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  1. Yesterday pretty much every joint in my body was screaming at me (back, fingers, ankle, wrist...not the shoulder or knees though which is cool) and I felt really beat up. I doubled up on my fish oil and cissus and even hit the ibuprofen which I almost never resort to; most importantly I rested all day. Today I am feeling way better. My finger only hurts a little bit, my ankle feels much better, my wrist is good, my back feels almost as good as new (well, used but not as beat up ) and my shoulder feels great! I only have a few more workouts on this log, so I am glad I will not have anything in my way when I go to kill it tonight! I just scarfed down 2 ABE, 1g berberine and 1g agmatine and then ate an awesome PWO meal about 25 min later. Workout summary coming up in a few hours .


  2. Oh also I have enough XFA to bump up to 8 caps this week. Should I do it??? Or do you think it's better to just stick with 6?

  3. Just had a great workout, great BJJ session, and feel awesome. Joints feel great, still full of energy, and loving it! Multiple PRs today . Here are the numbers:

    Bent-over row: 107KG x 6-4-3 (same number of reps as last week with 103KG! still kept perfect form), 117KG x 1, 127 KG x 1 (1 rep PR! It didn't even feel too heavy but I didn't want to start breaking form so I stopped there)
    Rack deadlift (already had the bar in the right place from bent-over rows so I figured why not): 127KG x 5, 147KG x 3, 177 x 0 (I was expecting to get this, but the fact that the bar is bent and unbalanced was really noticeable and I didn't feel great pulling it...I decided to abort to avoid the risk of hurting myself and I stand by that decision )
    Med-grip pull down: 107.5KG x 12-5-3 (PR...beat the hell out of my old PR from like a week ago )
    Cable curl: 150 x 5-2-2 (aaaaaaaaaaaand another PR! I could barely do 120 for this many reps 8 weeks ago!)
    Hammer-grip dumbbell curls: 40s x 9-3-3 (you guessed it: another PR! I will have to move up to 45s on Friday)

    I think I will repeat these exercises on Friday except switching to super-wide grip pull downs as my shoulder feels great even after all the lifting and jitsing! I like how these hit my biceps more than my preacher curl/reverse-grip cable curl routine that I have been alternating with.

    Did 10 min cardio as a warm up, and 10 min of cardio after lifting before heading to BJJ. Did a solid no-gi session. Not too crazy, but not too light. Learned a couple of things, did a couple of things that let me know my game is improving even from last month, and had a great time.

    I taped my middle and ring fingers during lifting and BJJ as they were both still bothering me a bit (mostly middle finger...guess I've been flipping too many people off lately ). They don't feel any worse than they did before lifting and BJJ so I'm very happy about that. I made sure not to use that hand too much and focused more on locking people down higher up on my arms and keeping a tighter game while keeping my hips mobile. Good practice as anything that helps you get your hips moving and try some new things is good.

    2 more workouts before I can celebrate a log well done (and I'll prob log my workout Saturday, too...I'm just gonna have a beer or two on Friday with a very large, well-earned cheat meal ). It's been a long one, but I hope to impress you all with some killer visible results in addition to setting PRs on freakin everything multiple times over for the past 8 weeks. Thanks again to all of you for following this!


  4. Very impressive results, X-Factor Advanced works amazingly for fat loss, which many do not realize.

    I see no reason not to try bumping it up to 8 caps per workout!
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  5. I didn't have to tutor today, so I ate a handful of craisins, chewed a piece of Thermo Gum, took 3XFA w/ GPLC and GMS, hung around for 30 min and then went to do some cardio. I did a 30-min job on the elliptical, and then decided to do some hip-ups as they were in an article on AM I read yesterday and I sort of forgot they existed for awhile. They won't interfere with my pushing day tomorrow, so I figured why not. I have no idea what a "good" weight is for that exercise and am not familiar on suggested rep schemes, so I just did sets of 10 with 60, 100, 120, and 140 KG. By the time I got to 140KG I needed two bar pads to help make them less painful where the bar contacted my hips. It felt like a good hip/glut workout, though. I ended with some simple ab stuff and went home. Hopefully that helps make up for the fact that I forgot my chicken/coconut oil stir fry today and had to replace that afternoon snack with a [freaking awesome] cupcake with peanut butter frosting. All's well that ends well I guess .


