Vignmachine's Ultradrol Elite Log

  1. Vignmachine's Ultradrol Elite Log


    So, firstly, the title essentially details what this is: a log of Elite Formulation's "Ultradrol Elite".
    I've already been through 10 days of my cycle, but today I decided to log the rest of my cycle. The results of the first 10 days will be posted below.
    Note that each capsule of the "Elite" version of Ultradrol is 7mg of methylstenbolone instead of the typical 4mg.

    Personal details:
    I'm 23 years old; I've been lifting consistently for two years. This is my third PH cycle in those 2 years, the first two being non-methylated (sp?) compounds.
    I started out as a 150 lb 21 year old, and have gotten to the point of fluctuating in the 185-190 range. My strength has always been relatively good, and the other cycles I've taken have maximized strength rather than mass. This cycle, for me, was intended more for the latter of the two.

    Cycle details:
    So, as I mentioned, I'm already on day 10 as of this post. I started right off at 14/mg a day and have been running it like that since.
    I'm planning on bumping it up to 21 as of day 14.
    Ultradrol 14/14/21/21 MAYBE 21 for week 5, but I may taper back down to 14.
    I'm also running Organ Shield, supplementary milk thistle, multivitamins, vitamin c, flax oil, omega 3, and the kitchen sink.

    Clomid: 25/25/25/25
    Arom-x: 0/0/0/2/2/2/2

    Cycle Results thus far (until Day 10)
    Ultradrol Log

    Day 1:
    Morning Weight: 185.5
    Night weight: 187.5

    Day 2:
    Morning Weight: 185.5
    Night weight: 188

    Day 3:
    Morning Weight: 188
    Night Weight: 190

    Day 4:
    Morning Weight: 188
    Night Weight: 192

    Day 5:
    Morning Weight: 190.5
    Night Weight: 193

    Day 6:
    Morning Weight: 190.5
    Night Weight: 193

    Day 7:
    Morning Weight: 190.5
    Night Weight: 193

    Day 8:
    Morning Weight: 191
    Night Weight: 196

    Day 9:
    Morning Weight: 193
    Night Weight: 194

    Day 10:
    Morning Weight: 193.5
    Night Weight: 195

    No major side effects to report. I've encountered some lethargy, fatigue and acne. That being said, the gains have FAR outweighed the side effects.
    My blood pressure has been normal (for me anyway) at 121/68.

    Strength Gains:
    Honestly, the mass gain has far outweighed the strength gains thus far. However, I did go up 10 pounds on my compound lifts. My isolation excercises have increased on average of 2 reps...which is GOOD, but relative to the mass's...meh.

    Feel free to ask me questions or offer suggestions on my cycle!

  2. Do gains really come on this quickly while using a pH? Thats impressive. Hope the rest of the log is successful for you.

  3. With the other two cycles (both were 4 week), gains came slowly and really only picked up in the third week. This is the first experience I've had where a PH has really been effective right out of the gate...though I've read that Ultradrol is known to do that, perhaps due to its composition and potency.

  4. Today's weight first thing in the morning was 192, which is a 1 lb drop from yesterday. That could be due to a variety of things (less water, earlier wake-up, etc).
    My workout felt great, though. I did back and biceps and I've really gotten "in the zone" my last few workouts. I think the UD has had more of an impact on my muscular endurance rather than my muscular strength, at least thus far. My strength gains ARE up, but not significantly.

    Still no sides to report, really. Like I've previously stated, the gains-to-sides ratio of this compound are the best I've tried so far.

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