Purus Labs Island Punch to your Face! and D-pol

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  1. Purus Labs Island Punch to your Face! and D-pol

    Hey all. Welcome to my Purus log for Condense and D-Pol. I will be using the brand new Island Punch Condense and dpol tablets. Current training is 5/3/1 and I am on 9th cycle. I'm at a bit of a dilemma as I really want to try the Juggernaut method. Last week was my 3's week. I pulled 420x9, squatted 350x10, benched 200x6, and strict pressed 125x9. Haven't actually got my stack yet but hopefully it comes today. I'm eating at a super slight deficit right now trying to slim down that midsection. Macros at 35 35 30. 3000 ish calories, and no cardio. Weight was 235 last I checked. Any input on juggernaut method is appreesh!

  2. In..but I thought you were logging island punch?
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    doin it mountain dog style in here come along for the shred fest-http://anabolicminds.com/forum/workout-logs/229302-danbs-mountain-dog.html

  3. Let's get these going
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Danb2285 View Post
    In..but I thought you were logging island punch?
    Lmao. I'll go edit it.

  5. Ayo!
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  6. Well I went and lifted for the day. Came up after last squat UPS shows up.

    Argh!!!! I just lifted!!!!!,

  7. Took 3 dpol caps!

  8. Taking a scoop and a half for strict press day later, IF I decide to lift. I got very little sleep last night. <4 hrs. I am miserable and training might be a bad idea.

    On a good note I opened the condense yesterday and it smells like a tropical pineappley cocktail! Super excited to try it!

  9. Nice dude !!! even the boxes the orders come in are bad ass lol.

    Should be getting my order today...can't wait.

  10. Well a smart man would have rested up and trained when their body was ready. I am not a smart man. I trained my ass off even though I've been up since 11 pm last night. What a true test of these two products. I took a scoop and a half of the condense. Very light flavor, taste, and color. I was really surprised!! I am so used to preworkouts so disgusting I can barely keep them down and I gag and make terrible faces as I choke them down. Condense is truly a treat! Within minutes I really started to feel better, newsflash I felt like utter crap! I actually wanted to train because training always makes me feel better. Anyway took my 3 dpol caps and my condense 30 minutes before lifting. Strict presses today for me. I'm using my 5/3/1 1's week to test maxes for when I start Juggernaut method. I worked up to a 160 strict press for a PR match. Went for 170 but couldn't unrack it from shoulders. No way I was going out like that. Tried again at 170 and pressed that sucker up with better form than my 160. I did some chins got some more volume on presses, curls, and db lateral raises(with dumbbell in crook of arm). Really nice arm vascularity, I also noticed I had a real nice pump and could see my muscles through my skin more than usual. Trained for 70 minutes and I felt great the whole time. Real nice endurance. I hope you guys are getting how utter crap I felt and how much better I was after these two Purus products. I will post my actual training later when I'm not so flipping tired. Nothing like 12 hour work shifts that start at 5 am, let me tell you. I will also post some lifting vid in the future. /end rant

  11. Press
    100x3 120x2 140x1
    160x1 PR match
    170x1 PR!


    Superset with chin doubles and triples
    Chins total 19

    Ez curl narrow grip
    Superset with
    DB lateral raise
    25x10 30x10 cutoff as I did this a couple days ago and didn't want to abuse shoulders.

  12. Just got my condense on! 1.5 scoops for some ME Deadlifts! I'm actually fighting a cold so I'm not happy about that. 18 minutes after condense I'm getting some face tingles and narrowing focus. I love beta alanine, I'm glad Purus included it.

    I want to speak on the serving size and flavor. These scoops pack a punch! I feel like they are deceptively small. It really makes me wonder what the heck is in other preworkouts I've taken. Then the taste, holy crap this island punch tastes amazing! So light and fresh, and no chemical gagging taste. I'm in awe. Its time to go stand up with some heavyass weight. One last thought, I'm glad you included a long handled scoop Purus. Scoop was on top when I opened and I don't have to fight to get my hand in the tub!!!

  13. That deceptively small scooper indeed packs a punch dude.

    The whole blend of BA, nitrates, betaine, caffeine and betaine will crush through any plateau and just keep you going and going...think about it how many products can do that in just 1 actual scoop ???