  6. ThermoGum is great stuff. We are friends with Matt Pearson who made that product, he comes out with some of the coolest and most unique products to ever hit our industry!
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    X-Factor: THE Most Scientifically Valid Muscle Builder, Ever!
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by SwolenONE View Post
    ThermoGum is great stuff. We are friends with Matt Pearson who made that product, he comes out with some of the coolest and most unique products to ever hit our industry!
    Yeah I keep a pack at work all the time in case I start crashing in the middle of the day. Definitely an original product.

  8. Thumbs up for Thermo Gum. I haven't had any in a couple of years but it was a great kick in the ass when I needed it.

    Matt Pearson's formulations never fail to impress.
    William Llewellyn's Anabolics, Underground Anabolics, and SSRG ebook editions!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Patuba View Post
    Thumbs up for Thermo Gum. I haven't had any in a couple of years but it was a great kick in the ass when I needed it.

    Matt Pearson's formulations never fail to impress.
    Yeah great bang for my buck... literally (it was a Buck a pack... hard to beat)

  10. Absolutely monstrous day in the gym tonight! I upped it to 8XFA before downing my PWO. I had crazy insomnia last night...again...and only got about 5 hours of sleep. Chewed a piece of thermo gum before teaching this afternoon. Honestly, I didn't feel too bad due to the extra energy Anacyclus in ABE gives me. I dosed about .7-.8g of berberine, 1 gram of agmatine, and 2 ABE before my PWO meal. I was feeling a bit tired before my workout, so I made sure to take a proper dose of my PWO for energy, another 250mg of agmatine and 300mg of KNO3 and I was on my way. I pushed myself harder than I possibly ever have before. This is my last pushing workout on this log. I have been fighting to get back to the PRs I set a few weeks ago, and didn't want to end this log defeated. Here are the numbers:

    Dumbbell flat bench: 85s x 9-3-3 (PR, finally beat the 9-3-2 I had a few weeks ago!!!)
    Dumbbell shoulder press: 65s x 6-1-2 (PR! I finally beat the 6-2-0 from a few weeks ago!)
    Close-grip bench press: 80KG x 5-3-3 (PR! I had a spotter this time who I trusted not to help me unless I told him to, so I was able to push myself to the limit)
    Dumbbell side raise: 40s x 12 drop set to 20s x 15
    Dumbbell front raise: 40s x 15 drop set to 20s x 21
    Triceps press (I still had energy and time because I cut cardio short, and I wanted to hit my triceps fiercely today): cascade (continuous drop sets with no rest) 200 x 1, 190 x 2, 180 x 3, 170 x 4, 160 x 2 or 3 (couldn't remember because I was so out of it after that crazy idea for a set), then wrote that stuff down (rested for however long that took; maybe 30-40 seconds or less) and hit 160 x 5 to finish it off.

    Cardio was 15 min nice and spirited on the elliptical.

    BJJ was awesome! Did some super high-intensity rolls, and ended with some lighter ones to work techniques. Felt super drained by the time I had to go home, but in a good way.

    I worked my a** off to beat those PRs on flat bench and shoulder press. I was going nuts. My last reps were full of screaming and slow to get up, but I never gave up and refused to let myself fall short of PRs no matter how much my body was shaking and screaming for me to stop. By the last sets of each of those, my legs were twitching uncontrollably, my eyes were bright red, and I had veins popping out of everywhere.

    My last rep on shoulder press was SLOW. I was giving it my all and refused to let that last rep beat me. While I was screaming and slowly getting it up, a nice guy came to try to help me. I couldn't be bothered to think of anything in Chinese to say and just screamed "no no no no no no" until he backed off looking really frightened. I felt like an a**hole but I couldn't let him help because then I didn't beat my old PR properly. I apologized right after and we had a laugh about it, though. I think by this point I am the crazy guy in the gym. It's bad enough I'm white, but now I'm the guy who go so intense he is screaming and twitching uncontrollably during his sets and yelling at anyone who tried to help. ...I'll get over it

    I have never looked as vascular as I do right now. I notice while doing warm-ups for bench that I actually have veings popping out in my shoulders that I have never had before. Not just visible, but popping out. It's freakin awesome to see those kinds of results! I am down somewhere around 5 lbs, but seem to have dropped way more fat than that and added a lot of muscle. Mission recomplished . I am going to take proper "after" pics tomorrow as it will be the last night I can do it when I haven't worked out (before and after pics will both be on a Thursday night at the same time not having worked out for posterity). I will post them here soon. Stay tuned for my last logged workouts on Friday (pulling) and Saturday (legs). It has been an awesome 8 weeks! Thanks so much again to Tim and the whole MN crew, Nattydisaster and the whole PES crew (esp bolt and bdcc for the encouragement during this log ), and all of you who have been following my long-winded log entries! I really appreciate it, all of you .


