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  1. Great updates man. Killin it in here! Things seem to be going very nicely and the best is yet to come for sure .
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  2. Thanks guys! It'll be 2 weeks on Friday, so I guess that'll be when I expect things to really start to peak. So far still feeling great, but I know that the ABE still hasn't kicked in 100% yet, and apparently neither has the XFA. Pretty excited about the fact that my log is like 20% done and I am already having great effects

  3. Great workout tonight. I moved up in weight on a couple of exercises. I got the same number of reps with 85s today that I got with 80s last Monday. So, progress is definitly being made. Cardio was good, and I stayed in the gym for a really long time since I am still out of BJJ. Here are the numbers:

    Dumbbell flat bench: 85s x 6-3-2
    Dumbbell shoulder press: 60s x 8-4-3
    Upright rows: 51.75KG x 9-4-3
    Skull Crushers: 46.75 KG (tried 51.75 and failed...too drained by then I think) x 8 or 9 (couldn't remember)-3-2
    Dumbbell side raise: 35s x 12 drop set to 15s x 12
    Dumbbell front raise: 40s x 12 drop set to 20s x 12

    To finish up, I did one of my favorite endurance exercises. I used a bench with 10 settings ranging from a slight decline (#1) to flat (#2) to almost 90 degrees (# 10). I start at number 1 and do an explosive set at each setting all the way up to 10 and then all the way back down. I start at 12 reps and as I start to incline (setting #3), I take one rep off of each set (so the rep scheme is 12-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-5) on the way up and add one rep on each set on the way down. I take 5-10 quick breaths in between sets. If I can't finish the reps in one position, I take a few more breaths and make sure I finish up before moving to the next position. The goal is to finish all 19 sets in the shortest possible amount of time. Today is my new record. I completed all 19 sets in 12:20. By the end, I was soaking wet to the point that I was dripping all over everything (including my third towel and second tank top of the night), my eyes were red, and I looked like a zombie...but a zombie who just got a great workout in . After that, I did my stretching and went home.

    *The odd numbers for upright rows and skull crushers are because for some reason, every curling bar at my gym is a different weight, so I have to weight it each time and add weight to that. Tonight it was 6.75KG. Last time it was over 8. It's weird, but I'll make due since I just paid my gym membership and I am paying 5 USD per month. Hard to complain much about that.

    I feel awesome, but I might be getting stronger too fast or getting too intense. By the end of my flat bench sets, my legs were shaking uncontrollably and after I finished I got really light-headed. None of that is very unusual for high-intensity lifting, but it's a good reminder to keep an eye on my day-to-day energy levels and other signs of CNS fatigue. If I feel that I have to, I will tone it down for a week about halfway through this log. We'll see what happens. Thanks for reading!


  4. Feeling a tiny bit sick today, so making good use of my day off of work to run some errands and just relax in general. I might try some light rolling tomorrow after my workout to see how well my rib/ab has healed.

  5. Pulling day workout log:

    I feel like s**t right now. I got some sodium nitrate to try with my PWO stuff and something went terribly wrong. I dosed about 450-500mg, which is the same amount used by Purus Labs in their PWO supplement. I didn't experience any extra energy or endurance. I felt light-headed for a minute or two during cardio but that's about it. The taste was bad, like drinking sea water, and I tasted a metallic and almost corriander-like taste every time I burped. My numbers are down for the first time on this log:

    Bent-over row: 105KG x 6-2-2
    Perpendicular-grip pulldowns (you know, the bar where your grip is perpendicular to the bar rather than the normal parallel grip): 200lbs x 11-5-3
    Barbell curl (standing): 43.5KG x 4-2-1
    Hammer dumbbell curls: 35s x 7-3-2

    I started feeling nauseus toward the end of my workout. It got worse on the way home. When I got home, I immediately threw up and then immediately threw up again. I still feel pretty bad and have to go to a party soon.

    The two repeated lifts here are bent-over rows and hammer curls, and I went down in each. This is the first time this happened during the log. I didn't see or feel a great increase in pumps or endurance, and in fact my endurance felt like it decreased substantially.

    One possible explanation is that I took one dose of Controlled Labs' "greens" supplement about 2 hours before the sodium nitrate. There is beetroot powder and other nitrate-rich powders in that supplement, so maybe I overdid it on nitrates. I am not sure, but I certainly don't want to feel like this again...ever.

    Another possible explanation is that my PWO meal had more fats and less protein than normal. I doubt this would have had anything to do with nausea or performance, though. Food poisoning is technically possible, but that would be an awfully big coincidence. Anyway, I might still try some potassium nitrate if the taste is more neutral than sodium nitrate. We'll see. For now, though, something went wrong...


  6. I would venture to say it is the nitrate source or you overdid it on the nitrate dose. Sounds like you went to high in the nitrate dose IMO though. Maybe start out with a much lower dose and see how that treats you.

