Wicked mini log-Top Secret Nutrition PUMP IGNITER!

  1. Wicked mini log-Top Secret Nutrition PUMP IGNITER!

    Thank you to y'all over at Top Secret Nutrition for the chance to try your pwo. First thought is the red rasberry smells great! I jumped in with 2 scoops. It mixed up nice and fast. Taste is pretty good. Has a little aftertaste bite,but not too bad. The energy came on in about 15 min. Its not a shakey rush, but you know it has stims in it. I felt good in about 30-45 min, i dont know if it is from the nootropics but i'll take it. I went for a run(10/6) and had plenty of energy to spare. After tonights workout i will know more about the pump quality. First impression is thumbs up.

  2. 10/7

    PU WIDE-bw x20
    Dips-bw x40
    Pull ups wide-bw+25-10x10
    Bent ovr db rows-60x10x5
    110x6x2 PR
    Incline db fly-40x10x10
    Pull overs-80db-10x5

    I used 2scoops of Pump Igniter. It hit me the same about 15 min later. Had very good energy and focus to lift hard. The pump came on pretty fast as well. It wasnt over kill, just enough to know you took something. So on day 2, i still give it a thumbs up.

  3. 10/8
    Walk lunge-bw x20,bw+80 x80
    Frt sqts-135x15
    175 x10
    275x5 PR
    285x4 PR (1RM=310)

    Narrow stance sqts db-80s x10x8
    Calf raises-200x100(slpit 3 sets)

    I used 2 scoops of Pump Igniter again. That seems to work really well for me. I had a great workout today. I dont know why but i'll take it. PR is always good! Legs feel pretty pumped and vascular in my calves. No bad crash from This pwo. Day 3 and still all good. Prob have to add this stuff to my stash.

  4. 10/9
    Oh bb press-95x10x2,115x10x8
    Arnold press-50x10x10
    Around world-45plate-10x10
    Rear delt flys-25x10x10
    Dip shrugs-bw+60-10x10

    Today was my last workout with Pump Igniter.
    Final thoughts-energy-7.5/10
    Feel good-7.5/10
    All in all this is a pretty good pwo. Def worth having in your stash. Thank you again to Top Secret Nutrition.

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