  11. Quote Originally Posted by tyrub42 View Post
    Yeah great bang for my buck... literally (it was a Buck a pack... hard to beat)
    I too stocked up during that sale!
    Molecular Nutrition - Unlevel The Field
    X-Factor: THE Most Scientifically Valid Muscle Builder, Ever!
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  12. Last pulling day report:

    I had a strange schedule today. I had to go to work early for our school "birthday," where I participated in a race and several tug-of-wars. I then got to take the afternoon off before going to a mandatory school dinner. I got my lifting done before the school dinner, and will go to BJJ in a few minutes. I recently got NOW ashwagandha, NOW relora, and ON melatonin. I took all three last night. They worked great getting me to sleep, but I ended up having the most vivid dreams of my life. I don't generally have "good" or "bad" dreams; I dream in varying colors of f**ked up. I had such a vivid, crazy dream that I ended up being wide awake at 5AM and not being able to get back to sleep until about 7. I then had to wake up at 7:30. I ended up with 4.5-5 hours last night, and less than 6 every night since Monday. In short: I was tired. The tug-of-wars might not have helped either, but the fatigue was the main culprit. My endurance just wasn't where it should have been today, and I am feeling exhausted right now. I am supposed to come home after BJJ and eat a nice meal, drink a beer or two, and hang with the wife in celebration of the completion of my log, but I don't know if I'll have the energy. Anyway, here are my numbers:

    Bent-over row: 107KG x 5-3-3 (really had to fight for these, despite under-performing)
    Super-wide grip pull downs: 103KG x 7-2-1 (had a great first stage, and then couldn't pull it off in the second or third)
    Cable curls: 150lbs x 6-3-2 (PR...likely due to the poor performance in big lifts)
    Hammer curls: 45s x 4-2-2 (PR, although I have never tried this weight before so I don't know what I could have done if I was well-rested)

    I did a brisk 20-min cardio session beforehand. I will go do BJJ now and then either celebrate being able to eat again, or just go to bed (the latter sounds like more fun right now ).

    I took my "after" pictures yesterday (both on a Thursday, a rest day, not having exercised and at the same approximate time of day for a fair comparison). They are pretty epic. I will post them after my final log entry tomorrow for leg day. Overall, I have never been this shredded, never been this vascular, and never been this strong. In short, ABE + XFA + hard work = amazing results . OK now it's time to go get my ass kicked by a bunch of people who actually slept last night .


  13. Great job, looking forward to seeing the dramatic differences and progress.
    Molecular Nutrition - Unlevel The Field
    X-Factor: THE Most Scientifically Valid Muscle Builder, Ever!
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  14. Your results have been inspiring. How was your diet during all of this?
    William Llewellyn's Anabolics, Underground Anabolics, and SSRG ebook editions!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Patuba View Post
    Your results have been inspiring. How was your diet during all of this?
    Thanks! Diet has been extremely disciplined. Breakfast is a protein shake with a med banana (50g protein, 10g fat, about 35g carbs). Second meal has 50-60g protein, about 10g fat (from lean meat and coconut oil) and 20-30g carbs (vegetables, a bit of sugars from any sauces I cook with, and a tiny bit of red rice if it's not a workout day), PWO meal is 40-60g protein, 60-80g carbs, and 10-15g fat. I drank 1.5 scoops of protein immediately after workout (35g protein, 9g carbs, 2g fat). My last meal of the day is 50-60g protein, 10-15g fat, and 5-10g carbs.

    On non-workout days, my second and third meal were about the same (50-60g protein, ~10g fat, 20-30g carbs), with 40-50g carbs split between those two meals so I could take my ABE without going hypo. On Thursdays (non-workout day), I shifted carbs toward my first meal and slightly away from my second and third meals because I had a longer break between my first two meals.