    Hopefully you don't feel that way again though man. If so, wouldn't be worth taking the sodium nitrate.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by kbayne View Post
    I would venture to say it is the nitrate source or you overdid it on the nitrate dose. Sounds like you went to high in the nitrate dose IMO though. Maybe start out with a much lower dose and see how that treats you.

    Hopefully you don't feel that way again though man. If so, wouldn't be worth taking the sodium nitrate.
    Yeah I think you are right as I started high instead of low and I match symptoms of nitrate OF. I will try 100 or 200mg and see how that goes. I feel much better now after eating and riding it out. Still feel really stupid about it though. Oh well.


  8. No need to feel stupid or anything.

    It's good that you have an idea of what caused that feeling though so you don't have to go through it again.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by kbayne View Post
    No need to feel stupid or anything.

    It's good that you have an idea of what caused that feeling though so you don't have to go through it again.
    Yeah, but I have to admit I am now a bit averse to trying out a nitrate supplement again. I think I will wait until at least Monday and give myself tomorrow off. I have felt better since eating but I am still not 100%. I will try to take a much smaller dose on Monday.

  10. OK leg day workout report:

    I am feeling pretty rough today, so the workout was a bit lighter than usual. I was up late dealing with some stuff that I also had to wake up early to deal with, so I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night. Luckily I have been sleeping 8 or 9 for the past several days, so it isn't a huge deficit. I felt horrible upon waking, but after taking my ABE I had some energy. I still feel a bit foggy, though, and thought it was best to not try to beat my squat numbers from last week. Going hard seemed like a recipe for injury at worst, or too much CNS fatigue at best, so I toned it down. I started with hex bar deads ("trap bar deads"). I started at 60kg, then 80, 100, 120, and then 130. I did sets of 12 with the first four sets, then did 5 with 120 and with 130 it started to feel like I was going a bit too heavy for a "light day" so I quit after 2 or 3 reps. I haven't done that exercise in awhile so I'm sure I'll still get some results. After that, I did calf raises with 40kg to warm up and then moved to 55KG for working sets. I did 4 sets of 8 with that weight. It felt fine and I did all sets to failure but not balls-to-the-wall intense (never worried much about calves since mine are huge from being a fat kid and they don't seem like a super useful muscle as long as they are reasonably strong). I finished with stiff-legged deads with very light weight, just 40-60 KG for a few working sets to get a good burn in my hamstrings.

    I didn't take a PWO or do much cardio today. I felt that the PWO would just leave me feeling cracked out and possibly lead to injury since I am so tired. Cardio...I was just kinda lazy about it today. Between the lack of sleep and no PWO I just did a 10-min light jog and that was it. I also had no interest in giving NaNO3 another try just yet. Maybe Monday. Right now instead of going to BJJ and possibly hurting myself, I am going to a friend's house outside the city in farm country to do some light no-gi rolling in the fresh air (he bought mats ).

    As for my plans later tonight, I am sure no one will be surprised to hear that they are: not staying out too late and sleeping for as long as I can .

    Sorry about my lack of performance for the past two days. This is something I never like to happen, and it's my fault based on stupid decisions with NaNO3 dosing and worrying too much about other stuff for my own good. Anyway, hopefully on the bright side the lack of intensity will give my CNS a little break before going balls-to-the-wall (where on earth did that expression come from, anyway?) again on Monday. Thanks for following!!!


  11. OK it's Monday evening, and I am ready to go! I am feeling more rested and no longer under the weather.

    I spent all afternoon yesterday hiking through steep trails in the mountains of wulai with my wife, my friend, my friend's wife, and his kitten. Yes, that last part is accurate. He has somehow trained a kitten to be dog-like enough to go hiking with. No leash or anything; it just does what it wants and then trots along to keep up with us. The thing is adorable. I was really hoping to see some of Taiwan's [in]famous poisonous snakes, but didn't see much of anything. My wife did find a homemade aboriginal hunting knife, which was awesome (hopefully she will forget that she has it next time we are arguing ). Living in the second-most densely populated country in the world, it was just really nice to be in a place where there wasn't another soul around for a few hours. It was about 3 hours of hiking and I felt it was the perfect amount of activity to do during a rest day (even though my legs ended up getting pretty sore from Saturday's workout...so I guess I didn't take it that easy after all).

    Going to go dose XFA/GMS/GPLC and get my PWO drink in and then hit it! I will try some very light rolling tonight to see how I respond. I am feeling 100% so now I just have to avoid jumping back in head-first to avoid re-injuring myself. The only thing I am not looking forward to is the Monday rush that happens to gyms here. Friday nights are dead, Saturday nights it is a ghost town in there, but on Monday, everyone decides to get back into it. Oh well, I will find a way! Workout report forthcoming.


