Super DMZ 2.0 Log 10/2013

  1. Super DMZ 2.0 Log 10/2013

    Hello Everybody, I am starting a Log of DMZ 2.0
    • Today (10/14/13) is my first day and here are my stats.
    • Age-23 Height-6'1 Weight-186

    • Cycle:First 4 Weeks:
    • Super DMZ 2.0
    • Anabolic Matrix
    • Advanced Cycle Support

    • Last 4 Weeks:-Advanced Cycle Support
    • Ultra Male
    • Anabolic Matrix
    • E Control
    • Clomid

    • I will be updating as much as possible. Looking forward to this cycle after a couple months of research. Please let me know if you see anything in my cycle schedule that should be corrected.

    • Few Questions:
    • What is your take on Pre Workout and Creatine on a DMZ cycle.
    • I have also found that I should take the advanced cycle support a few hours after I take DMZ in the morning.
    • Should I only take Ultra Male on PCT or run it all 8 weeks?

  2. Day 1 : I felt great worked out chest today had a great pump. Not feeling anything to crazy on day one but had a solid workout. I didn't feel sick at all or any different after taking it today and I took the full dose (1 AM 1 PM). Looking forward for getting back in the gym for day 2. Weight was at 187 this morning.

  3. Day 2: Awesome day yesterday, Had a amazing pump throughout my whole 2 hour workout. Worked out Bi's and Tri's really pushing myself and staying with my meal plan. Woke up and weight was 189 today. No sides yet, Felt kinda tired in the morning and needed coffee and im not a coffee drinker but I believe it was just because I did not get a full nights rest due to my early work schedule yesterday. Looking forward to getting back into the gym today!

  4. Day 3: Had a great start to the day, felt good all morning and started experiencing some headaches later on in the day before my workout. Due to my work schedule im usually up at 7am have breakfast at 7:30am and take first dose of DMZ with my breakfast. I do not make it to the gym until after work at around 8pm and have dinner after my workout around 10:30pm with my second dose of DMZ. I did get a little tired mid day to the point I had to leave the room and do push ups to get myself awake again but other than that I have felt overall very good. No sides as of yet and the pump in the gym has been great. I am feeling my arms harden up and look very full, so as of day 3 I am still enjoying DMZ very much.

  5. Good going. Please continue to post resumts .. Am starting super dmz and 4-ad in 2 weeks

  6. Day 6: Had a awesome first week on this stuff. Just now starting to feel like it is kicking in now. I have tons of endurance in the gym I can stay for hours. I can see my arms and chest gaining some size. I am going on my 3rd week of my meal plan I have ate very clean these past 3 weeks and I will continue for all 8 weeks of this cycle. My weight as of Day 5 was 194 so about a 8 pound increase in the first week. Strength has been going up as well and I have a solid pump throughout my entire workout. No sides yet, no back pumps or headaches might be because I drink so much water close to 2 gallons a day. I will check in after the first workout of this week looking forward to crushing it in the gym today.

  7. Save the creatine until post cycle. As for pre workout if your blood pressure is good I don't see an issue. I wouldn't use a stim heavy one though.
    "Strive to seize the initiative in all things"

  8. Day 7: Weight today is 194.6. Having great endurance in the gym not wanting to stop. Strength is hasn't jumped too much I just feel like im very full and my arms are becoming very hard. Love the endurance and staying focused hoping for some solid gains this week. Still no sides I am feeling really tired in the morning's but might be because I am only getting around 6 1/2 to 7 hours of sleep each night due to my schedule. But my meal plan has been on point. Will check in later this week.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by roblasane View Post
    Save the creatine until post cycle. As for pre workout if your blood pressure is good I don't see an issue. I wouldn't use a stim heavy one though.
    Totally agree...I messed up a few times by taking enhanced pre workout while on a epistane cycle. I got the worst Bp spikes. Iv never felt anything like it.
    Now I just stick to pure agamtine and bcaa pwo

  10. Day 16: weight at 197 this morning. Yesterday was the first day I received some bad back pumps during my workout. It got to the point where I had to stop an exercise because it got so severe. Also I feel numbing from time to time and yesterday I had some in my legs while I was on the treadmill warming up. Other than the back pumps and the numbing everything else has been great. I am still getting a great pump in the gym and I can focused throughout the entire workout. I am about half way done with cycle looking forward to more gains.


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