Purus Labs Island Punch to your Face! and D-pol

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  1. Update coming. Been busy with travel and an interview.

    tl:dr update, been using 1 scoop, gets me super ready to lift. Good trainings.

  2. Big assed update.
    Ive been using 1 scoop only, I love how the beta alanine tingles come on and really gets me pumped to lift. I either mix the condense with some pineapple bcaa's or Pure pf3. Both taste amazing!
    Lifting has been going good, plugging along on the new juggernaut routine. Ive been taking vitamin d daily to make up for not getting it from d-pol. Its not the same lol.

    Juggernaut accumulation phase
    10's wave

    Deadlift no belt doh

    Wide stance good morning

    High bar squat

    Deadlifts were some tough cardio. I wasn't going to do lunges so I squatted. Forgot to do db side bends.

    Juggernaut Accumulation phase
    10s wave

    Bench Press all paused

    Pendlay row


    Incline bench press

    Dips 2x a week is tough.

    Juggernaut Intensification phase
    10s wave

    85x5 95x5 105x10/10/9
    Short 1 rep. Sets of 10 are tough!

    Dips @ gym weight 242

    BTN press

    DB chicken wings
    30x10 35x10 40x10 45x4 pr


    Juggernaut Intensification phase
    10s wave

    Squat no belt
    240x5 270x5
    Brutal beyond belief. Was my first time squatting in Chucks as well so felt a bit strange.

    Powershrug hell
    135x10 225x10 315x10 405x10 495x10

    Wide stance good mornings

    Juggernaut intensification phase
    10s wave

    Deadlift no belt double overhand
    260x5 300x5


    DB side bends

    My grip started to slip at end of deadlift set 2 so I used versagripps for set 3. My lungs were screaming and it took about 15 minutes to recover from that 14 rep set.

    Juggernaut intensification phase
    10s wave

    Bench press all paused
    135x5 150x5 165x10/10/10

    Pendlay row
    135x5 150x5 165x10/10/10

    Dips@ gym weight of 241

    Incline db bench press neutralish grip (paused)

    Cable Ab curl

    I feel bad I havent been updating enough. Tub almost gone. Regretting using all those scoop and a halfs and double scoops,

  3. Still with 1 scoop. Working well. Nice vascularity, energy, and performance.

    Juggernaut Realization Phase
    10s wave

    Squats no belt

    What I should've done.
    220x5 260x3 305x1 325xamrap

    What I did
    225x5 260x5 305x1 325x10
    Squats were super heavy today. Needed a rest day.

    Powershrug hell
    135x10 225x10 315x10 405x10 495x10 545x3

    Wide Stance Good Morning

    High bar squat

    Juggernaut Realization Phase
    10s wave

    75x5 90x3 105x1 115xamrap

    Dips @242

    BTN Press

    Neutral grip pull ups
    Lat pulldowns

    6 minutes on seated elliptical, arms only.

    Nice session. Happy with press top set. Added a dip, and 5 on btnp. Lat pulldowns were tough after actual pullups.

    Deadlifts in a bit!

  4. 1 scoop for deadlifts. Kinda wish I had a little more. Maybe its the lack of dpol. Just ran out of steam a little.

    Juggernaut realization phase
    10s wave

    Deadlift beltless
    240x5 285x3 335x1 355x14


    Hyperextension with 10 lb plate behind head

    DB side bends

    Some other random stuff.

  5. I can definitely notice a decrease in recovery times and feeling run down on days I don't take dpol. Still Not a bad day man. 355 x 14 is serious weight!
    Purus labs Rep
    doin it mountain dog style in here come along for the shred fest-http://anabolicminds.com/forum/workout-logs/229302-danbs-mountain-dog.html

  6. Dpol works, no doubt about it. Wrapping this log up later.

  7. 1 scoop only for bench pressing. Really good session. Had great endurance and recovery. Ive gotten real accustomed to using 1 scoop.

    Juggernaut realization phase
    10s wave

    Bench press all paused
    120x7 145x3 170x1 190x10

    Pendlay row
    120x7 145x3 170x1 190x10

    Dips @gym weight 240

    DB Row
    50x8 90x5 140x3/5 PR 120x8/10 PR

    Incline DB press all paused

    Cable Ab Curl
    150x16 160x10/10

    /End 10's wave.

  8. ! scoop of Condense for pressing yesterday. Another fantastic training day. Great endurance, recovery, and performance. I started feeling the stuff kick in hard within 7 minutes. Makes you all warm and tingly and amped up.

    Juggernaut Accumulation Phase
    8s wave

    Press day

    Strict Press

    Dips @gym weight 239

    Standing BTN press

    Chins superset after each press warmup and set

    Upper body conditioning
    6 minutes seated elliptical, arms only

  9. Last training for the log! I was scraping the bottom of the tub and I thought there was about 2 scoops but I guess there's maybe a scoop left still. 1 and 2/3 scoops Condense for today's squats. I had big plans so i wanted to perform well. I was super warm and was always ready for more throughout today's training. I didn't feel strong but I was real able to perform. Put in some serious squat volume followed up by a PR on rack pull then powershrug.

    Juggernaut accumulation phase
    8s wave

    Squats no belt
    285x8/8/8/8/11 vid

    Rack pull followed by powershrug, reset each rep. Bar @ kneecap level.
    135x10 225x10 315x10 405x10 495x10 545x6 PR


    285x11 (5th set)

    So here we are at the end. Condense and D-Pol. Truly a winning combo. When used together you can train and train and train.

    D-pol review
    Caps are a bit big and sharp edged. I do prefer a capped form supplement but custard creme is too good not to get.

    In the gym dpol gives energy for days. You can train and train and train and train.

    In the bedroom I found increased performance, and an increase in the number of performances. An epic win!

    I love dpol. Wish I could afford to always have it on hand.

    Condense Island Punch

    Taste, 10/10 Great light flavor that pairs well mixed with bcaa's, and also I tried pf3 mixed with condense. Both were really good. In every preworkout log Ive ever done Ive tried to be nice about saying the flavor pretty much sucks. Condense is the new benchmark imo for preworkout flavoring and taste.

    Dye, No dye. Not a big deal if its there or not but I prefer no dye.

    Beta alanine: I prefer a preworkout with beta alanine and condense has it.

    creatine: no creatine I prefer to supplement my own creatine mono and dont like getting it micro dosed to me in preworkouts, especially in proprietary blends.

    caffeine: gotta have it! Condense has it!

    Energy: Condense gave me energy to do high volume sets with pretty heavy weight! Paired with d-pol loads of energy!

    Performance: Always great performance, even when I scaled down to 1 scoop sessions mid-log.

    Honestly this is a product that performs with minimal ingredients and tastes amazing.
    Thank you Purus Labs.

  10. Great final review, thanks.
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  11. Thanks for the review and log man! Glad you enjoyed the stack.
    Purus labs Rep
    doin it mountain dog style in here come along for the shred fest-http://anabolicminds.com/forum/workout-logs/229302-danbs-mountain-dog.html

  12. Thanks for the review, and the log. Glad to see that you liked the taste too.
    Eliminate the impossible and whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.


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