  14. Quote Originally Posted by ryanp81 View Post
    That deceptively small scooper indeed packs a punch dude.

    The whole blend of BA, nitrates, betaine, caffeine and betaine will crush through any plateau and just keep you going and going...think about it how many products can do that in just 1 actual scoop ???
    All at the exact doses done in the peer reviewed human studies. Weird how that would workout in real life.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  15. Deadlift
    225x5 275x4 315x4 365x3 405x1 455x1
    495x0/0 485x0 405x1 425x1 445x0

    Romanian deadlift

    Well not what I was hoping for. I'm not one for missing lifts or maxing out especially when under the weather. Couldn't break my 475 PR this time. Can't wait to be doing rep work again.

  16. Took a scoop and a half for bench press. I love the taste of Condense and the experience of drinking it, what a pleasure. Great vascularity and focus. Got another PR today. Total of 3 for the week. 2 using condense and dpol. Look forward to getting back to 531. I've decided even though I was going to switch routines to the Juggernaut method, for the sake of this log and purus' generosity I will stay on 531 for 1 more cycle. I might do a back and bis hypertrophy workout tomorrow, we'll see!

    Bench press ME
    Work sets
    260x1 PR!

    Lying tricep extension
    35x8 65x8
    80x11/7/7 goal 25 met

    So glad this week of max effort is over.

    Current Personal Bests
    Squat 435 New!
    Press 170 New!
    Deadlift 475
    Bench Press 260 New!

  17. Libido is up already!

  18. Took 1 scoop and did some back and bi's work. Had OK vascularity and got a nice enlarged back pretty quick. Traps got a lot of blood flow, not much else to say except I wanna know what 2 scoops is like.

    Bb rows, machine rows, nothing heavy.

    Kroc rows
    40x8 60x8 105x25 PR match

    Light Power shrugs

    Ez bar curls

  19. Scoop and a half. Took it easy on strict press, last week was rough. Chins were strong I don't normally do triples so I'm happy I am now. Maybe quads are in my near future! I actually would have liked something more geared towards a pump for this but then again for squats and deads I wouldn't want that pump.

    95x5 110x5 120x5+ goal 12

    Push press


    All presses superset with chins.

    lateral db raise
    25x10 30x10
    Db pull over

    Shoulders tender so I cut it off, first time doing a db pullover.

    Squatting today! First 2 scoop training coming up.

  20. Sexy fun time with the wife last night. D-pol really works for me with my low average test.

  21. Lookibg good in here. Just got caught up. Congrats on the bench PR
    Purus labs Rep
    doin it mountain dog style in here come along for the shred fest-http://anabolicminds.com/forum/workout-logs/229302-danbs-mountain-dog.html

  22. First time taking 2 scoops. Felt great, plenty of energy, big pulls.

    260x5 300x5 340x5+ goal 12
    340x9 vid
    365x2 vid
    Took it easy on squats.

    Powershrug Hell! (New MAB routine)
    135x10 225x10 315x10 405x10 495x10PR

    BB Hack Squat

    Squats, felt good and easy. 340 set my wrist got under the bar and was bent backwards so I stopped. 1 or 2 more were probably there so I did a joker set.

    Straight awesome, most weight I ever moved besides leg press.

    Squat 340x9


  23. Pretty good day. Destroyed chest and lats. 1.5 scoops condense.

    Bench press
    145x5 170x5 190x5 goal 13

    Db bench press
    40x8 65x7
    these were neutral grip with an increased ROM

    Lying tricep extension
    70x8 85x8/6/5

    All presses superset with neutral grip pull ups

  24. 2 scoops for deadlifts. My CNS was firing flipping awesomely!
    Condense is good for deadlift days!

    310x5 360x5 405x5+ goal 11
    405x11 PR!



  25. Squat day.
    I didn't expect much spending many hours hunched over changing brakes and rotors on my car, plus training really late. Oh yeah, broke a freaking bolt off a caliper mounting bracket. So that just made my day. So I used 2 scoops to combat all the things working against me. Worked pretty well but I just didn't have the strength for my squat top set nor the energy to do my hack squat burn set.

    280x3 320x3 360x3+ goal 9
    315x2 paused

    Powershrug hell
    545x4 PR


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