Burning up with VMI Sports Burn-HC

  1. Burning up with VMI Sports Burn-HC

    Let me introduce myself and the current product I am using now for my cut. I am 5'8 195 around 15-17% body fat. Looking to drop about 10-15lbs while using the product. It's a once a day pill. I am about 10 days in and loving it so far. I am down about 4lbs so far. It has a great profile: dendrobium, caffeine, l-theanine to name a few. This is a great company and I like there products available so far. I do a typical bro 4 day split:
    Chest and Shoulders

    Cardio 3-4x a week. Diet is 200g protein 125-150g carbs and 90g fat. Will post past few workouts tomorrow just wanted to get this started. Any questions please just ask

  2. So far I am down about 5lbs in the last 2 weeks. One tab a day. I know that's not a lot but the energy and focus is good so far. The decrease in appetite is great also.

  3. So down another 3lbs so far with this product. I like that it's only one cap a day. I am keeping strength while cutting which is what we all want

  4. Update?

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