    Cheat meal was Friday after my workout and consisted of half of a huge burrito (lots of carbs, lots of cheese/sour cream, healthy amount of protein). I drank a protein shake before this immediately upon returning home. I dosed Yellow Gold before this cheat meal and eventually also dosed agmatine and vinegar before it as well. In the latter part of the log, I also dosed YG before my PWO meal in addition to agmatine (500-1000mg) and sometimes vinegar.

    My weekly beer was usually Saturday night and I only drank it if I managed to be perfect with my diet the previous week. If I had to sneak any kind of junk food during the week, I didn't get to have a beer.

    If I needed a snack throughout the day, I would usually drink a single serving protein shake (21g protein, 1.5g fat, 6g carbs), or a handful of (c)raisins, depending on what I felt my body needed at the time.

    My average daily calories ended up being 2000-2500 on non-workout days and 2300-2800 on workout days (more on cheat day) from my estimates. I found that keeping them towards the lower side of that yielded better recomp effects without hindering strength gains.

    I don't think I have ever been this disciplined with my diet during a log before. I wanted to show MN and PES how much I appreciate what you guys have done for me. I figured that being extra well-disciplined with diet and training would best allow me to show how effective these supplements can be when used in conjunction with good diet and hard training. I will post before/after pics soon and will post my final logged workout in a few hours. I am more vascular than ever, my body fat has never been lower and I am stronger than ever, having set PRs on every lift I performed during this log. It has been tough at times, but I think that it was definitely worth it!


  16. Leg day workout report:

    This is a bittersweet report for me: bitter because I am now out of XFA and this will be my last logged workout (and I missed my squat PR from last week), and sweet because I did hit a stiff-legged dead lift PR, and I will soon be in Taipei's first craft beer bar drinking several selections from MIkkeller's single hop IPA series (thinking I'm going to start with Nugget ). Here are the numbers:

    Squat: 60 x 5 (warmup)
    60 x 12
    80 x 10
    100 x 5
    110 x 1
    120 x 0, 0 (tried twice and couldn't do it...luckily I had the safety bars positioned well)

    Stiff legged dead lift (super-set with calf raises): 60 x 12
    80 x 10
    90 x 10
    100 x 8 (PR...technically the 90 x 10 was also a PR for 2 minutes until I did this one )

    Calf raise: 100 x 12, 12, 12, 12 (super-set with SLDL)

    25-min jog to warm up, but no time for BJJ today.

    I had to work today, and I was out in the sun the whole time. I also had 2 beers last night, and, as I mentioned, haven't been sleeping this week. I got almost 7 hours last night, but was exhausted by the time I got home and had to sleep for an hour before hitting the gym. Even with my PWO, I knew I was sluggish. It sucks that I couldn't end the log under more pristine circumstances, but life happens and I am still very happy with my progress in this log.

    I will post (epic!) before/after pics soon, as well as giving my final review of the XFA/ABE combo, so stay tuned!


  17. Congrats on finishing your cycle. Sounds like you had a fantastic run. Can't wait to see the pics!
    William Llewellyn's Anabolics, Underground Anabolics, and SSRG ebook editions!

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  19. ...I don't think this needs to be said, but just to be sure, the before pics are the ones where I look fat and out of shape

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    closer pic showing the vascularity increase on this run...best vascularity I've ever had .

  21. Overall, I was expecting really good body composition changes, and reasonable strength increases. Both exceeded expectations, but I would say the strength increases surprised me more than the body composition changes. I do feel like I could have gotten a bit stronger if I was eating for bulk, or a bit leaner if I was eating for cutting, but overall I think that this was my sweet spot and provided me with the best of both worlds.

  22. Sorry I forgot about this important information: total weight lost is 5-7 lbs. As you can see from the pictures, I seem to have gone from 15-20% body fat to what I would guess is 10% or less, so there was a substantial LBM gain in this log. The biggest difference, aside from fat loss in my mid-section, looks to be in my shoulders, which look much more rounded and pop out quite a bit more than they did 8 weeks ago.

  23. Man that is some amazing progress. Bonus points for the awesome shorts (TMNT FTW!) and the growing of a beard!
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  24. Damn. Awesome before and after pics man for real. Very successful run.
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    Instagram: kylebayne23


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