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Thanks guys and thanks for the opportunity.

It's been a good 2 weeks. Right off the bat I noticed immediate upper body relief,and to be honest I was very skeptical. I had tried a variety of joint based supps in the past, which focused around the same profile found here. None of them were as quick to respond as flexible.

I will acknowledge that I would prefer the pills over powder for convienence sake, but the product is most certainly worth a shot for anyone struggling with the typical aches and pains that this lifestyle can bring about.

In terms of the powder, it mixes easily, no need for crazy shaking of the cup or a blender. The fruit punch flavor is subtle, which is good as it has a lot to mask in this.

Really well done guys...I would recommend it for sure.
Awesome thanks for logging this for us AE! It was a pleasure having you on board. We do have this in caps too, on special on nutraplanet at the moment I believe