat doe this morning so protein is taken care of for thenext two weeks. I'll log the workout later.

  9. Sounds good man, send some deer jerky this way!

  10. ok finally getting to post yesterday's workout.

    back and triceps

    monumental work if i say so myself

    bentover barbell rows 4 sets of 10 underhanded
    seated machine rows 4 sets 10
    110, 150,170,170
    lat pulldowns 21's 4 sets
    100, 140,100,70
    seated cable rows 4 sets 10 pause hold 2 seconds
    pullups assisted 20 negative
    4 sets to failure ( average 5)
    one arm rows 4 sets 10 each arm
    bentarm pullovers
    45 lbs for 4 sets ten
    superset with cg bench press
    same as above

    close grip bench (smith)
    95,95,110,110 10 each
    one arm cable extensions shoulder level
    4 sets 10 at 30lbs
    rope push downs
    60 @ 4 sets 10
    reverse extensions
    same as above

    prior to training had my new workout cocktail
    1 scoop each-fitmax, super pump, flexible an ppf3 protein for total focus, pump and flexibility.

    man what a session i am still tight today. got so swole had to leave before i couldn't fit out the door. feeling good and liking what i am seeing from these sessions.

  11. Nice work sir, getting it done for sure!

  12. Would you mind throwing up a review in the Product Review section. Fitmax hasent got any reviews on there yet so it would be nice so others can see your experience.
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.
    Fitmax: Fat Burning Energizing Pre Workout!
    Alphamax: Advanced Myotropic Complex...Alpha Begins Here

  13. yes sir do it tomorrow.

  14. You da man chef!

  15. well got in legs today and destroyed them probably won't be able to make it down for posting later on so i will git it done now so i can take care of my aching legs for the next two days

    squats 5//3/1
    5 reps each
    75 warm up

    leg press 15 reps
    250 earm up
    super set calf raises 20 reps
    same as above

    seatedleg curls 15 reps

    lseated leg extensions
    70,80,90,100 15 resp

    seated calf raises
    95 4sets 15

    had and elderly lady help me to my truck ...lol!

    these are gonna hurt tomorrow for sure so i will be on the couch with my boy watching super hero movies all day !! oh yeah in our underwear just for a visual!

    preworkout cocktail of , fitmax , last of the flexible, and pump igniter great focus and pump, over stimmed a little had to sit down a few times to shake it off.
    have a good one boys!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Adizzle1 View Post
    Would you mind throwing up a review in the Product Review section. Fitmax hasent got any reviews on there yet so it would be nice so others can see your experience.
    tried to post izzle but got an error message. sent it up the chain to see what the issue is . i'll try again tomorrow if i get a reply.

  17. Lol I approve of the superhero movies! Coulda done without the visual

  18. the review is up in the product review section guys and girls to see. overall it delivered around the same as performax did. intense focus but i think i prefer performax better. jsut me but it didn't rock my world like i thought. focus was there for sure but no better than the other . great products both and thanks to NIcksox and adizzle for the support and confidence in me again. like i always say i don't kiss but to do or get logs i tell it like it is good or bad. Nothing wrong with this at all but if you are looking for a regular stimmed up preworkout or no product look somewhere else . this is completely different bird altogether and they don't advertise it that way anyway. if yu want to be on your game this is the one to go for. thanks guys. let me know if you need anything in the future i'd be obliged to help. Bo.

  19. Thanks for the honest review man! Fitmax is definitely similar in focus and pump as Powermax was but we definitely made it less of a stim product, although it still delivers some kick!

  20. Also, thanks for kicking butt in here! I really enjoy following your logs.


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