I received my uncut samples from appnutjeff a few days ago

Use 1: one cap just for energy at the end of a long day (and with a bad cold) liked the stim effect reminded me of dmaa was able to get some more work done around the house and felt really focused which surprised me because I'm very stim tolerant and my son woke me up at 4am so I was running on very little sleep and sick as a dog

Gave one cap to my wife for the next morning before pt gave her a mild anxiety attack

Use 2 actual workout(sort of): was feeling a whole lot better yesterday and was anxious to get back in the gym so I popped my last 2 caps around 7pm and god damn it was a little much had to smoke a joint to level out before walking to the gym felt really focused on my way there got in decided to hit a shoulder session got through my warmups didn't even make it to my heavy work sets before I realized I wasn't nearly as recovered from this cold as I had thought 135 felt like 265 and I started sniffling and sneezing and **** so I just did a few more sets at 135 and had to call it quits. I still had the stimmed out feeling but I was just run down. I feel like uncuts a good product I will probably pick up a bottle to try under better circumstances this colds just had me ****ed up lately