TSN Pump Igniter mini log/review

  1. TSN Pump Igniter mini log/review

    I will be trying out red raspberry Pump Igniter later today and will be starting at 2 scoops after reading a few of the reviews.

    Top Secret Nutrition Pump Igniter (30 servings): Discount Pump Igniter Supplements

    Smells good when you open it I can tell you that much already.

  2. First workout with 2 scoops was shoulders. It did smell good when I opened it but 2 scoop kinds tasted like cough medicine.

    Good workout but did not see much as far as a pump. Did have to pull myself out of the gym and I did notice increase stamina and energy.

  3. Mixed with a bit more water and taste was a little better.

    I think a name change could be needed maybe sweat igniter or rep igniter?

    Little bit of tingles on the lips and face for a few minutes and a great workout. Just not seeing much in the pump dept.

  4. I had a very good workout with Pump igniter yesterday. Best one with it yet even though I did not get a great pump I did notice more of a muscle fullness from previous days.

  5. Review:
    Solid product overall I would have thought I would have an issue with all the caffeine but I did not.
    Clean long lasting energy without any doubt but lacks in the pump department for me personally.
    I do like the sample serving size tubs I think it gives the consumer a good feel for the product.
    Thank you TSN for letting me try the product out.



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