  12. Workout report:

    More improvements, more PRs (for reps, not weight), etc. etc...

    Dumbbell flat bench: 85s x 7-3-2
    Dumbbell shoulder press: 60s x 10-5-2
    Upright row: 51.2KG x 10-4-3 (almost got number 5 and number 4 in my last two parts, but couldn't quite get it)
    Skull crushers: 46.2 KG x 9-3-2
    Side raise: 35s x 12 drop to 15s x 18
    Front raise: 40s x 12 drop to 20s x 15

    My bench and shoulder press are still improving. Granted, it's not a huge improvement, but it is from only 5 days ago.

    I feel like my endurance is not quite as good as it was when running OG Anabeta at 6 pills per day, but at the same time, I don't feel like it has gotten any worse compared to when I am not on any supplements. I have seen complaints that ArA can hurt endurance. I have not experienced this, although I do get tired by the end of my workouts. I am thinking that this is just a result of how hard I have been pushing myself. By the end of my pressing RP sets, my leg is shaking uncontrollably due to the exertion. I am really giving it my all and leaving it all in the gym.

    Due to the incredible intensity of my workouts, I am considering taking a week to dial it back slightly next week. This would include avoiding RP sets in favor of a lower-intensity style, and probably changing up my exercises a bit. I am especially interested in this for two reasons:

    1. On my last ABE log I got CNS fatigue that really hurt my performance and body composition towards the end.
    2. I am lifting heavier right now than I ever have with this lifting style and getting stronger very fast. While that is awesome, I feel like it must be taxing my CNS quite a bit.

    What do you guys think?

    On another note, cardio tonight was very good, and I went to BJJ for some no-gi rolling. I only did three rounds and played mostly top game to test out my rib. I went light at first and worked up to medium-intensity rolling. I did not feel anything going wrong with my ab/rib, which is great. I still can feel that the area is not quite 100% yet, but I will keep going back and gradually raising intensity to see how it goes.

    My weight today before my PWO was 85.5 and when I got to the gym it was 86.5, so I am the same weight that I was at the beginning of the log, but I am more defined, more vascular, and appear to be dropping some fat. I will switch my diet up slightly over the next month in favor of true recomp while keeping carbs moderate instead of low (since ABE and ArA both specifically advise to keep carbs a bit higher than normal), and tapering them towards the end of the day.

    My joints feel great! They feel even better than they did before I started ArA, so no joint issues whatsoever.

    Energy is very good, but I am getting some insomnia now. I will try to manage it, but this happens and is an acceptable side of the energy I get from AB/ABE.

    I have been dosing ABE with at least moderate carbs and no bouts of hypoglycemia to report (although I don't mind them anyway as they remind me how versatile AB/ABE is).

    That's all for now. Please advise about lowering intensity for a week or not. Thanks for following!


  13. Subbed. Sorry I didnt find this earlier, but it looks like you are already having some impressive results!
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  14. Contemplating trying sodium nitrate at a much lower dose. Maybe I don't have the balls to go there again just yet, though...let's see what happens. Either way, after feeling drained as hell all day, I am getting really excited to get to the gym. Still feel physically tired, but I don't think I'll let that bother me once I'm in the gym. Just gotta get myself psyched up. Recently, I have been coming home from the gym so drained that I am almost a zombie (good thing IMO), but still waking up a lot throughout the night and not sleeping great (bad thing). Oh well, on with it!

    I am now keeping carbs as low as possible without going hypo in order to cut a bit more than I was. I started going hypo last night, so still figuring things out, but with the progress I have made with both strength gain and fat loss in less than 3 weeks, this should be my most epic log yet!

    BTW, PES (and MN), I am really pissed at you guys. I went to put on my favorite button-down shirt yesterday, and it doesn't fit anymore because of how much my arms have grown in the last year. Jerks!

  15. Subbed for growing too big for shirts.
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    Subbed for growing too big for shirts.
    I couldn't believe it...talk about a real gauge for progress . Speaking of which, this next workout log is insane. Will write up right now after some protein.

  17. Just drank the worst post-workout drink E.V.E.R. half a scoop of cytosport chocolate from costco (which is actually quite good), mixed with half a scoop of the worst-tasting protein I've ever had (not going to say which kind because it's an awesome company and they even let me return an un-opened one after waiting until I got it back to the States, but oh my god everything about it is awful to drink), and just to make sure I would hate it, I threw in a scoop of bulk leucine. I will have nightmares about that drink, haha

  18. OK pulling day workout report:

    I decided to try 0.1g NaNO3 to assess tolerance. I am glad I started low, as I got a great effect! It was a different kind of pump than I was expecting. My veins weren't popping out like crazy, but it felt like my muscles had a deeper pump. My forearms felt like they were going to explode by the end. It was awesome! I will probably buy the KNO3 since NaNO3 tastes like seawater mixed with cilantro and I taste it when I burp (also I don't get enough K and might get too much Na as it is...and 500g is US 8$).

    First of all, WOW. I think everything I did today was a P.R. . Previously, the best I had ever felt during a workout was during my log of 6 AB per day when I combined 2 AB and 1 Pslin with my PWO meal. Today set a new record. I have never had that much drive, focus, energy, and stamina ever. The only reason I left was because I wanted to get to BJJ. I still feel wired now and am going to have to take a bunch of sleep aides just to get myself down for the night. Everything synergized today: the ABE with my PWO meal (energy, endurance, pump, mood), the XFA (STRENGTH!!!), the NaNO3 (PUMP), and my PWO (energy/slight pump).

    This may be a placebo effect, but I felt like the NaNO3 made my PWO kick in stronger and longer than usual. I even underdosed it slightly so I didn't get cracked out (that happens when I go too high on PWO when I am already very tired), and the energy today was CRAZY! I felt amazing and still do now, 4 hours or more after dosing.

    It wasn't just me being able to pump out more reps; weights actually just felt lighter. Check out these numbers:

    Bent-over row: 110KG x 6-3-3
    Super-wide grip pull down: 103KG x 5-3-3
    Preacher curl: 38.5KG x 4-3-3 drop set to 28.5 x 4 (felt like it...)
    Reverse-grip cable curl (first 2 reps no thumb, then with thumb after that): 100lbs x 4-3-3 drop set to 70 x 4

    After that, I finished with an endurance exercise that I created for BJJ. I do chainsaws from the knee-on-belly position with a lower weight (40lbs) and go 5 reps on each arm continuously with no break, rolling the weight to each side as I switch from one side to the other to practice stability with the knee-on-belly position and test endurance. I can lower by one rep per minute if I have to (so go from 5 per arm to 4 then to 3 etc etc...). I only did it for 5 min. At the end, I looked like I just jumped in a pool, my forearms felt like they were going to explode, and I only had to cut down to 3 reps (I could have gone to one if I had to). I know it sounds complicated, but if anyone here knows BJJ, you prob understand what I was doing. I got the pump of lifting, the heartbeat of sprinting, and the stability of drilling in the same exercise.

    read carefully: EVERY SINGLE LIFT TODAY WAS A P.R.!!! How effective is ABE with XFA? It's THAT effective! I was actually worried I might not see much improvement on just ABE since I respond so well to it, but nope, LOTS of improvement. It's like I am gaining strength twice as fast and losing fat faster and faster as well. I just switched to a recomp diet on Monday. Even before that, I was still losing fat and gaining muscle (while maintaining weight). Now I have lost even more fat and keep losing it FAST. I already look similar to my "after" pics from my 8-week ABE run from my last log. And I still have more than 5 weeks to go!!!

    Cardio before was fine but I only did 20 min because the machine I like was unavailable and I was late.

    I went to BJJ and rolled lightly and still feeling pretty good and uninjured


    P.S.- I can't stop smiling about today's workout!

  19. Insomnia is here

    ...gonna put on some isochronic beats and try to get myself down while I might still be able to at least get 6 hours. Small price to pay I guess.

  20. Dammmn, PR's on every lift!! Im unsure Ive ever had that happen no matter what Im taking. That speaks volumes to both your training and the awesome combo of X-Factor and AnaBeta Elite!
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  21. Subbed. Looks like you have having a great run so far. Keep up the great work!
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  22. Quote Originally Posted by Patuba View Post
    Subbed. Looks like you have having a great run so far. Keep up the great work!
    Thanks for following! I am...and I will

  23. Nice workout yesterday man.
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  24. Quote Originally Posted by bolt10 View Post
    Nice workout yesterday man.
    Yeah def found the sweet spot w/ NaNO3 at least in the sense that I didn't make myself sick haha. Now too see how well it works to amplify my PWO at the end of a very long week on a crowded gym day. Prediction: well

  25. Pushing day workout log:

    Dumbbell flat bench: 85s x 8-3-2
    Dumbbell shoulder press: 60s x 10-4-3
    Cable upright row: 170 x 12-5-4
    Cable triceps press: 170 x 8-2-3

    Beat Monday's bench by 1 rep; shoulder press went down by 1 rep.

    Late start so cardio was only 15 min.

    BJJ went well as I rolled for about 30 min straight with a monster and we both kept it light and I stayed uninjured (or un-re-injured)

    Lots of trouble sleeping this week and lots of stress/too much to do. Averaged 5.5-6 hours a night. Took sulbutiamine the past two mornings with my morning dose of ABE. I dosed the sulbutiamine higher than normal (about 300mg instead of 150) and it really helped for awhile. Hoping to get an honest night's sleep or two this weekend though.


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